Terradon Prime

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Suppose you were ripped from a life of bad decisions and transposed on an alien world without any memory of your past. Our hero vanishes in front of witnesses to discover a renovated body, the heart of a leopard, and insight that penetrates the soul.

On Terradon Prime, the Mandagral crawls from a pond and encounters a feral race of inhabitants. Three hurdles stand between him and his future: finding his lost identity, his alter ego, and an otherworldly antagonist. Meanwhile, on Earth, his forgotten life spins out of control under the investigation of his disappearance. The secret’s out.

Disoriented and resentful, he begins his journey with the help of an oracle who shares a kindred spirit. Will his mysterious guide help him to recover his memory without reproducing the same heartbreaking chain of tragic events that mislead him in his quest to find his mother? How will he resolve his three most intimate relationships? The mysterious race against time is on.

There's alot going on in this polished novel. How quickly can you solve the mysteries? There are lots of clues if you read carefully. If you are not into mystery, enjoy the intrigue and romance.

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