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「You will bring this wretched world it's deserved damnation.」 Was it actually her salvation? Or just another hellhole far more worse than she had before?

Fantasy / Adventure
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o r s u s



It was dark.

Darker than the midnight sky.

"--...Claude! "


My brain racked for that name.

It sounded fresh yet so familiar.

Where have I heard that name...?

"--ugh... Claude! Damn it, wake u--"

There was that voice again... screaming, begging for Claude to wake up.

Claude...... Claude...


"It's just nothing, my child. You can take a rest now, your purpose is finally done."

A loud voice resounded around the vast darkness.

My subconciousness floated around the dark and void abyss. A weird sensation suddenly flowing into my body.

Little by little...

I've started to lose consciousness.


Who are you ...

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