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Book 2 of 3- As time passes Payton struggles to find Rubina. Having lost her scent at a waterfall, their pack is at a complete loss as to what happened to their Luna, many believing her to be dead; however, Payton refused to give up on her and even enlists an enemy to help find her. Meanwhile, Rubina begins to learn the truth of her birth and her parents and finds she is not as alone as she believes. What will happen when her old life meets her new one? Will Payton be enough for her to return to the pack, or has she found a new place to call home? Be advised: This book contains adult content including depictions of and explicit sex, violence, and blood and gore. The first book can be found over on Galatea if you would lilke to read it from the very beginning as this book does not work as a stand alone.

Fantasy / Erotica
Vanessa Hawk
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"Huston, have you found anything?" I asked as I made my way into the back office.

Huston shook his head, "No Alpha, I'm sorry." He looked up from the computer screen, "We haven't found anything near the waterfall. Her scent just disappears." He rubbed the back of his neck and let out a sigh.

I was getting nervous, freaking out really. "There has to be something," I emphasized, "Anything."

"There just isn't Alpha, I'm sorry but there isn't anything for us to find," Huston said.

I clentched my fists and clenched my jaw, I was getting tired of hearing there was nothing, no clues, no direction for us to go. "This is my mate, your Luna! Try harder!" I yelled, my eyes grazing the room looking at the handful of pack members helping.

I turned and walked out of the office. I had to or I might have lost it. It's been almost a year since Ruby disappeared and half the time I don't know what to do with myself, the other half I feel like I want to end my life. An Alpha without his mate, it's worse than any normal wolf could even begin to imagine. I needed Ruby, and her wolf needed me, or at least I thought it did.

Renee has been a mess since Ruby left. She missed her first birthday, not to mention her first words, her first time walking, everything. She hasn't met her brother or sister, and I haven't met my child. I know Ruby is still alive, I can feel her but I can't find her. I can't understand why she'd stay away from us and that's what worries me more than anything.

"Alpha Payton," a voice I recognized quickly came up behind me.

I turned seeing Brooklin carrying some files. "These are the current files I've gathered from the assignment you gave me. You might want to look at them as soon as you get the chance. There are some things I think will peak your interest." She held them out to me.

I took them from her, "Thank you Brooklin. You've really been a great help. I know you are working hard to earn your place here. I'd like you and Andrew to come to my main office. If you could go get him, I would like to speak to you both now." I put my hand to her shoulder.

"Of course Alpha." She bowed her head slightly before backing away to go get Andrew from the medical wing.

I made my way up to my office that once doubled as our bedroom before the house was finished. I sat at my desk and began to look at the files Brooklin had given me. How was it that a human could find out so much and the members of my pack could barely find out anything.

I went through the files meticulously. I noticed a pattern in the information that Brooklin compiled. The only problem I had with it was that it was a pattern of vampire origin. I knew that Ruby was half vampire, but I never would have guessed she embraced that side of her. If she had, her wolf was disappearing, my mate was disappearing.

"Alpha?" Brooklin said standing outside my office in the open doorway.

"Yes, Andrew, Brooklin, come in and have a seat." I gestured both of them to the chairs before me.

The two of them came an sat in front of me, their hands interlocked with one another. Andrew looked exhausted from keeping up with all the patients at our hospital and the public on he started working for in town. Originally I was against the idea but I decided to let him being that he had made a very specific and dangerous request.

"How's the hospital treating you?" I asked.

Andrew sighed, "Oh it's treating me just not doing me any favors, but I like the fast pace. Reminds me of med school." A smile appeared on his face.

"Good to see you're enjoying yourself; and you Brooklin, have you been enjoying you're role here?" My eyes shifted to hers. She had done well adjusting to pack life despite being a human, she even followed our traditions with excitement some of our own don't show.

"Very much Alpha." Brooklin made sure to lower her eyes from mine in respect.

"I have something I want to talk to you two about." I moved a few of the files on my desk to clear some space. It's about your request Andrew."

"Your request?" Brooklin asked, her head trying to look at him.

I looked between the both of them before continuing, "It can be rough, and extremely painful, but if you truly want to mate on another and perform the traditional ceremony Brooklin cannot remain human." I spoke with a level head being sure not to sound menacing.

"Wait, what?" Brooklin said looking back towards me. "What are you-" her eyes widened as she realized what exactly I was talking about.

"So you will allow me to mark her, and make her on of us officially?" Andrew asked.

I nodded, "There is a condition however and it is not only up to me, but your mate and mine as well." I responded.

Andrew looked at Brooklin as her hand tightened around his, "What are you two talking about?" Brooklin asked.

"As Alpha, I know you have expressed your desire to become one of us if it were possible. I'm simply informing Andrew of the possibility of me making your desire reality." I looked between the two of them as I spoke, "The issue has never been if it was possible or not, as it is. The issue has been that only an Alpha can create a wolf from a human."

"You're an Alpha though." Brooklin says squinting, "So if you allow it and you bite me, what is the problem? I follow all the pack rules, I-I do my best in every way possible, I want to be part of your pack for real; not just as a human."

I sat silently before letting out a breath of air. "To make a wolf from a human required more than just a bite. It requires an intimate connection between the human and the Alpha."

"Intimate? How intimate are you talking?" Andrew asked.

"Full scale sexual intimacy. That is why it requires permission from not only you and your mate, but me and mine as well."

"That's not possible right now. Luna Rubina isn't here." Brooklin says worried.

"Which means, you two can't have a true mating ceremony. Humans a wolves do not mate. If you two are to truly become one, and Brooklin is truly meant to become a part of this pack, we must find Ruby and bring her back to us. The pack is having a rough time without it's Luna. Many are proposing I resign her as passed and find a new Luna for Valiant." I pinch the bridge of my nose as I explain.

"Wait what? They can't just assum the Luna is dead. Of all the pack members you'd know if she was or not. You'd be able to feel her death," Andrew interrupts, "You haven't have you?"

"No, I haven't, which is why I'm trying harder than ever to find her, to find out what happened to her." I said shaking my head.

"What about the files I gave you? Did you have a moment to look over them?" Brooklin asked.

"Yes, and I believe they show a pattern that may indicate where she is and has been this past year. The only real issue is that it needs to be kept between us, the Beta, and Delta exactly what kind of pattern it is. The rest of the pack may not be able to accept Ruby again if they find out." My words stern but soft

"What's the pattern then? What's the issue?" Andrew asked, "Or am I not allowed to know?"

"The only reason you are allowed to know is because you are the pack doctor."

"Okay, so what is it?" Andrew responded only to repeat his question.

"Vampires," Brooklin said, "The pattern follows that of a newly born vampire, but how could that lead you to Luna Ruby?"

I looked between her and Andrew trying to see a reaction from him but to no avail, "Luna Ruby is half vampire Brooklin. Her father is a vampire.

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