Love Play and Basketball

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With everything going on in Serinity's life she didn't know that making one decision would change her life completely. And then there's Lucas Playboy and the school's best basketball player. What happens when he thought he had it all until she entered his life and turned things upside down. Blurb: "Tell me to stop and i'll stop." Lucas whispered in my ear while holding me against the wall. Do I want him to stop that is the question? We shouldn't be doing this, We cant be doing this but he makes me feel things iv'e never felt before even when i was with my ex. "No" I moaned out while he planted kisses from my lips, to my jaw, down to my collar bone. F*** he sets my body on fire. I can already feel my self pooling down there. "Oh baby girl you should of said yes." Right when he was about to get to the good stuff I was woken up by my alarm clock. What the actual F***.

Fantasy / Romance
Catarina A. Muniz
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Serinity POV

My name is Serinity Garcia i'm 18 years old and currently a senior at The University of Chicago Laboratory school. I know such a mouth full. My parents are Liam and Sandra Garcia. Yup you guys got that right THE one and only Liam and Sandra Garcia. For those of you think who the hell are they well they are the owners of The Chicago Bulls you know that basketball team, and the owners of The Chicago Bears the football team. While dad handles the buiness mom actually is the
Sports medicine doctors which is a orthopedic specialists who work with athletes and those with musculoskeletal injuries. They are trained to address any issue that is associated with sports – everything from joint pain to osteoarthritis to nutrition.

So they literally are perfect together in other words, My mom is so good at what she does that other teams want to recruite her for there own but of course that won't happen. Everything that we have is family based. Even the players on both teams are considered family. For example Uncle Mike but you guys probably know him as Michael Jordan has been with us since I was 5 years old making this his 13 season with us.

Then there is my older brother Robert Garcia. He's only two years older than me making him 20. This is his last year of college before he takes over The Chicago Bears. So between college, football, and dad training him over his new position he's been quite busy latly. I mean I am proud of him obviously I just miss my older brother. He is actually the best brother ever over protective but never the less the best brother ever. I know wierd right siblings that actually get along. But like i said family based. Family means everything to us. So back to I was saying he is going to take over the football team very soon. Why not both teams you ask well let me answer that for you. Dad thought it would be less stressfull on us if he divided the company between us ywo when he retires so while my brother get's football i'll be getting the basketball. The only thing my dad requires of us is to at least get our associate degree in college to have that under our belts. So there's that.

For our 18th birthday our parents had bought us mini masions with there house right in the middle. When Robert turned 18 he got the house on the right when I got the left one when I turned 18. But it's not like we are not at our parents house everyday anyways. The only time we are at our own homes is when we sleep. But when mom and dad are away for a couple of days for business or just to spend time with themselves im always at Robert's house. The reason why our parents did that is because they thought it would be good to have place of our own. Ehhh not that i am not thankful its just to big for me. But it works out since we are all neighbors we share one back yard. One my side i have a basketball court and Roberts he literally has a football field you know for obvious reasons. My parents have a big opening right in the middle for specail occassions or get togethers or what ever. At the very end we have the pool and at the other end a jacuzzi. So it works out perfectly. But not so much when my brother has his friends over and they want to play football as well as basketball.

Growing up my brother had always liked football. He played on the football teams through out middle school and high school was their best player actually but eventually had to graduate making our current football team not so number one anymore. I use to love watching my brother play and practice actually. He would even sometimes tell the coach what to do which coach so much didn't like. Each football game he would hand me his school jersey he would walk around the hallways with to make his game jersey. I know usually boys give it to their girlfriends for support but my brother stayed clear of that in highschool say's: "I don't need no golder this close to me taking over the family buiness. If they weren't there for me before dad announce me then they don't deserve me after." Such wise words from such a wise man. Haha sorry I had to say it. And just like my brother I also played sports. Yup you got that right best female NBA player right here. Got them to the championships 3 years running making this my fourth year getting us there. With everything going on with my brother and dad they hardly been able to make my basketball games but mom has. She has been to everyone of them so far so thats good right. That was how my dad figured out between us who would be good at taking which team which was smart. Imagin little old me taking over the football team when all I ever known was basketball and robert football.

So what's the whole point of knowing all this well I will tell you last night my dad had told me I will start my training for taking over the buisness. But Serinity don't you have 2 years before you take over. Thank you john for bringing that up yes yes i do have 2 years but would you hand over a multibillion company over to someone with out them training im paperwork, marketing, socail media, and the most important one recuiting. No? yeah I wouldnt think so these things take time and patience. Like I knew this was coming I was prepared for it but what I didn't prepare for was dad telling me uncle Mike was retiring after his 15 seasnon. So that means dad is giving the ok to recruit my first ever shooting gaurd and small forward. Finding someone that has both these quality lately is hard. No one that I have seen share this. That is way most basketball recruiter's have to get two people instead of one making the job just a little bit harder. For those of you that don't really understand basketball this is what the position's mean: The shooting guard, as the name implies, is often the best shooter, as well as being capable of shooting accurately from longer distances. The small forward often has an aggressive approach to the basket when handling the ball. The small forward is also known to make cuts to the basket in efforts to get open for shots. So all in all Michael Jordan is the best hands down.

While dad was telling me all this I knew I had to get down to buiness. So i had to ask.

"Dad so how fast do you need this person or person's?"

"I would like to annonce him in 2 years. The day I announce Michael will retire after his 15 season I would like to introduce the new guy or guy's that would be taking over for him. So if you happen to find someone let's say for example in your senior year not that i am saying there is one because lets face it if it wasn't for you they wouldn't even have a tile under that school I would have that person go to college with you for those two years but through out those two years he will be practicing with the guys so when his time comes he will be up to date you understand?" He asked me.

"Yes daddy I understand. And you trust me to actually choose someone to replace uncle Mike?"

"Think of it like this baby girl from this day forward you will be involve in every decion i make regarding the Chicago Bulls. So im letting you have this. I want to see what you are capable of. Think of it was a test of shorts to see where i had lack in teaching or what ever. If you feel like the person you choose would be perfect then sign them on it is your choice. But remember choices always have consequences if you chose wrong." He looked at me sternly. I gulp yeah no pressure serinity just the future of basketball in your hands.

"Ok daddy i won't let you down."

"I know you wont baby girl and if you ever need help in anything you let me know. I will always be there for you baby girl got it." I nod my head at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. OMG i can't believe we are going to start already. I ran to my room and took my phone out and called Jasmine, Uncle Mike daughter also known as my bestfriend.

"Yo yo yo what it do lil mama." She greeted when she answered the phone.

"What are you doing?" i asked

"Nothing much just outside watching dad practice some hops."

"So you know what's happening after his 15 season?" I asked because you know didnt want to spill the beans or anything.

"Yeah we had a family meeting aboutit last night. It sucks but im happy if he's happy."

"Yeah but can you tell him does he really think im going to do a bad job thats why he is leaving when I take over haha."

"My dad said he doesn't know what you mean. Yeah he totally thinks your going to mess this up because he was looking anywhere but at me. I got you girl if i knew you were taking over that soon i would of told him to toughen up and take an extra year to make it easier for you."

And i heard Uncle Mike in the background. "Hey i never said she was going to mess it up."

"But you never said she wasn't" Jasmine called back.


"See you tomorrow in our usual spot?"

"Yes ma'am." We said our good byes and hung up.

Jasmine and I and another girl you will meet later Monique is what you call the "it girl's" we are also known as the holy trinity. Monique came into our small group of two in the beginning of the year. We are now in October the start of basketball season. While Jasmine and I are basketball players she is the cheerleader not figuratively speaking she's actually is a cheerleader. Also in our group is my boyfriend James. He also is a basketball player so you know we are perfect together. Hey just because Robert didn't have girlfriend he is wise like yoda doesn't mean im going to follow in his foot steps plus James ain't like that. Jasmine is seeing someone to but I still don't know who it is. She says she will let me know when the time is right that they want to make sure it is serious before she let's me know. And as for Monique who know's with that girl she has a new play thing everyother week it is hard to keep up. But I dont judge you know love is love. So now that you are all caught up with the current event's in my life let's get things started.

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