The Lost Child

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As an infant, Amy was left on the doorsteps of an old church all alone and in the cold until a young woman rescues her. Unknown to her at the time what a magical child she would grow up to be.

Jenny Legacy
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Chapter 1

The church bells rang in a song-like fashion in the dark misty night. In the music’s break, she could hear something strange.

“Is that a baby crying?”

The young lady who should have been home hours ago followed the sound, not knowing what she will find. As she got closer to the church doors, she could see what looked like a pile of blankets by the door. “What is going on, she thought to herself?” And that was when she heard the cries again. Climbing to the top of the stairs, she found a baby covered with blankets, with a note.

Please take care of my precious girl, Amy.

“Why would anyone do this to their child?”

Christina thought of her own life and how she grew up in the darkness and alone. Trying the doors to the church, she found them locked. It was late at night, nothing but blackness. Shouldn’t Christina be home? She couldn’t leave without bringing the baby! Could she?

“I have no idea what to do?”

She said to the small child in her arms. There was only one thing she could do. Turning away from the church, she finally made her way back home.

The next morning Christina called all the numbers in the book, trying to find out what to do with the precious little one, but no one could help. All she could do was wait and see. Social services didn’t have a place to put her at the moment, and Christina offered to take care of her, and they agreed.

The years flew by, and suddenly Amy wasn’t a baby or even a child anymore, but a teenager. The years felt like months, and they became more like sisters than a guardian and child. They would never be alone because they had each other. Sadly, Christina knew that soon Amy would grow up and leave her behind, but she reminded herself one day at a time.

“Mom!” Where are you? Said Amy as she hurried up the stairs to the bedrooms.

“I’m in here, dear.” The bouncy young teen came running in like a tornado. All energy and excitement for what was to come.

“I know you’re excited about your birthday tomorrow, but we still have tons to do.

“I know she said as she stared at her feet, but I was thinking of just the two of us this year.”

“What! Are you sure?” asked Christina.

“Yes, I see my friends all the time, and I want to spend my birthday with you.” Besides, Friday 13th isn’t a day most people want to do anything, anyway.”

Looking confused, Christina observed her little girl for a minute.

“Who told you that?”

Rocking back and forth, she finally answers.

“Mary ann and the popular girls think it’s stupid to have a birthday on the 13th and worst of all a Friday.”

“Oh, that’s not true! Those girls are just jealous of you.” Nothing terrible has happened to me on that day. I’ve only had good luck. I found you on a Friday 13th, and you’re the best thing that has ever happen to me.”

Really? Amy asked.

“Yes, and I wouldn’t change a thing. So what are we going to do tomorrow to celebrate?”

“Cake and ice cream?”

“Whatever you would like, my dear.”

That night Amy had a hard time sleeping. Just excitement of tomorrow, she thought and rolled over to face the window. The oak tree blocked her view from the bed, but a faint whisper outside her window caught her attention. Curiously, she slips out of bed to see what it is.

She didn’t see anything first.

“Excuse me, young lady, aren’t you suppose to be asleep?”

Quickly pushing away from the window, Amy didn’t know that was happening.

“Who said that!” she said

“I did, and you didn’t explain yourself, Amy.

“How do you know my name?

Coming closer to the window, Amy was able to see a small creature on a tree branch. Rubbing her eyes and taking another look, the creature came out of the shadows.

“You’re an Owl?” A talking Owl?”

“Well, you’re a smart one, aren’t you?” My name is Bella, and I’m your spiritual guardian. I’m here to help you through your next journey.”

“Journey? Did I hit my head? How are you even talking?”

“Listen! I talk because I’m a spirit sent from heaven. You’re going to be in more danger than you can deal with, and I’m here to teach you.”

“Teach me what?”

“Your destiny.”

“Well, that’s all good and everything, but I don’t think I like the sound of this. I’m going back to bed since this has to be a weird nightmare of some kind.”

“Good Night, Bella,” said Amy before rolling over and falling fast asleep.

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