The Jackman Brothers: The Tale of the Sick Herald

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The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster:

‘It’s done.’

Without looking up The Ringmaster nodded. He turned his chair around and faced the wall. ‘How do you think Uri is doing? Do you think he suspects?’

‘I don’t think so. Maybe we should’ve told him the truth, but what’s done is done. All we can do now is pray everything works out and that Henry will do the right thing and come home.’

‘He’s been gone a long time.’ The Ringmaster paused. ‘It’s my fault. Victor am I a bad father?’

The Ringmaster turned and faced his brother, The Magician.

‘Wayne we’re family. Am I a bad uncle? I’m just as much as part of this as you are...heck it’s not just us...the circus is also family. His mother is in stasis with no guarantee of ever waking. He misses his mother.’

’Yes, but to leave...and not just leave, but to split himself... He’s put himself in danger. If anything happens to him...′

‘Yes I know...but I don’t think he realizes he’s in danger of dying from being separated too long from himself...’

The Ringmaster raised an eyebrow.

‘Don’t think it! He doesn’t know,’ the Magician said. Suddenly a piece of crumpled paper on The Ringmaster’s desk burst into flame. ‘Sorry.’ he added.

The Ringmaster sighed and ran his hand through is hair. His brother was right. Henry didn’t know.

‘Where’s Uri?’

‘In the big top watching the Nolens run through the last of their routine.’ the Magician paused. ‘You know when I created The Meadow...I never thought it’d have to sustain anyone. It’s meant to be a place of rest for Elaine until we can find something to heal her. We all knew Henry has the same gift as his mother, the ability to replicate himself. But none of us knew he could choose the age of his replicated self. I imagine it’s how he was able to leave without anyone noticing...’

The Magician suddenly became quiet and looked as if he were listening to something. ‘He’s here.’

The Ringmaster stood and put on his coat. ‘Go see what’s going on. See if he’ll return. I’ll go find Uri tell him the truth…that we’ve been looking for him all this time. I hope it won’t be too much of a shock.’

‘Maybe we’ll find out why he left in the first place.’ the Magician responded as he slowly dematerialized.

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