The Jackman Brothers: The Tale of the Sick Herald

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The Orphan

The Orphan

Henry stood across the street glaring at the sign that read ‘The Jackman Brothers Circus’. He resented having to return but he had no choice. It was too late to run. When he saw the Herald...himself...he knew it was too late.

‘So are you going to stand there glaring or are you actually going to go inside?’

Henry managed to not jump at the intrusion. Against his will, he smiled slightly.

‘Hello Uncle Wayne. I’m surprised you didn’t show at the orphanage.’

Henry heard his uncle approach to stand next to him. ‘Well, I’m good, but not that good. We didn’t know where you were only that you were here.’ he sighed softly, ‘We’ve been worried sick.’

‘Does he know?’

’The Herald? least we don’t think he suspects, but he’s ill Henry. He’s not…you’re not doing well. We don’t think he can sustain another round in The Meadow. You need to return.′

Henry looked down. ‘How is she?’ he whispered softly.

‘The same. We don’t know why you’re effected so differently by The Meadow but we suspect it’s because of the nature of your...split…and also that The Meadow is not meant to sustain anyone that’s conscious for long periods of time.’

Henry nodded. ‘I have a lead on where the Music Man can be found. He’ll have the cure for mom. He’ll help.’

The Magician turned Henry to face him. ‘Did you see him?! What lead...? He’s not to be trifled with...he’s not fond of...well...let’s say he doesn’t approve of Jackman Brothers.’

Henry could feel his eyes watering. ‘...but Uncle Wayne he’s my father...’

Wayne drew back and looked away. ‘She told you...? Why?’

Henry shrugged. ‘I don’t think she expects to ever return. She wanted me to know...and perhaps to see if he might be able to help heal her. I was able to get the location of his next stop. There was a kid at the orphanage that had run into him...’

’Well, that’s good and sad news. Either way we better get to your fath-′

Henry wiped his eyes. ‘Uncle and Dad...well this is my family. The Music Man? Oh I don’t know...can we talk about this later?’

The Magician smiled sadly and placed his arm around Henry. ‘Yes. Let’s go.’

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