The Jackman Brothers: The Tale of the Sick Herald

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The Big Tent

The Big Tent

Uri gasped when he saw them approach and instinctively clutched his chest. He just wasn’t sure he believed the story: that he was in fact in search of himself. How could that be? The Ringmaster was his father and The Magician was his uncle. How could he not remember?

‘Are you alright Uri?’ the Ringmaster asked gently next to him.

’Yes. My heart. It’s beating fast and hard. It’s me. I know it.’

The Magician and Henry approached and stopped a couple of feet away.

‘Wayne, he knows about MM.’ the Magician said.

Uri watched as The Ringmaster’s face went from a look of shock to one of regret.

‘What is it?’ Uri asked alarmed.

‘You’ll know soon enough.’ Henry replied ruefully.

Without warning Henry grasped Uri’s arm and immediately Uri felt the world shift and curl in around him. His knees buckled. He felt someone steady him. He looked up and where there were once four, there were now only three. Henry was gone.

Or was he?

‘I’ll be ok.’ Henry mumbled. He gaped in awe at the ground as images flooded his inner vision and information settled into his consciousness. He remembered who and what he was and looked up suddenly in shocked awareness at his uncle and father. He was Henry Urich Jackman. He had no idea how far he had pushed himself. The pain he felt was tremendous.

‘Are you ok Henry?’ his father asked anxiously.

‘Yes...sort of...I’m in a lot of pain.’

‘Wayne please bring Hope. She’ll be able to fix you right up now that you’re whole.’

Henry caught a glimpse as his uncle nodded quickly and disappeared. Henry had forgotten how much he missed that. Henry let his father lead him to a place to sit.

‘Dad...I’m sorry. I didn’t know being gone so long would cause me it’s only been a little over a year. How long has it been really...for everyone...?’

Henry saw the pain in his father’s eyes. ‘Moments. Decades. It’s the way of things in The Meadow and the circus. It’s been too long without you. Your year has been hard for everyone.’

Henry lowered his eyes. ‘Sorry.’

‘Don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. We’ll figure out what to do for your mother. She’ll return one day.’

Henry’s eyes sparked and he remembered. ‘I know where the Music Man will be next.’

Henry looked at his father and smiled darkly. ’He will help us.′ Henry said with determination.

The Ringmaster smiled slowly and leaned back as a steely glint rolled over his eyes. ‘Just what exactly did you have in mind?’

To be continued…

In Sketchbook 2014

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