The Matchmaker's Apprentice

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Love is a limited resource. In the Republic City of New Braums, Fallon is the last matchmaker's apprentice and as such, she's learning to handle the fickle tendencies of her fellow city-dwellers to save love from going extinct. Because of the information they're privy to, matchmakers are forbidden from partaking in any use of love which Fallon is only happy to comply with. Until one hookup sends her spiraling.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Author's note:

This book has mature themes that may not be suitable for people under the age of 18.

Also, this is my first book on Inkitt. Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The door sprang open and hit the wall with a loud bang.

Myles pulled Fallon into his apartment, his lips locked on hers. He slammed the door shut and shoved her against it, his eyes stormy as they raked over her body. He leaned his hands on the door on either side of her, locking her in place, and bit his lip. A gush of arousal soaked her underwear and her core trembled.

Fallon’s heart flipped when he leaned his head in and pressed his lips back to hers. His tongue grazed her bottom lip seeking entrance to her mouth. Fallon opened up and he pushed it inside, massaging it with hers.

She pulled his body against hers and felt his hard dick pressing against her leg. He moaned against her kiss and let his hands explore her body.

Fallon pulled her denim jacket off and tossed it on the floor. Myles’ thumbs stroked her bare skin under her crop top and he pulled her hips closer. Fallon pushed him into the apartment and looked around quickly. He grabbed her hand and led her across the room to his bed.

The first thing she noticed was black.

The walls were all painted black, the floor to ceiling bookshelves on either side of his gray couch were black, the metal coffee table was black.

The heaviness of the room was counteracted by the wall of multi-paned windows (the sill also painted black) and the floor that was a very light blonde hardwood.

Myles pulled her into the bedroom corner of his studio across from the living area. His industrial headboard had been bolted to the wall and his sheets were a light creme that glared brilliantly from the early morning sun.

Myles pulled Fallon to him by her belt loops and returned his mouth to hers.

His hands moved up her waist and under her shirt, his fingers rubbing every square inch of her bare skin.

Fallon’s breath shuddered at the heat his touch left behind and pushed her body harder against his.

He made a noise of intrigue against her lips and she let his hands move up to her bra.

His hand cupped her breast, squeezing it gently. Fallon moaned, her eyes closing. He palmed her breast faster, groping more earnestly.

Fallon pulled his face back to hers and mashed their lips together. She pulled his shirt over his head and let it land at their feet. Her eyes widened when she saw how toned he was.

“Holy shit,” She said in awe. “Do you train with ogres?” He smiled crookedly but didn’t say anything.

He’d mentioned he went to the gym, but he had said it so flippantly that she hadn’t expected so much muscle. She swallowed hard to keep herself from drooling.

Myles kicked off his shoes, his hand never leaving her breast. He pulled Fallon against his bare chest and she tucked herself into his warm, hard body. He pulled her crop top over her head and with one swift movement that she almost didn’t even catch, unclasped her bra. She let both garments land between them, already forgotten.

“Fuck,” He groaned, his eyes greedily taking in her half-naked body. “You’re so fucking hot,”

Fallon grabbed his belt and hastily unbuckled it. Myles took over for her and ripped his jeans off, kicking them aside.

She tried not to stare at his cock straining against the fabric of his boxers as another trickle of arousal added itself to the puddle already in her underwear. If she had to guess, she’d say it was closer to six inches in length. Definitely one of the longer ones she’d seen on a normie, but the circumference was bigger than what she’d seen on most minotaurs.

Myles unbuttoned Fallon’s pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She yanked them off her feet and threw them on a nearby chair.

Neither said anything as their bodies crashed together, hands exploring desperately. Myles’ hand traveled down her waist and underneath the band of her silky blue underwear. His fingers rubbed against her dripping folds making Fallon sigh and bite her lip. She pushed her hips forward, craving more.

Myles rubbed the pad of his thumb against her clit and Fallon let out an involuntary squeal. He looked at her in surprise but it was only a moment before his expression turned devilish.

“Like that, huh?” She nodded, still biting her lip. He pushed Fallon back onto his bed and rested on top of her, his lips leaving small kisses down her neck and jaw. Meanwhile, his hand was back between her legs, rubbing circles against her clit.

“Myles” Fallon moaned into his neck.

His fingers left her body way too soon.

Myles licked his way down her body, over her shoulder, between her breasts, and down her stomach, until he snagged the waist of her underwear in his teeth.

Fallon watched him pull them off her with only his mouth and throw them behind his head. His hands slowly brushed up her thighs and Fallon opened her legs expectantly. Her back arched as he pressed his tongue into her opening, sliding it up and down, lapping up her arousal.

Myles pressed two fingers in between her folds and pushed them in and out. He placed his lips over her clit and gently sucked on it, making her breath come in short, erratic bursts.

“More,” She whispered and Myles added a third finger, stretching her opening. He flicked his fingers towards her belly button and her legs immediately grew warm.

Her body doused her lips with another gush of her juices and Myles moaned loudly, shoving his fingers in harder. Fallon cried out, her body shaking as she came on his fingers.

Myles pulled his fingers out and licked each one clean.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Myles slid up her body, planting little kisses along her hips and stomach until he reached her breasts. His dark gray eyes met hers as his tongue slowly circled one of her peaked nipples. Her core throbbed, anxious to cum again.

He sucked hard on her nipple and pinched the other, making Fallon groan louder.

“Oh, Myles!” She cried out. He ground his hips against her, rubbing his hard dick in between her soaked lips.

Fallon’s fingers tangled in his dark, curly hair, pulling his face up to meet hers.

His tongue pushed its way into her mouth, exploring every crevice it could reach. Fallon pulled him closer, wrapping a leg around his. She pushed her hips up, pressing them against Myles’. He let out a tortured moan against her lips but didn’t stop kissing her.

Fallon wrapped her other leg around him and pushed harder. Her core ached, craving his cock inside it.

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