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The Wind Crest Pack

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Moving to a new town is easy for Mia Henderson. Her family is always on the move, but maybe that is about to change as they enter a new town far into the mountains. The wolves in the mountains are not happy to see the human family. The three alphas are confused, shocked, that the little human comes with a plan to change everything they have ever known.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Weird Stares

“Mom, are we there yet?” Charlie whines from his booster.

“Charlie, for the last time will you sit still!? We are almost there honey, just a little more.” my mother sighs and rubs her forehead softly.

Charlie whines even more than huffs before slapping Liam, his twin brother, and crossing his arms over his chest. I shake my head and keep playing on my phone. I hear Anna in the back talking to one of her friends, complaining about moving so much. I shake my head as I hear her wish that our father just would quit his job. Like he would ever. I grimace as the thought passes my mind. Dad was always moving us as his job had him relocating too many times to count. We never stayed in one place for too long, however, this one he says is the one where we will be the longest.

I’m tired of moving around. I am sixteen I should be able to make friends and have “girl time”, whatever that is. But I stayed away from socializing too much, knowing I would never see the town again after we left it. I look up from my phone and see mom staring at me, I raise an eyebrow before looking back down to continue playing Call of Duty.

“Alec stop!” I shake my head as Anna screams while Alec taunts her.

I roll my eyes.

“Mia?” I pause my game and lookup.


“We are here.” My dad says peeking through his door at me before closing it.

I look out the window and see that our new house was decent and had an entry to the forest right behind it. I bite my lip as I pocket my phone and grab Charlie and Liam from their seats letting them down on the pavement before I get out of the car myself.

“Start grabbing your stuff kids.” dad says as he starts grabbing boxes that go to the kitchen.

I grab my backpack and sling it over my shoulders and hand Charlie a little bag of his before grabbing a box of mine. I sigh and hold the box tightly as I enter the house. An L-shaped couch was placed in the living room with a glass table, but it still looked pretty empty. Mom was going to have fun decorating, shaking my head, I find the stairs that are in the small hallway next to the kitchen and head up. Alec had picked the room closest to the stairs and Charlie had picked the one across from him. Anna picked the one that was next to the twin's room and I picked the room that was next to Alec.

After everything was settled in my room, I left it to search for Anna.

“Anna are you in here?” I peek into her room; it was a light blue color with fairy lights dangling from the ceiling.

I quirk an eyebrow at her style and shake my head before leaving the empty room. I hear Charlie wailing from downstairs and quickly head down.

“I want gummy bears! Why can’t I have gummy bears!” the twins start running around the house knocking things over.

“Liam! Charlie! Stop it right now or the monster under your bed is going to eat you tonight!” Anna threatens them.

They stop instantly and stare at her.

“Your gonna let the monsters eat us?” they ask.

She smirks and nods before leaving the room back upstairs. The twin's glare at her as she leaves and Alec and I stare at each other, holding our laughter back.

“You kids will be the death of me.” mom says dramatically as she puts her hand over her heart.

I shake my head at her before heading to the living room. Most of it was finished now. I start looking through the boxes for school supplies to ready my bag for our first day tomorrow. I see Alec from the corner of my eye come in as I throw a couple of notebooks into the bag.

“I don’t want to be here.” he sighs.

“Me neither. Just deal with it, you are about to turn eighteen, remember our deal?” he shakes his head yes before readying his own bag.


“Bro. Get up!” I hear Alec yell into my ear.

I wake up slowly raising the middle finger up to him. Mumbling I am up under my breath. I slowly rise to uplift a hand through my hair before stripping out of my clothes and putting on new ones. I put a little bit of makeup on before putting my shoes on. Grabbing my backpack, I set it next to the bathroom across the hall and quickly brush my teeth.

“Move it.” Alec lightly pushes me to fit himself in. I give him a side glare as I continue to brush my teeth.

After I am done, I sling the backpack over my shoulder and head downstairs where everyone is sitting at the table eating. I grab an apple and head for the seat at the end of the table.

“You kids have everything you need for school?” dad questions as he looks at something on his phone.

I nod at the question not really wanting to verbally talk. I munch on my apple waiting for Alec to finish. He catches my stare and gets up putting his plate in the sink. He nods his head towards the door, and I head out behind him saying nothing.

“It can’t be that bad,” Alec states as we stare at our new school.

“Let’s just get the damn day over with.”

He nods and we head towards the main doors and find the office on the right of those doors. We enter and Alec asks the lady for our schedules, stating that we are the new kids. She stares up at Alec for a few seconds with a weird stare and I bring my gaze to the floor not wanting to look at the other workers who seemed to have been staring weirdly at us too.

“Here are your schedules have a good day,” she says quickly.

Alec hands me my schedule and I groan as I see what the schedule consisted of.

“Econ, first period. Literature, second period. Calculus, third Period. Humanities, fourth Period. P.E, is my last period. You’ve got to be kidding me.” I whine under my breath.

“It’ll be fine. Good Luck.” Alec says walking away, straight into the crowd that flocked the halls.

You can’t just leave me.” I grumble under my breath.

I look at the classroom number for the first period and head down the corridor ignoring the stares coming from people. I put my hood over my head and start searching for the class. 311, 313, 315, 318. I head down the next corridor which was empty and a bit dark. I see room 323 and head in. I lift the hood off momentarily and see the professor already staring at me. I sigh and head towards him.

“Hi. My name is Mia Henderson. Can you tell me where I can sit?” I ask him.

“There is a seat in the back. The last row. The chair next to the window.”

I thank him quickly and head towards the back quickly sitting down and taking out a notebook. I stare at his board for a minute and see some equations written on it, but no answers. I did not want to fall behind, so I begin to write into the notebook answering the questions as the room stays quiet. The period has not started but I am glad cause I was not feeling ready for the weird stares.

Why was everyone staring at us weird? Did we have something on our faces that demanded attention? I internally groan as I hear people beginning to pile in and a commotion begins but not even seconds later it all stops. I do not want to look up, so I keep to myself answering the questions slightly gazing up from the corner of my eye to see if the man had put any more problems up. But as I looked from the corner of my eye, I see everyone sitting but staring in my direction. I shake my head slightly and keep doing my work. I notice a few mistakes in my calculations and quickly redo them.

“Alright, class. Let us begin.”

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