The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Three: The Ending of an Engagement Part Four

I hear more people gasp at my revelation and the triplets growl loudly. I feel someone grab onto my shoulder and I turn slowly to see Alec. He slowly lets me go after making sure I’m ok and heads toward Samantha. He grabs onto her neck and pushes her into the locker.

“I don’t care what those boys are to you but the next time you put your filthy hands even close to my sister, I’ll kill you. Got that?” he said as he grips her harder.

I stare at my brother in horror and watch as everyone looks at him astonished.

“Let go of me! Someone get him off me!” she cries out.

But no one moves. Everyone just sits and watches her squirm in my brother's hold.

“Let her go Henderson.” Uri states as he pushes through the crowd to get to him.

Once Uri reaches my brother he puts his hand on my brother's as he looks at him.

“Let her go.” He says slowly.

Alec all but throws her to the side and pushes Uri off of him as he comes to my aid.

“Are you ok?” he says concerned.

I nod and grip onto his shoulder as a wave of pain hits my chest and I groan gripping on to him with a little more strength.

“Just take me to my next class, please. I don’t want to worry mom again.” I whisper.

He leads me down the hall and we head towards my second period. He brings me to the door and goes still.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home,” he says looking at me.

I shake my head ‘no’ even though the pain is slowly killing me.

He sighs but nods and leaves me there. I grab the handle and open the door and go right to my seat without looking at Mrs. Shannon. She doesn’t say anything, and I grab the paper in the middle of the table and look at it. We were in groups today, how fun. None of the paper made sense so hopefully, Caden and Uri could be nice for once and help. But that was probably not gonna happen. So, I’m just not gonna do it.

I hear the two seats next to me move and automatically know they are here. But I keep staring at the paper in confusion and loss. What the utter fuck are these problems. I glare at them and then turn to the boys and shove the paper towards them and then fix my hoodie and look at the desk with the utmost interest. I was done with literature it could go to hell at this point.

The pain in my chest wasn’t going away. I wince as I realize I still have at least four hours to go.

“Mia.” Caden snips.

I mumble under my breath, and without looking at him I wait for him to speak. His hand grabs my chin and I hold in a gasp as shocks run through along with warmth.

I glare at him once our gaze meets and watch as hurt quickly passes his eyes but then his eyes stare at me angrily.

“Answer when I’m talking to you,” he says angrily.

I just stare at him and raise an eyebrow, but my actions come to a stop when I realize the pain is gone. Pain doesn’t leave that quick. I clear my throat quickly.

“What?” it comes out harsher than I wanted it to.

“You need to put your part in this,” he states.

“None of it makes sense and none of that goes along with what literature is. All of that is stupid problems that pertain to a book of a bunch of fake fantasies. We don’t live in fantasies. I won’t live in this town long, so does it really matter if I do this, Caden?” I stop my rant waiting for him to reply.

“All of this makes sense to the rest of us, just do it.” he scowls.

“No. I am not a crazy bat like the rest of you are. Leave me be Caden. You all spiel a bunch of nonsense I don’t need any of it. Nor do I want anything to do with it.” I exasperate.

He sends a glare my way once again and I roll my eyes and pick up my backpack. I don’t have time for this. I walk out and head to my locker. There was no point in being at school when those boys were just going to make it hell for me. I make sure to watch around me for that monster and quickly grab my things from the locker and head out of the school. I wince slightly as I recall that image of hurt crossing Caden’s eyes but dismiss it later as I don’t care for him. Or at least I want to believe that.

I text Alec and tell him that I have headed home due to pain. When in reality that pain is gone. Once I’m done with that I start to think about everything that has happened since I’ve gotten here. People kept calling the boys Alphas and all our lectures surrounded poisons like wolfsbane and witch ash. The scenarios surrounded the idea of packs. Were these people really werewolves? I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and memories came fast.


“Alpha Jax you can’t spoil the human girl like that!” a woman laughed.

“But I want the Alpha to spoil me! I’m his peacekeeper!” I giggled.

The woman kneels in front of me and gave me a gentle smile.

“I know you are the peacekeeper, your strong, even with all the flaws you hold. Little one we have to let you go to keep you safe. You belong with your family, staying with us will cause you trouble, my little rogue. You are no werewolf but that doesn’t mean the packs of the Five Crests won’t remember you. You kept us all in line little one, you saved us even. We owe you. But please.... for me and Alpha Jax...go home and be a good girl for your family. If I need you, we will find you. Okay?” she says as she pats my hair softly.

Alpha Jax walks over and kneels next to the woman.

“It will also be good if you can promise me from entering other pack lines too. I know you don’t know all of them. So, when the time comes I won’t have a problem coming to find you.” he commands softly.

I giggle and nod my head rapidly.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Good girl. Now go home.” the woman, Lily says as she gives me a peck on my forehead and steps back with Alpha Jax.

*End of Flashback*

Was I imagining things now? Was I finally going insane after only a couple of weeks of being in this luney town? I shake my head to shake the made-up memories in my head, I looked to be young during that time, but I have no recall of ever meeting these people. So, it must be my mind messing with me. I need to take a really good shower to let these thoughts leave me. I begin to walk again and take my Air pods from my pocket and place them in my ears. I listen as the music begins to play and begin to hum to the lyrics as I pass a coffee shop and a couple of other small stores on the way to the house. I keep my eyes straightforward as I try not to make contact with any of the people wandering the streets.

However, as I am about to turn a corner someone grabs me not so gently and whips me around. I stare wide-eyed at the person who stands in front of me. Samantha as I look around to see if anyone else was around I see the two devil spawns not too far behind. Helissa and Bethany. I roll my eyes as I realize there is nowhere to run. I yank my arm out of her hold and turn back around and keep walking as the music flows through my ears, but I am grabbed at again.

“What!?” I growl out as I yank an Air pod out.

She stares at me in shock at the outburst. Then she closes her mouth and then opens it again like a fish out of water. I have never rolled my eyes so many times in a day at her stupid antiques.

“You should come to the party this Friday.” Helissa buts in.

I raise in and give a simple shake of the head as a reply. Helissa frowns and places her hands on her hips.

“Why not? It would be good to get to know the pa- the people around in this town.”

“Friday is in two days. No. I have things to do.” No, I don’t but I had no other excuses I could make.

“Liar.” Bethany scowls.

“Look, I have to beg my mom to get me the hell out of this stupid town. Friday is when I’m going to do it. I don’t do parties, especially when I don’t want to get to know any of you.” I all but gruff out.

Hurt flashes through two of their eyes but Samantha on the other hand looks pleased. I quirk an eyebrow at that.

“Well, I mean, the boys are going to be there. It’s their house and I think they would like the idea of you being there with them. You don’t even have to talk to any of them, they are all assholes anyway.” she says as she flips her hair over her shoulder.

“I’ll think about it. Now leave me alone.” I say as I turn around once again but this time don’t get stopped.

I wasn’t going to go to any party, let alone did I care to show off to anyone. I needed to speak to my mom soon about the next move, we needed to leave this town and fast. I see my house come into sight finally and pick up my pace and run up the stairs and enter the house in a hurry.

“Mom, dad are you here?” I call out as I put my bag on the couch.

“In the study, honey.” mom calls.

I walk around the couch and head into the little hallway that has mom and dad's room and the study room. I turn the knob and enter the room. I catch my gaze with my fathers and stare at him before opening my mouth.

“I want to leave this place.”

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