The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Four: Sightings Part Two

Something snaps again but this time closer, but I push it away to be an animal. I sigh as I get up and stretch, ready to head home. However, a howl comes from somewhere in the forest and I pause. A child. for some reason, the thought of it being a child passes and I turn toward the noise. It couldn’t have been a child though I swear it sounded like a coyote or maybe even a wolf. I bite my lip as I stop myself from walking into the forest in the dark of night, but my instincts tell me to go. I turn back to see the sidewalk in my line of vision but another howl sounds and I turn back and run straight into the forest and follow the sound of the howl.

It sounds to be in pain. I rush toward the sound as more wailing sounds into the air. I come into a clearing in the forest and come to a stop waiting for the whining to come again. I hear the wailing once again coming from my right and run towards it. The pain in my chest returning but the sound of whatever is calling makes me push through it. I push branches away as I run forward and jump over a few large branches that lay skewed around the forest floor and finally the crying gets louder. I see a little boy trying to huddle into the side of a tree as a large wolf tries to snap at him with his sharp teeth. I put a hand over my mouth as I gasp.

I hide behind a nearby tree and look around trying to find something that will throw the creature off maybe even get it to go away. I meet the child’s eye and put a finger to my lips to silence him. I look around again trying to find something, anything that can prevent the child from dying. I bite my fingertips nervously as I keep looking for things and then back to the child to make sure that he still is ok. But the wails of fear leaving his lips and the snarls from the wolf make my search for something to harm the wolf much more rapid. I find a huge branch and bite my lip as I look back and forth between the rather thick branch and the large wolf.

I grab a decent size rock instead and bring my fingers to my lips as I whistle. I wince the minute I act. The wolf comes to a stop and slowly turns to me with a growl. My eyes widen and I start to ramble nervously. A habit that seems to never fail in kicking in even when I am close to death.

It's rather rude for you to try and kill such a small child. I say as I tilt my head to the side looking for a good angle.

The wolf growls once again and I grip the rock a little too hard before throwing it. The rock hits the wolf in its eye, and I take the chance to run to the child. The wolf is on its hind legs crying out in pain and swatting around for me and I duck before one of his paws swats at me. I pick the child up quickly settling it into my side before taking off. I try to remember how far I went into the trees. I look down at the child who is silently crying into my chest as I run and jump over things. Too afraid to look behind me just in case the wolf from before isn’t too far behind.

I see lights in the distance. The street lights. I pick up my pace but a searing pain to the side of my body makes me cry out. I don’t want to die today, especially by a wolf. I take a glance behind me as I almost slow down my pace. I see something moving the large grass and see the head of the wolf pop up before getting lost within the large grass. I hold the child tighter against me and take off, simply not caring for my wellbeing but only for the child in my embrace. Something takes a hold of my shoulder and I feel something claw into my shoulder.

Once I reach outside the beginning of the forest, I look behind me to see nothing. I stare into the forest with fear waiting for something to come. But that something never comes, and I slightly relax. I turn back around and see that the park I was at before this all happened isn’t too far, so I begin to walk towards it. I find a bench and sit the child on it before kneeling in front of him.

“Little one, why were you out there?” I say as I softly.

“I want mommy.” He begins to cry louder.

I pull him to me and quietly shush him.

“It’s ok, I got you little one,” I say as I smile sadly. “Do you know where you live?” I ask.

“Close to the pack home,” he whispers.

“If we walk do you know which way to go?” I ask softly.

“I know. But Luna should know too”. he says as he plays with my fingers.

“Who’s Luna? Was she out there with you too?” I say as I look back to the beginning of the forest.

“No, Luna is you.” He says pointing toward me.

I raise an eyebrow at his words.

“Luna doesn’t know where the pack home is honey. Can you show me?” I sigh as I play along.

He nods and holds his arms out. I grab his sides and quickly place him on his feet before getting up on my own and dusting off my pants. The little one grabs my hand and walks alongside me as I let him pull me in the direction of the supposed pack home. I want to ask what that is, but I hold my tongue. First, I am going to help him get home. Maybe home is what he calls his pack home. I internally shrug. I’ll just let the boy lead us hopefully in the right direction.


I am so lost in my thoughts as I let the boy drag me around that I don’t realize he is tugging on my hand trying to grab my attention.

“Luna!” he says a little louder and I look down at him.

“Yeah?” I whisper into the night air.

“You bweeding.” He gasps as he points up at my shoulder.

I move my attention to my shoulder and indeed it's bleeding. The gash is dirty and little waterfalls of blood are trickling from the claw-like marks on my shoulder. The wolf had left his mark on me. I flinch as I watch the blood and groan as now, I have to hide it from everyone until it heals properly. Great, one more thing to hide from the parents. I look at it one more time and grab an end of it trying to see if the wound is deep at all, but I can’t really tell. I close my eyes and bite my lip before sighing and looking at the child.

“It's fine let’s just get you home. Hmm?” I reply as I swing our hands back and forth.

“We are already here silly. It's over there.” He turns around and points to something in the far distance.

“Where?” I say confused as I try to find what the boy is pointing at.

“Right over there Luna. I think I see mommy!” he says excitedly.

I look over to where he’s pointing and see a small group of people in front of a huge house at the end of the street. I squint my eyes a little and see the triplets with three others who seem to be the little ones' parents maybe even a sibling. The little one drags me in that direction and I almost groan. I don’t want to see them.

“Mommy!” he screams, and he yanks me with him as he lets his little feet run in the direction of his parents.

“Mommy! I am right here. Look!” the little boy giggles as he drags us along toward the group.

Once we get close enough to them, he lets me go and runs into the woman’s arms and she twirls the little one around.

“Oh, my baby! Where did you go pup? I’m so glad you’re ok.” the mother cries into her son's hair as she holds him tightly.

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