The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Four: Sightings Part Three

I look to my right and see the triplets staring in my direction and quickly divert my attention back to the child and his parents as I watch them scold him for going out of their backyard. I grab my phone from my pocket and look at the time. The time read three in the morning and I almost cry at the fact that I don’t really have a lot more time to get more sleep in before I need to go to class in the morning. It definitely is time for me to get my butt back home. I look to see what street I’m on and realize that I have no idea where I am exactly. I rub my forehead, exhausted as I search for my location on my phone to see how far I am from home. The map says 5 minutes driving. I bite my lip as the GPS says it will take me forty-five minutes to get home by walk. I throw my head back a little and then start to walk in the direction the GPS tells me to. I know the little boy is in safe hands now, so I have nothing to worry about.

“Hey!” Someone calls from behind.

I turn around to the voice and come to a complete stop. The triplets cross the road and now are on the side that I stand on, walking toward me. I nibble on my lip hoping that the interaction with them doesn’t take long. The boys come to a stop in front of me and give me an up and down glance.

“Thanks for bringing the kid home, Mia,” Colton says softly.

I nod my head quickly as an answer.

“How did you even know where the kid was?” Calvin questions.

“Does it really matter? He’s safe.” I sigh looking back down at my phone.

“I don’t want to argue with you. I was just asking.” Calvin says as he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck looking away before locking gazes with me.

“I went for a walk to the park.” I give a short reply.

He hums and nods. He then grabs my hand quickly and starts to lead me in an unknown direction. I try to pull away, but he grips onto my hand tighter and slightly turns his head toward me.

“Stop it. We are taking you home,” he pauses. “Unless you want to walk over forty minutes to get to your house?” he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Do you have to hold me?” I say as I stare at my hand clutched in his.

He gives me a look. “You want to walk?”

I shake my head ‘no’ quickly.

“I thought so.”

I allow him to drag me along with the other two not too far behind us. He pulls me up to a maroon luxury car and opens the car door quickly before gently pushing me with a hand on my lower back. He closes the door and I look out the window as I hear the rest of them pile into the car. One of them being in the back with me and the other two in the driver and passenger seat. I let my head rest on my hand as I lay against the window as the car starts up. Calvin doesn’t ask me for my address as he begins to drive off so I’m assuming he knows. Maybe this whole town just has to know every little detail about who comes in and out. It’s probably how they get the goods, like gossip and new rumors to share. I roll my eyes at the thought and relax in the silence of the car.

I glance over to the boy who sits next to me and see Colton. He is staring out of the window up toward the sky that is full of stars. As he isn’t paying attention to his surroundings, I take this time to gawk at him in the darkness. The three boys wear their own signature colors, probably so people can tell them apart. I notice a scar in the middle of Colton’s cheek and almost reach my hand out to graze it. Every time we pass a streetlamp his face is lit up enough so that I can memorize his face little by little. I continue to chew at my lip and turn my attention to Caden who sits in the passenger seat. He’s stressfully pulling his fingers through his hair as he puts it into a messy style. His hair was a bit longer than the other two, his face still hard as if he can’t relax even just for a little. As if he knew I was staring he turns in my direction and gives me a glare but one that holds another underlying emotion beneath it. Caden was the definition of the mysterious boy next door. I almost want to chuckle at the thought but continue to stare at him as he returns the attention in his own way.

As our gazes continue to meet his glare slowly falls and his features fill with confusion at our interaction. I let out a small giggle before looking back out the window. Some street names were beginning to become familiar as we near my house I yawn as the thought crosses.

“Are you tired?” Colton asks me.

“Well, I mean it is a little past midnight.” I yawn again as I rudely tell him.

“You always do that.” He says shaking his head.

“Do what?” I ask tired and confused.

“We aren’t even around anyone and yet you are still being distant with us.” He complains.

I raise an eyebrow.

“I literally just told you I was tired. What does any of this have to do with distance?” I question.

“You know what I mean.” is all he says.

“I have no idea what you are talking about you want to let me on in the secret. If not shut up and after this just leave me alone, yea?” I huff.

“That,” He points out. “That’s what I mean.”

At this point, I notice that the car is not moving, and I look outside quick to see that Calvin has parked in front of my house, and now he and Caden were both paying attention to us. Great. I go to open the door, but the doors lock quickly at my sudden action. I turn around and stare at them before I sigh.

“Look, I don’t understand what you want. Or whatever this distant bullshit you are talking about. But let me give the three of you a little heads up. My dad is transferring again in three months, so for me, there is no point in trying to make any friends here or any sort of relationship for that matter. This is why I am how I am I like to be left alone. So, just forget I ever existed, yeah? I like being invisible anyway.” I inform them.


I halt in my escape to get out of the car as I make brief eye contact with Caden who decided now was the time to play the 'I want you' card. Ugh. They seriously can’t take a no for an answer. I cross my arms over my chest and stare at him waiting for him to explain.

“Oh? So now you think you can tell someone where they can, and can’t go? Listen here asshole. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so back off! You have no control over where I go or what I do. So, fuck off Caden.” I all but snarled at him.

“Mia. Don’t.” Calvin warns from the front seat.

“Or what? Are you gonna hurt me? I challenge him. Go for it. I probably don’t have that long left anyway.” I huff as I cross my arms over my chest.

“Mia! Don’t say things like that. It hurts”. Colton whispers beside me.

I turn to him with an eyebrow raised. I seem to be doing the action a lot around them.

“You don’t have that long left?” Calvin whips his head toward me quickly.

I shrug at the question not really having a response for it due to not having the answer he is looking for.

“Why does that hurt you? I really don’t understand you! Any of you for that matter.” I say frustrated with the situation.

“Then get to know us. All of us.” Calvin advises.

“No. I don’t want to know you! I just want you all to leave me alone. I’m not in the mood to be chased like a damn pup on its heat. You all just need to learn that a no is a fucking no. I’m leaving anyway.” I say finalizing my choice.

“You can’t leave this territory. I can’t allow that. It will affect this pack and my brothers. You will not leave them.” He explains.

Them, not him, but for them. It hurts more than I want it to. I grit my teeth and open the door and speak as I begin to leave.

“See there you go again you control freak! Territory? Pack? Your brothers? I could give to fucks what happens to any of it. None of you or whatever you want me a part of fucking matters.” I spat angrily.

Tension spreads throughout the car in seconds from my outburst and the car goes quiet.

“You are ours as much as we are yours. You just have to deal with it.” Colton sighs.

“I am not an item you fre-” I am interrupted as multiple howls are sounded out and I instantly hop back into the car.

“Shit,” Calvin mutters.

“What’s going on?” I stutter out.

“Someone has passed the territory borders.”

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