The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Five: Words Cut Deeper than Claws

A wolf with orange eyes walks up to me as I am chained to the ground not being able to move. I try to blink wanting this nightmare to stop before it begins to get any worse.

“It’s just a dream. It is just a dream. Everything is ok. There is nothing wrong.” I whisper to myself.

The wolf gets right in my face and begins to growl and snap at my face but doesn’t go in for the attack. I whimper and begin to try and crawl backward, but the shackles make me stop as they are not long enough to get away from my attacker I cry out as the wolf gets into an attacking position and jumps up at me. But the scene stops and changes to a different location completely. I look around scared and see that I am in the little clearing I ended up in with the little boy and stare trying to see if I can find him. I do find him, and I stop and stare in horror as I watch the wolf rip the little boy's throat open. I try to scream, but nothing comes out and I cry trying to make my way to the boy, but I can’t move, and I cry out calling for the unknown boy without realizing that the wolf has heard my cries and is now slowly coming my way with a murderous gaze.

A feel a swipe to my right leg and scream out as I am finally able to move and fall to the ground with a scream as I grab my wounded leg and try to find the animal that has made the wound that bleeds rapidly. The wolf is closer than before and it’s the same one from before that has the orange eyes and I cry out finally being able to move and I move back half crawling half jumping backward to get away from the beast that stares at its prey. I cry out as I feel the wolf grab onto my waist and bits into my flesh. It felt so real, and I cried out as the wolf begins to tare into me rapidly and I choke on my own blood as I scream out in pain.

I sit up quickly with a scream and look in my surroundings and notice that I am home, and it seems to be still dark outside. I look to the window quickly to see if I can see the wolf that now haunts my dreams, but I find no such luck and breath out a sigh before turning my head to the alarm on the other side of Alec. The alarm read six-thirty in the morning, I let out a huff of desperation as I have barely gained three hours of sleep and there is no way I was going back to sleep after the nightmare replayed in my head. I shiver at the idea of there being a possibility that that wolf still might be lurking the perimeters of the house and I feel like I have nowhere to hide as it had already seen where I was. And if I remember correctly, wolves don’t forget locations of things, they are pretty smart. I groan and yawn at the same time. I look at the window seat and then look away as the idea seems appealing to go and sit and stare out of the window, but then the remainder of the orange-eyed wolf passes, and I stare at the window in distaste.

I quietly lift the covers off my body and make sure that Alec stays asleep as I move out of bed heading for the door. I start to walk towards the door and stop in my walk as I realize the door might make a creaking sound at such a quiet hour of the night. I shrug the thought away as I just want to head downstairs and begin to make some coffee to be able to survive the day ahead and maybe stuff my mouth with food to forget everything just happened in the span of three hours. I twist the handle slowly and begin to open the door and sigh out of relief that no creaking sound happens. I nod to myself in satisfaction before tip-toeing out of the room slowly making sure that the floor does not creak either at my sudden getaway.

I turn back around and close the door slowly and seeing that Alec is still well asleep and almost chuckle at the fact that he didn’t even realize that I had screamed when I woke up. I shake my head at the thought as I knew that Alec was a deep sleeper. He loved his sleep, but I mean this whole family loved their sleep and got mad when one fucked it up. I walk slowly down the stairs holding onto the rail as I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grab the coffee and a filter from the opened pantry and head towards the counter where the coffee station was placed and begin to prepare my cup with creamer and sugar and start the coffee machine after I prep it. I kept the kitchen lights off but turned on the one above the sink and sat at the table as I sip on my coffee.

My mind goes blank as I drink my coffee. The peace in the room taking effect and allowing me to have minutes of solitude without anything worrying me. But only for those few minutes, because as I continue to drink my coffee the pain from the past tared through and I quickly set the cup down before catching my breath as the pain sears. I quietly groan at the pain and try to sit correctly so I don’t fall off the chair. My body was beginning to work against me, and I wonder if the nightmares correlated with that. I grimaced but returned to my coffee and downed it as the pain came in vibrations. Now there really was no way today could go any better. The pain and the nightmares will be the only things that I would think about. I breathe in as the pain wraps me into its cocoon and I feel like I’m stuck. The kitchen lights turn on and I gasp in surprise before quickly turning in that direction and grabbing my chest scared half to death. My mother stares at me for a minute before heading towards the coffee machine and making herself a cup before heading over to me and sitting down at the table across from me.

“Couldn’t sleep?” she asks as she begins to slowly drink her coffee.

“Yea, Alec has taken my bed as his.” I chuckle lightly trying not to let her notice the grunts of pain that I am letting out.

“You know once you offer him a piece of anything that will let him sleep he will take it. But aside from your brother, how are you doing, baby?” she asks me looking at me with her tired, concerned eyes.

“I’m okay, ma. I’m feeling better.” I lie.

“I set up an appointment today at 3. Even though you tell me you’re okay. I as your mother need to know if you’re internally okay. I know that too many changes affect people, and I’m sorry baby, that we are moving so much and that your body has to be accustomed to every change we make. But you need to let me know if you are hurting or not, okay? Mothers are supposed to worry for their children. You five are your fathers and my world. So, if your body can not take it anymore. Please, don’t hide that from us.” She says as she begins to swirl the coffee stir in circles in her coffee cup.

“Ok, mom. I will let you know. But I’m ok right now.” I tell her, lying again.

“So, um any boys?” she asks.

I choke on the coffee and pat my chest hard trying to breathe. I hear mom chuckle and mumble under her breath. I look up to her and glare at her.

“I could have died!” I exclaim.

“Stop being so dramatic.” She giggles before grabbing both hers and my coffee cup.

I whine as she takes my coffee cup as it still had some coffee in it.

“Oh shh!” she silences me before putting the coffee cups in the sink and stares at me.


“Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to fish it out of you?” she says crossing her arms over her chest and leans back on the sink.

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I swallow harshly before meeting her intrusive gaze.

“No, there is no boy. There are just these triplets that do not know when a no is a definitive no.” I grumble under my breath as I think about the actions Calvin pulled today.

“Triplets? Hmm… are they hot?” mom asks curiously.

“Mom!” I gasp at her.

“What, my baby is growing up and maybe getting into a trouple…. oh, wait that’s three within a relationship, triplets would make it…quadrouple.” she laughs thinking she might have fixed her error.

“Mom, I can promise you I don’t want anything to do with those boys.” I grunt and as the words leave my lips a pain that I have never felt before ripples through my chest and I pause as I gasp for air clutching onto my chest.

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