The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Five: Words Cut Deeper than Claws Part Two

“Baby are you ok?” she stands up quickly and walks over to me. “Baby, what’s wrong.” She asks as she kneels in front of my chair and grabs my face looking across my body for any physical problems.

“I’m fine ma, I’m ok,” I say trying to catch my breath and steady it as the pain almost completely consumes me.

I hold in my breath as the pain comes for its next round and I try not to scream as everyone is still sleeping and it is just me and mom awake. I look up at mom and she shakes her head before leaving me in my chair and heading upstairs quietly. I let out a small breath thinking that she had left me be to let me deal with this on my own. But when I looked to the side I watched as she came back down with her purse and my bookbag. I watch as she comes over to me and helps me get out of the chair before helping me move by securing her arm under my arms to keep me steady.

“You’re lying to me baby… you’re not ok. You look like you’re about to give out on me. We are going to the hospital before anything else can happen. I’ll tell everyone an excuse later, ok.” She says as she helps me to the door.

She helps me outside and turns around quickly to close the main door quietly and then we make our way to the car as I groan out in pain, not being able to make a full sentence. Little black spots clouded my vision as the pain grew, and I hissed under my breath as I held onto the seat tightly as mom drives us toward the hospital. She looks to me and then to the road as we drive, and she has tears falling while she looks at me in concern. She picks up her speed ignoring the speed limits on the road as we near the hospital.

I close my eyes and cry out as the pain sears through my side, and I begin to hyperventilate. I try to look up and finally see the hospital in sight and mom heads to the emergency side of the hospital. A man rushes out quickly but at this point, I am barely breathing and can not hear what he says as he speaks to my mother. The man unbuckles my seat belt and grabs me from under my knees and behind my back carrying me inside with my mother following behind us.

“I need a gurney and we need to get her on a breathing machine stat. Michelle I’m going to put her in room four. I need Dr. Elena in room four ASAP.” He begins yelling out orders.

“And someone please call the Alphas!” he yells back before closing the door to room four.

“I’m losing her, bp is dropping!” he screams.

And then everything goes black.


Caden’s POV

Someone is shaking me, and it only gets worse, and I groan and turn away from them.

“Caden, something is wrong with Mia she is at the hospital.” as the words spill out of Bethany's mouth I’m out of my bed in seconds and throwing on a shirt before grabbing a pair of black pants.

“Where is she?” I growl out.

“The others are waiting for you downstairs. She’s in the hospital was that last I heard Caden.” She sighs before trailing down the stairs behind me.

I pick up the keys by the door not looking at Calvin and Colton. “Let’s go,” I grumble and jog out the door and head to the driveway before getting into the car.

I wait for them to get into the car before speeding off onto the roads.

“What did Dr. Pardieck have to say about her condition?” I hear Calvin ask.

“They said she is unstable, and it looks like her heart is giving out on her,” Bethany whispers but we all hear her clear as day.

I pick up my speed and quickly turn a corner and see the hospital down the road. I try to keep my anger in as I quickly make it to the emergency section and park in the parking lot before turning the car off and taking the keys before running inside the hospital. I get into the elevator and hold it open as the other two and the betas get in beside us. I close my eyes trying to calm down as I can feel my blood running cold. I can smell her, and I wince at the fact that my mate is in pain. The elevator opens and I rush out looking for the main nurse in charge. I get to the counter and stare her down.

“Where is she?” I all but growl out.

“They had to move her to the trauma room. She is in trauma room 2. Her heart isn’t really supporting her at the moment, so they are trying to figure out why that is. Her mother is in the room with her she has not wanted to leave her side.” The main nurse directs us to the room.

Colton and Calvin head in first while the Beta’s stay back out and I breathe in slowly before gaining my composure back and heading into the room. The first thing I see is Dr. Elena and Dr. Pardieck over the gurney and then I see that Colton is trying to talk to Mia’s mother and comfort her as he tries to hold in his tears. Calvin is trying to look around the doctors to get a look at our mate and when they back up a little bit and the heart line goes flat the room goes silent before all chaos ensues.

I feel Eliseo grab me as I stare at my mate. Tears flood my eyes and I want to head towards her, but I can’t as the doctors begin to shout our orders and I watch her body.

“You know you can’t.” Eliseo starts.

“She is dying…” I growl.

“The minute you begin to make commends her mother will take her away from you three without a second thought. You can not do anything to help Mia at the moment. You need to stay calm.”

“Stop.” Dr. Pardieck commands as he steps back from Mia’s body.

“You can’t stop. I can’t lose my daughter!” Mia’s mother exclaims.

“I am going to explain to you a few things about Mia’s condition and why it won’t stop getting worse. And there are some things I am going to tell you that I, in the end, will take account of and get into trouble for, but I need you to understand because Mia is a very important piece to this town and its families. Alpha’s I’m sorry in advance.” the doctor begins to apologize.

“First, I need to ask you a question.” Dr. Pardieck starts.

“Okay.” Mia’s mother sniffles.

“Did Mia discuss the triplets at all with you, possibly in a negative way?” he asks.

I almost growl at his insinuation and then hold my breath at her mother’s next words.

“Yea, we talked about it a little before the pain started, but I think she was in pain before that.” She sniffles and wipes her nose. “Mia has a habit of lying about how she feels.” Tears begin to trickle down again.

I quietly cry as I didn’t want anyone to know. An Alpha shouldn’t cry. I look to my brothers and notice they are in the same position and looking toward Mia’s body. The doctor sighs before going over to squat in front of Mia’s mother. Eliseo lets go of my arms and I head toward Mia and stand on the side of her bed next to Calvin and watch as Colton comes over to my other side.

“What did she say?” he asks.

“Why? She just said that nothing was going to happen between the four of them. I just was messing around telling her it would be a quadrouple type thing.” She slightly sighs before looking back to the doctor. “She promised she wanted nothing with them.”

The doctor quickly stands up. “Alright, you are about to see something that you might not be too comfortable with, but I have to let the Alphas near there mate. They have to lay down with her and settle the connection that she keeps fighting. She is a human and she won’t live longer than the night if her mates don’t take initiative and force her to accept the bond. Do you see that pulse, it’s almost to the point of stopping, if you let me do what I do best I promise, I can get her to live a long and healthy life even with her birth defect. Do you understand?” the doctor asks.

“Yes, but why do they have to do it? Are they doctors too? How can laying down next to my daughter make this situation any better?” Mia’s mother cries out as she points at me and my brothers. “How?” she exclaims.

“Do you know what a soulmate is?”

“You're crazy! All of you are crazy!” she exclaims and stands up. “Are you going to help my daughter or not?” she yells.

I growl loudly at her disrespect for a pack member and the room falls silent as she stares at me with fear. I grip the railing and push it down fast before taking my shoes off and lay in bed next to Mia and I watch as Colton and Calvin make the same move. Colton moves Mia’s legs apart and lays between them as Calvin takes her other side and wraps an arm around her waist, undermine.

“Look do you see that her Bp is becoming stable, her breathing looks likes it's coming back to normal.” The doctor reassures my mother as he begins to fix the lines that attach themselves to Mia’s body.

“How? How is that even possible, nothing was even done?” she exclaims in horror and disbelief. “So, my baby is going to be ok?”

“Yes, she is going to be ok. However, as long as she keeps rejecting that bond between her and the triplets, I can’t assure you that she will make it though. Those words she told you tonight on top of her pain from the birth defect are what caused what happened tonight. Words cut deep when it comes to this type of bond.”

“what type of bond is that?” Mia’s mother asks as I snuggle closer to her daughter.

“A werewolves bond. One that’s hard to break.”

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