The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Six: Not the Whole Truth

Caden’s POV

“A werewolves bond?” Mia’s mother ponders out loud. “She will be ok, as long as she accepts them?” she moves her finger between me and my brothers.

“Yes, Ma’am. I know this is something that is not believable to you, but I need you to understand that this town, well this pack lives a bit different than a normal human would.” The doctor starts.

“Stop. I don’t want to hear your crazy explanation. Are you a part of a cult? Are you going to harm my family in any way? Why the hell would I give my daughter up on a platter? Huh? She is not a snack you can just have? I’m not going to give you my daughter like a Christmas gift. Do not lie about my daughter's condition just to make me feel better. I need to know her real condition so that I can make sure that I can do whatever it takes to keep my baby safe. So, please, stop lying and give me the rundown of what I need to know.” Her mother sighs.

I look back and forth between the pack doctor and Mia’s mother and sigh and go to say something, but Colton puts his hand over my mouth and stares at me in bewilderment. I glare at him before swatting his hand away.

“Caden!” Colton starts.

“Look, Mrs. Henderson. I know this is your daughter and you are a protective mother due to her situation. I need you to understand that she is our mate, and we need her. This is not some damn cult. I would like your daughter to live because if she doesn’t this town won’t survive either. So, please allow the doctor to explain to you the basics of this peculiar situation without the side comments.” I tell her bluntly before snuggling my face into Mia’s neck and inhaling her scent.

“You little bastard!” Her mother exclaims. “How dare you? Get off my daughter! Who the hell do you think you are?” Mrs. Henderson begins to scream at me.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. My brothers tried to stop me through our mind link, but I blocked them out and raised my head to look at Mrs. Henderson and growled loudly at her disrespect. She might be human and this might be going against my own pack laws but I would be having no disrespect on our land. My eyes glowed a dark red as the wolf inside of me tried to come out at the defiance of Mia’s mother and I breathed to take hold of myself as I stared into her eyes and bared my teeth at her in anger.

“Caden! You can’t do this. She’s human. She could take Mia far away and we wouldn’t be able to stop her. You are scaring her!” Eliseo exclaims as he comes and grabs me to hold me down.

“It’s too late for that Eliseo. She looks damn close to pissing her pants.” Bethany rolls her eyes at the action of the Alpha and his Beta.

I keep my eyes on the shaking woman that was trying to get out of my line of sight as she stared at me with wide eyes. I see Bethany from my peripheral vision move toward Mrs. Henderson and grab her slowly. She brings her to sit down in the seat close to Mia’s bed but not too close. She gives her a tissue for the tears running down her face and squats down in front of her, taking her out of my line of sight.

“Are you like him too?” Mrs. Henderson sniffles. “I just want my daughter to be-” Bethany puts her hand over Mrs. Henderson’s mouth.

“Stop talking. You have been ranting and not letting anyone explain. So, I’m going to stop you right there with the last bit of respect I have in my pocket for you. We,” Bethany says pointing her finger towards all of us before looking back to Mrs. Henderson. “Are all werewolves. I think Caden gave you enough proof with the change in color of his eyes and his teeth. So, I’m going to tell you this as simple as possible, to make this process go a little quicker because no one else seems to be able to get you to listen. This town is full of people that are werewolves, and yes we are people too we are just a little bit more unique than you boring humans. You are the only human family in this town as of now. Those boys need your daughter to stay here. She is a big part of this town now that they have her. We are a society that protects one another, no one will ever bring harm to your daughter because she is an important piece to our lively hood. Our kind was made by a goddess, the moon goddess. She gave us another half so that we could be complete. There is a story about how the moon goddess could not reach her other half so she made us feel complete and gave us our other halves so that we could be complete and not be in agony like she was for a long time. We are part human, part wolf. No, we are not wild. Well not completely. To reject a soulmate, you pretty much have accepted death. You can live without your soulmate. A lot of us in this pack to that. However, there is always a chance that the wolf could go crazy if both sides don’t accept rejection and that could be the reason for death. So, please stop with the ‘your crazy’ bullshit. Your daughter needs to accept the fact that those boys are going to be with her forever. She’s stuck with them and you might as well accept the fact that your daughter has met her match and can live a longer life. A werewolf bond makes one stronger and once they come to accept each other, that heart problem she has will be the dust of her problems.” Bethany explains and stands up walking back over to Uri.

“I almost forgot why I hated humans. Now I remember.” Bethany mumbles under her breath.

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