The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Six: Not the Whole Truth Part Two

Colton and Calvin look at me and I feel them trying to pry the mind link open. I allow entrance and stare into nothing as they begin.

The elders are not going to like the fact that the human mother knows somewhat about our kind. That is a danger for us, Caden.” Calvin starts.

“Our mate is human. When we found out we all knew this might happen. She is part of a human family, we knew that one day we would have to sit her down and actually explain what we are and why we always are wanting to be around her,” I explain to them. “Fuck what the Elders say. You forget that at the end of the day we are their leaders. They are just people who give us advice because they are older than us and supposedly know more. Stop letting them take more power than what they need. We are their Alphas, and this little human will soon be their Luna.” I sneer.

“Caden stop. We all want her and know what her position will be. But you also know this pack best. Our pack is not a pack of fluffy bunnies and lilies. They are judgmental beasts and at times a little racist. You know that some of our members are still hesitant of having her as their Luna. They see her as unfit and once word gets out that she is here in the hospital, matters will only get worse.” Colton says sadly.

“And Bethany definitely did not tell her mother the whole truth of our kind. So, that will also bring trouble down the line. She pretty much gave Mrs. Henderson a half-ass reason to shut up.” Calvin rants.

“Alphas?” the doctor interrupts our conversation.

I look up at the doctor and hum waiting for him to continue out loud rather than in the mind link. He looks between my brothers and me and then looks at the Betas. The Betas shake their heads and begin to inch backward slowly. Eliseo looks like he wants to be anywhere else but here and Bethany is holding onto Uri for dear life. I raise an eyebrow in confusion at their actions and turn back to the doctor.

“Why are you on top of me?”

My head quickly turns to where Mia is laying under me and I hear her mother gasp as I hold my breath. Mia was awake but still sounded terrible. My brothers go stiff as her voice is heard and I watch as Colton quickly relaxes and moves his hand to reach hers. His actions don’t go unnoticed, and Mia quickly moves her hand away from him. Colton frowns at her action and brings his hand back down to his side, looking dejected. I lift my arm from her waist and sit up next to her but not too far away so that I can still feel the connection between us. Mia’s breathing begins to quicken, and I think it may be from us surrounding her as she looks around her body to see that I and my brothers are completely tangled with her. However, as Calvin begins to move, thinking that Mia is uncomfortable with the situation I can hear her heartbeat begin to race, and not in a good way, as her breathing also quickens and it seems as she is beginning to have a hard time.

I quickly scoot closer to her and let my hand rest on her waist gently. I have always been the mean one but it's only because there are dangers out there and people that do not favor my brothers and me or our pack. She was in danger the minute she entered our pack, but when I heard her heart for the first time I knew that she had been in danger long before she reached our territory borders. She was dying and I don’t think we could do anything about it so I didn’t want her because that would bring more danger than what she was already lying in.

Mia’s POV

My breathing stabilizes once again as Caden settles his arm on my waist. I look to where his hand lays and ponder. Why the hell am I feeling better, one second I feel like I’m about to pass out, and then the next I feel like I’m ok when he touches me. I look to see that the other two have not let go of me and realize that they too make me feel better. I look back and forth between the boys as I try to figure out what the hell kind of pills these doctors got me on to feel like it was ok to be under three different men. I look toward the doctors and mother and stare at them confused why I was feeling this way and why no one was doing a damn thing to get them off me.

“What the hell did you give me? Did you have to sedate me? Did you increase my intake of morphine? Why the fuck are they on top of me? Someone, please start explaining.” I whine and try to move away but Colton holds me down and Calvin and Caden hold onto me tighter.

I give all three of them a glare and try to push them away from me. Then Colton does something and my heart almost leaps out of my chest but not in a bad way. But the way my heart leaps has the doctor rushing to my side to make sure no harm was done.

“Did you just kiss my stomach?” I utter.

“Mhm.” Colton hums as he looks at me and bites his lips.

“Mom, what in God's name is happening?!” I screech.

Someone groans and I look to where the sound came from and see Bethany. I grunt as I see her and quickly look away averting my attention back to the doctors, my mom, and the god damn triplets. I can feel every inch of my body but the thing that weirds me out the most was that I don’t feel any excruciating pain like I had earlier. The pain was gone but this weird throbbing of my heart when Caden had pulled away earlier. I bite my lip as I look down at Caden and watch him before turning to look at Colton who was looking at the doctor looking to be listening very carefully to what he was saying. I was paying no attention and turned to look at Calvin who is already staring at me. I raise an eyebrow at him waiting for him to say something, anything even. This was so weird one minute I feel like I don’t want to have anything to do with them and in the next, I want to be everything and do anything with them. This is some fantasy-type bullshit, and I was not a fan so whatever type of voodoo bullshit is going on really needs not come to a stop.

A throbbing pain begins in my head and I grunt as I grab onto the side of my head where it hurts. I close my eyes trying to breathe slowly as the pain increases and another pain shoots through my chest. I’m trying to catch my breath again, but everything seems to be going haywire and I begin to cry as the pain blinds me. I feel hands begin to grab me, but the pain is so much that the hands are none of my concern at the moment. I feel myself being lifted and I try to curl into a ball but before I can I am put onto something and I feel as if we are moving. Someone moves my hair out of my face, and I feel them push my head a little but not too far to the side to hurt me. This person moves my hand that’s on my head and massages that area as they lean into my neck.

“It’s Just me.”

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