The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter 1: The Weird Stares Part Two

The man literally begins class talking about gibberish, but I make sure to note down everything that he talks about. He brings up two different books we are supposed to be reading, so I jot down the names quickly and raise my head up to see him writing world problem scenarios on the board.

“So... If there is a disease spreading around and essential things are limited what would we need to do and who would receive those benefits?” he questions looking around the room.

Everyone starts butting out answers and rebuttals to answer. I just sit and stare amused at the answers. They were not wrong it was just weirdly answered. That at one point I had no idea if we were talking about a disease or poison anymore. The professor begins to write something quickly on the board without saying anything and I quickly write it down seeing that it is a homework assignment on witch ash and a plan of portioning in case of a war. What the utter this class. I shake my head. I have always hated econ.

The bell rings to go and I slowly pack my bag waiting for everyone to leave. As the class begins to become emptier, I quickly get up and head towards the door. However, Mr. Baxtor calls out. I turn around quickly.

“You need to start answering within the scenarios, even if they are weird to you,” he demands and turns back to his papers on the desk.

I quirk an eyebrow as I glare at the man before leaving, not uttering a word back for a response. I quickly head to the next class and shudder at the fact that there would already be people there. I quickly speed up passing a couple people before entering the literature classroom.

“You must be Henderson.” I nod my head in reply to the teacher without meeting her eye or anyone is at that.

“Go sit next to Uri.” she simply states while giving me a glare.

I raise an eyebrow silently questioning who that is. She sees the action and lifts her finger-pointing in a direction. I shrug and see the boy she is pointing at. I sit in the seat farthest from him as I see that there are three seats at each table. I grab another notebook out and begin to write the things in the board before leaning an ear in to listen to what she is saying. She began talking about two books that when she explained them sounded like a world of werewolves. Was this woman actually talking about wolfmen? I sat there amused for the whole class as she talked about the legend of Lycaon and a wolf woman who saved her child by killing herself in a wolf war. I loved werewolf books do not get me wrong I could sit here all day and talk about it. This was just weird though. We are in literature not in werewolf 101.

Economics talked about more survival than money-wise situations and now literature class sounded more like a history upon werewolves. I hate the new town, but I am definitely starting to like classes. The door to the class opened and everyone went silent, I once again did not look up just kept my head down staring at my notes and playing with the pencil in my hand twisting it around.

“Your late Caden,” she grumbles.

He does not say anything. But I hear his footsteps coming closer. The seat between me and that Uri guy is moved, and I grimace as the boy named Caden sits next to me. I keep quiet without looking at him and listen to the teacher as she keeps on going with the lecture. She asks us what the moral of whatever story would be that she was talking about and I once again don’t answer I just listen to the answers given by others.

“Alright please remember to do your homework. I want no slackers in my class.” the last part said a little louder.

I glare staring at the table as I knew the last comment was towards me.

“When are they going to deal with the threat?” someone whispers from behind.

I put my stuff away and head out of the classroom quickly. I start walking to the last class before lunch, but someone blocks my way. I stop and try to step the other way, but the person keeps getting in my way. I slowly look up and quirk an eyebrow. I wait for the girl to say something, but she says nothing as she glances me up and down. I begin to tap my foot on the floor, beginning to get irritated by the blond bimbo. I mumble incoherent phrases under my breath before putting my shoulder against her and moving her to the side as I resume walking to my next class. I was not going to do any socializing; I do not care for the bullying. Would not be the first time.

I take the schedule out to make sure I am going to the right room as I search for the Calculus class. I shudder at the thought of actually having to sit in a math room for a whole hour. I was more of a biology kid, but since I loved that topic so much, I had already finished those required courses. I wish I had not, math was Alec’s forte, not mine. I open the classroom door, the annoying bells that I had not noticed on the door jingle and I internally groan wanting them to stop. So much for trying to be decently quiet.

“Henderson, nice to see you again.” I look up and sigh as I realize the Econ professor was now my math professor.

Peachy. Fucking fabulous. What else could go wrong?

I give him a nod before he points to the table in the front that was the only seat left untouched. Everyone else seemed to be all here so I quickly sat down, not wanting to gain any attention. But then again, new student, attention was hard not to be given. I grab a notebook but see no equations on the board. Everyone was writing on something, so I slowly look back up to the professor, raising an eyebrow. I groan and raise my hand.

“Yes, Henderson.”

“Can I get the handout?” I quietly ask.

He nods and quickly hands me the handout before sitting back down. He did not even talk. So how the hell was I supposed to do this without having instructions. No instructions on the paper none on the board just great. Life loves me so much. How did everyone else know what to do? I grumble and try my best to complete the sheet.

“When do you think the humans will leave?” someone whispers.

“I don’t know, they’ll deal with them. We just need to act normal.”

What? Humans? They? We are in the fucking mountains with a town full of a bunch of lunatics. I stopped myself from speaking up, glad that I had my hoodie covering my face. These people are something else. Was it the whole town or just this school? First the weird lectures and now the weird comments, its as if we were in a town that lived within a fantasy.

“This handout is due tomorrow. No excuses. I don’t care.” Mr. Baxtor states.

I nod and put my supplies away and head out. I wanted out of this place already. I see Alec not too far off and walk his way. Once I’m close, I grab onto his arm. He looks down and smiles at me.

“Let us go before any more people start to stare at us. Are we aliens? I swear we did not kidnap anyone! Mia this place is fucking weird!” Alec exclaims.

I shake my head at his dumb questions, and he pulls me to the cafeteria sitting us at a table not too far from the door. We sit down opposite of each other as he stares me down. He stares at me and starts talking with eye movements. Alec and I, a couple of years ago made up a language without talking verbally, so that no one could understand what we were saying. It was the only way we could keep secrets from the rest of the family.

‘So, how was your day?’ he asks as his fingers tap the table rapidly.

‘The days not over yet, but it has been rather weird. I’d rather not talk about it.’

‘At least you don’t have any group projects yet. I have a project coming up and this boy won’t let me do any of it.’ his eyebrows flare and he looks rather pissed as we stare at each other.

‘Well, I mean at least you don’t have to do anything. Sit back and relax.’ I shrug at him.

He glares and stiffens for a minute before relaxing.

‘Are you hungry?’ he asks.


‘Do you think this school is as weird as I think it is? I know we are new and all, but does everyone really have to stare at us like we are a new fresh piece of meat waiting to be taken from the first shelf!?’ he shakes his head at the thought and grumbles out loud under his breath about them looking at us like we're some different species like aliens.

I snap my fingers to catch his attention as he was looking at the table.

‘Are you hungry? Go get something.’ I nod my head towards the massive line.

He frowns and shakes his head before pulling out apple juice and three granola bars.

“I’ll survive,” he grunts out and passes me a granola bar.

I roll my eyes as I open it up and start munching on one of the halves.

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