The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Six: Not the Whole Truth Part Three


I feel like I have stopped breathing altogether as his head snuggles onto my neck. I want to shove him off, but my body won’t move, or maybe it's just because I actually feel comfortable in his hold. I’m scared. I try to turn to look his way, but he keeps my head still as he places his hand on my head and moves his face slightly to where I can feel his lips on my neck. He mumbles something but I don’t quite catch it as a searing pain comes as I feel something sharp pierce my skin. Black dots begin to cloud my vision before I can’t see any longer.

“I’m doing this so it will be easier for the doctor to take care of you. I’m sorry love.” someone whispers.

A thought passes me before I completely blackout.

Did Calvin just bite me?


Calvin’s POV

I withdraw my teeth and lay her head softly against my chest. The boys stare at me with shock and a little bit of hurt. I shake my head at them with a glare, possessive asses always wanting something first, she was our, her first time for everything would always start with us. Not just one of us. I marked her for all of us and her wellbeing.

“Did you just bite my daughter?!” Mrs. Henderson shrieks.

“Yea Calvin, did you just bite her daughter?” Colton comes up behind me and mocks.

“Shut up, the doctor said one of us had to,” I say as I grit my teeth.

“That did not mean it had to be you!” he exclaims as he gets back into my line of view.

“Oh yeah? Then who should it have been?” I ask sarcastically.

“What do you mean who should it have been?! It should have been me!” Colton wails like a child.

“Grow up,” Caden says blandly looking at the hallway wall as the doctor takes Mia’s bed to another room.

“If I remember correctly, she said she didn’t want you or any of us for that matter,” I grunt as I look away from him.

“You all are being childish! That’s my daughter you’re speaking of. Don’t talk about her like she is some rag doll. I don’t know what is happening, but you three helped her be in a little less pain, but I am her mother and if I hear you talk about my daughter like that again I’ll take her away and you will never see her again.” Mrs. Henderson threatens.

The room that Mia is put in goes silent as everyone stops at her threat. She could not take Mia from us. Not only would it ruin me and the other two, but it would also ruin the whole pack. They might not like the idea of her being a human but that is their Luna. The pack would protect her with their lives regardless of their hatred and disgust for humans. I watch as Colton slowly walks over to Mia’s mother and kneels in front of her. Bethany looks at Colton like he’s got two heads and Eliseo looks petrified at the actions of one of his alphas. I look to my beta and see that he is looking down shaking his head. I look back to see Colton grab her hands and as I open my mouth to speak to my brother in disappointment I am abruptly stopped.

“Oh, for fucks sake. Get up Colton your embarrassing all of us.” Caden growls out angrily before getting out of his little corner in the room and walking out.

“Where is he going?! The doctor said we have to stay here for Mia’s safety!” Colton exclaims angrily as he gets back up.

“You’re a complete dumbass sometimes. If you were listening like you should have been for Mia’s health you would have heard the doctor say that our bond just needed to be close and comforted. She should be ok now with what I did.” I mumble out lowly trying not to let Mia’s mother know that I actually did do something to her daughter.

“You can’t just leave her here by herself! You marked her, she is going to want you near her!” Colton rambles on with anger and I watch as his eyes begin to flicker between two colors as his anger continues to rise.

“Colton!” I warn him as I point to my eyes.

“What?” he growls.

Bethany grabs his arm quickly and drags him out of the room and I gently lay Mia back down on her bed carefully as I escape from behind her. I then proceed to follow Eliseo and Uri out but before I leave the room completely I turn around and face Mrs. Henderson.

“I would never hurt your daughter intentionally or ever for that matter. She is now a big part of me, and my brothers lives. So, whether she is healthy or sick we still want her. Things like this have not happened before at least not in our time that we know of. We can’t tell you much, all I can tell you is that your daughter no matter the drama that happens here is always safe in this town with us three.” I explain to her mother carefully before I leave.

I make my way over to the elevator where the others are with a fuming Colton and shake my head at his petty actions. He doesn’t understand why I do what I do. He does not understand that I want this to go a different way. No matter what that is our mate, not just mine, but all of ours. The elevator dings and we all get in and Colton pretty much explodes. He quickly comes my way and grips the collar of my shirt as he presses me against the elevator wall. I grunt as I grab his arm trying to lessen the grip he holds.

“Why the fuck are you leaving her in there by herself. You marked her; you take responsibility. She is going to wake up and she is going to feel that bond and you are not going to be there!” Colton growls into my face and the color of his eyes is pure gold.

“I don’t want my mate to want me just because the mark I placed on her makes her soul forced to want me. I want her to be mine because she wants to not because she is forced because of a damn bond.” I shove him off me as I explain my reasoning. “If you want her to be with you because the mark forces her to have feelings for you then so be it, you go do that. Mia has already shown us enough dislike, can you honestly take more of that type of rejection?” I ask him as I walk away and toward the lit streets.

“Where are you going?” Colton complains.

“For a walk. I need to think.” I tell him as I walk out of the parking lot.

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