The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Seven: The Half of it All

I groan as I move around trying to feel for another pillow on my bed, but my hand slips off and I almost fall but someone grabs me as I wince in pain. I feel myself being pushed softly upright in the bed and I blink a couple of times trying to actually come back to full consciousness. I look to the side of me and see my mom sitting there beside me and I look around to see that I am in a white room and there are tubes hooked to me. The Hospital. As the realization passes, I begin to remember the events that took place and stare at my mom in shock. The triplets were here, the other three were here, they were laying by me.


“It's just me” he whispers into my ear as he moves my hair away from my neck, making way for him to rest his face.


I feel like I have stopped breathing altogether as his head snuggles onto my neck. I want to shove him off, but my body won’t move or maybe it's just because I actually feel comfortable in his hold. I’m scared. I try to turn to look his way, but he keeps my head still as he places his hand on my head and moves his face slightly to where I can feel his lips on my neck. He mumbles something but I don’t quite catch it as a searing pain comes as I feel something sharp pierce my skin. Black dots begin to cloud my vision before I can’t see any longer.

“I’m doing this so it will be easier for the doctor to take care of you. I’m sorry love.” someone whispers.

*Flashback End*

I grab my neck quickly realizing what Calvin had done and gasp quietly, not wanting to make mom worry again. Tingles flood through and I tense up confused as the feeling of want for something passes but doesn’t leave. It was a desire that I have never felt before, something of want. I bite my lip and shake my head before facing mom. I begin to rub my eyes as I look at her.

“How long has it been?” I yawn as I ask her.

“Three days, baby. I don’t think I can lie to your father any longer.” She sighs as she moves a piece of hair that has fallen in front of my eyes.

“What did you tell him?” I ask curiously.

“I might have told him that you were staying at your friend's house…” she trails off, now looking at the floor.

“The most cliché lie ever made in history,” I comment disappointed.

“Hey, I tried,” she tells me giggling.

“Dad would not let me out of the house without knowing the name of this so-called friend, where they lived just in case he needed to bring the shotgun out, and who their parents were.” I laugh. “So how did you get away with that one?” I ask her as I rub my nose.

“See that is a funny story cause I thought we would have been out of this hospital before your dad noticed us gone. So, when I went home, and your father realized you did not come back from school with Alec he asked where you were. I told him that after school you were going to stay at your friend Bethany’s. I gave him Bethany’s address and I told him that I had met her parents and they seemed to be nice people.” she tells me, looking guilty.

“Mom you are horrible at lying,” I tell her.

“I know. I think I did well though cause your dad didn’t ask any questions. Your brother however is a different story altogether.” She sighs as she rubs her forehead.

“That’s Alec for you. Your own blood, sweat, and tears.” I tell her sarcastically as I fix the blanket.

“Hey!” she playfully slaps my arm as she laughs.

“I am telling the truth and only the truth,” I swear to her as I salute her and laugh.

My mom laughs at me and gives me a side hug and a kiss on the forehead right as the doctor from the first night comes in. I look up to him expectantly kind of hoping I could go home. One to finally rest in my own bed with all of my own pillows and two so that I can go get an explanation of why the hell I was bitten. I raise an eyebrow at the doctor as I think about how I was going to yell at them so much for doing this to me. Like why bite another person for? What kind of messed up kinky shit is that.

“Mia?” the doctor calls out.

I quickly look at him and nod as I softly smile.

“I was just telling your mother that all you two need to do now is fill out your discharge papers and you are free to go,” he explains to me.

“I can go? There aren’t any other tests you have to do?” I ask confused.

“No, we just needed to watch you overnight. The last past two days while you have been out we have been monitoring you and your heart and doing other tests, but you seem to be doing fine now.” He informs me before leaving the room.

Mom puts my folded clothes on the front of the bed and comes over to me as I slowly put my legs down. She grabs my arm gently and makes sure I am ok to walk on my own before leaving me in the hospital room alone to have some privacy while I redress myself. I wince as I ease around the bed grabbing the hem of the hospital gown and take it off before slipping on my shirt and putting on my shorts before sitting back on the bed to put on my socks.

“Mia? Are you done yet? I have already signed your discharge papers; we can leave now.” mom says from the door.

“Yea. I’m just putting my shoes on now.” I let her know before standing up and slipping on the last shoe before heading to the door where my mom was waiting for me with a small smile.

“Let's get out of here.” She tells me as we begin to walk toward the elevator.

“Do you remember where you parked?” I turn to her and ask as we wait for the elevator to open.

“Hey! Just because I’m getting old does not mean I forget everything. Well, at least not yet.” She mumbles the last part.

I bend down and laugh as she grumbles and pushes me into the opening elevator. I laugh at her some more and shake my head as I look back at her. I watch as the numbers decrease, and we get closer to the parking lot. My mom nudges me playfully and begins to play with my hair patting it down softly while she once in a while puts her fingers through it. I watch as the elevator opens, and my mom links her arm with mine as she allows me to lean into her hold as we walk to wherever she has parked the car. Her car comes into view and my mother lets go of my arm as we get closer to the car and begins to rummage through her purse and brings out the care keys. I get over to the passenger side and hear the unlock of the car and jump in and put my seatbelt on. Mom starts the car and then we start the drive back to the house.

I look out the window and look at the scenery that surrounds the hospital as we leave. This town was near a mountain and surrounded by trees for miles on end. However, it wasn’t a bad thing even though I had already encountered a raging wolf and three weird idiots in this town. The town was little but had all the scenery one could ever think of within a fantasy.

“Mia?” mom asks sadly as she grabs one of my hands as she still holds the wheel.

“Yea,” I say in a daze as I rest my head on my hand and get lost in the scenery outside the car.

“Please, don’t lie to me anymore. I know you hurt and that’s ok. I just want you to be ok, feel ok, you don’t have to lie to me. I’m your mother and I may have some low moments but I’m still your mother at the end of the day. Girl I raised you, I know you like the back of my hand baby.” My mom tells me sniffling a little bit.

“Mom, I just did not want you to worry, but I swear I am feeling ok right now at this moment.” I turn to her and try to reassure her.

She is about to speak but the phone begins to ring through the Bluetooth of the car and we both stare at the name for a bit as she continues to drive. She shakes her head at the screen in the middle car and looks back to the road ignoring it. I stare at her astonished that she would ignore the call. I burst out laughing and she glances my way quickly and slaps me on my arm before looking back to the road.

“Did you just hang up on dad?” I ask her still trying to sober up from laughing.

“No, I just didn’t answer him.” She corrects me.

“You still didn’t answer the phone mom.” I laugh at her and finally calm down from all the laughing.

“He will get over it, I’ll just tell him I was driving. Which I am.” She tries to justify.

“Are you serious?” I scoff at her.

“Yes, he will be fine.” She says as we pull into the driveway.

“Yea sure he will,” I tell her as I gesture to who is standing on the porch.

“Shit.” She mumbles as she meets his eye and grabs her purse after turning the car off.

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