The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Seven: The Half of it All Part Five

“Since we are going to talk let me start it by asking this, why the hell you boys won’t leave me alone?” I blurt out.

He glares. “Because you are our mate.”

“Like those werewolf books?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Uh-huh.” Colton hums in agreement.

I burst out laughing and tears almost spill from my eyes but as I look at the boys I stop. They just sit there waiting for me to calm down from my little moment. I try to push myself further into the couch, but my actions are useless. I bite my lip, staying quiet. Are soulmates actually real?

“You’re not actually serious, right?” I nervously chuckle.

“Mia. I’m not joking. We asked Marley to bring you here so that we could let you know what is happening between us. All of us.” Colton explains slowly.

“So, you’re actual wolves?” I ask cautiously.

“Yep! One day we will show you.” Colton smiles.

“Shut up Colton. Let’s get to the real point. Mia, you can’t keep distancing yourself from us. You need to cut the crap and just learn how to accept us. I know this might not be an easy concept for you to understand, but mates should not be apart for long. Our wolves will take it as a form of rejection. Yes, you have a health problem. This bond between the four of us will only make that health problem of yours worse if you don’t stop rejecting it.” Caden chides.

I stare at him as fear overtakes me slowly. This bond could potentially kill me? These annoying boys are my mates? Caden looks like he could eat me and spit me right back out. Did he even want to accept me as a mate? There are so many questions flooding my head as the anxiety starts to make an appearance. I am going to freak out. My breath quickens and I focus on the boys hoping that they were just playing a joke on me. I was the new girl in town, surely this has to be a really bad joke.

“Look what you’re doing! You’re scaring her Caden. You dumbass! Looks like she’s going to run for the mountains.” Colton spat while elbowing Caden in the side.

“The mountains are around the corner; she won’t get far,” Caden replies.

Colton stares at his brother in bewilderment before shaking his head seeming to be disappointed with his brother’s reply. Caden catches him in an eye contest it seems but then the dots connect, and I realize this must be some type of mind link that is happening. Like those wolf books always talk about. As the puzzle pieces begin to connect in my head I realize that Marley had called me Luna before we entered the property. The little boy from the woods had called me that too. I look back and forth between the two boys and I can’t help but let the fear drip from my body as I stare at them, questioning myself before I open my big mouth. A Luna in the werewolf books meant an alpha’s mate. I try to catch myself, but the gasp from realizing what this ‘bond’ could mean, just tumbles out. The boys’ attention quickly turns to me, and I sputter trying to say something to confirm my thoughts and in the end, I sound like a crazy drunk. Colton hits the back of Caden’s head before sitting next to me on the couch.

“Am I going to be kidnapped?” The question slips before Colton can even get his arms around me.

Time feels like it stops as Colton freezes and Caden seems to be contemplating my death. The alpha’s mate somehow always gets kidnapped, tortured, or dies. Something always goes wrong when the alpha meets their mate. So, what does that mean for me? I’m already dying there was no reason for fate to swipe its claws at me. Time begins to flow again as Caden groans and Colton puts his arms around me. I wanted to tell him to let go, deep down though I just wanted him to hold on a little tighter. Is it because of the bond or me that I didn’t want him to let go? So many things to process, but I feel like there is not enough time to process.

“No one is going to be kidnapped. You are here with us. You literally have three Alphas that will keep you safe.” Colton reassures me.

“If the pack doesn’t get to her first.” Caden snickers.

I gulp at the comment. If the pack gets to me first? Am I just a pawn piece to the members of the pack? Am I really that weak in the eyes of the members? This was not a good notice of early death.

“Caden, you’re not helping. You’re just scaring her now! She’s our mate don’t make threats.” Colton bellows.

The wolf in the woods. The one I had saved the little boy from. I puff my cheeks out, wondering if it’s a good idea to say anything about the incident. Is that wolf a part of their pack? Memories of someone named alpha Jax pass, and I realize that maybe the flashbacks are not something of my imagination, but I just don’t remember who or where I would have met those people. I wonder if there is a punishment for holding back information like the incident that had occurred in the woods with the little boy. I stop in my thoughts though. Its been about two weeks since the incident if I add how long I was in the hospital for along with the days that proceeded the day of the incident. I bite my lip deciding I would keep it to myself. The little boy had probably already told his mother and the boys.

“The way she has treated us in front of everyone has not given her the best reputation. Sorry, to tell you, but frankly, our pack does not like her for being so disrespectful.” Caden admits.

Colton goes quiet at the revelation. All thoughts leave my mind as dread settles in.

“I’m leaving in a few months. Is there any way around the whole bond thing?” I try to find a way of escape.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Caden snarls.

“I can’t just tell my family not to leave because we have something going on between us. That’s not how this works.” I try to make him understand.

“No.” he leaves no room for argument.

“I already asked them to leave here. We leave in a little under three months.” I whisper.

“You what? I thought I heard you tell Marley you were not leaving? Distance between you and us is not going to work.” Colton grimaces.

“You’re not leaving,” Caden argues.

“Why does it even matter to you though. I thought it was just Colton and Caden that wanted me anyway. You seem to hate me. So why argue.” I hiss, continuing with the petty argument.

“Just because it seems like I don’t want you does not mean anything. You’re not leaving. End of story.” he declares.

I gulp in fear and almost grab Colton as I feel him let me go. I turn to him and see his crestfallen face. I frown and turn back to the wild-looking Caden waiting for an explanation.

“You can’t just up and leave. That’s not how this works. A one-sided rejection could potentially hurt you. From what has already happened from your stubbornness I’m pretty sure it will kill you. Even though you will probably die anyway.” Caden concludes.

Colton shakes his head at his brother.

“Where is Calvin when you need him to be the reasonable one?” a voice comes from nowhere.

I turn my head and move a bit forward to catch Bethany at the entrance of the living room. Is Bethany one of their girlfriends? A weird feeling runs through me, and I bite my lip as the thought makes my stomach turn in disgust.

“Look, Mia. The bond is precious, but you don’t have to accept it right away. Those boys are just being foolish and childish. You need to know though that things will never be easy as the pack is always going to be in disputes and sometimes you are going to be the one they go to for advice that is what a Luna does for their pack. You have responsibilities just as much as the boys do for this pack. You and the alphas bring balance to this pack. Right now, the pack does not enter any war. We usually just let the other packs deal with their own problems on their own. Honestly, that is the most you need to worry your pretty little head about.” Bethany shrugs.

I look at the two boys who just stare at Bethany. “Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?”

Colton turns his attention to me. He starts pouting. “No. I also want to know if you are willing to accept the mate thing.”

I stare at him for a long minute and ponder. Those words are red flags and all I can hear are little sirens going off in my mind to run. Do I need to accept the fact they are my mates, all of them? Like I have to accept the fact I will be stuck with Caden, Calvin, and Colton forever? I gulp as I stare with frightened eyes. His faced drops at the action and I stand up. I stutter looking for words. I have never felt as lost as I feel now for words. I know I need to say something but I’m too afraid to let anything out. What if something happens to me? What if they don’t want me after a while. I bite my lip at the idea of them rejecting me. For some reason, any idea of rejection weirdly hurt me.

“I have to go. I’ll see you guys at school.” I stutter out.

“Mia?” Caden stops me.

“I can’t,” I tell him as I keep heading toward the door.

“You won’t be able to stop the bond for much longer, Calvin already did enough damage,” Caden speaks out.

I turn around. “What do you mean, he already did enough damage?”

“Eventually, you will accept all of us too.” He continues, ignoring me.

“Caden! What do you mean?” I screech.

“He claimed you.”

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