The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Eight: Calvin's Disappearance Part Two

I relax and realize the two students must have just taken their seats behind me. I finish the assignment and look up to see if anyone else is done and meet the professor's gaze. He points to the paper, and I nod at the hint. He gets up and grabs another stack of papers and I groan.

“Work is work, Mia.” Mr. Baxtor snickers.

I shake my head and ignore the man as he passes me not one paper but a pack of my own. I flick through the papers and have to resist the urge to slam my head into the table. I rub my head in frustration before looking back up to the front of the classroom. Mr. Baxtor begins to tell the class instructions and then proceeds with a lecture. The man is definitely the devil in human form. Because he took no pity on the amount of work he gives us. He tells us this packet can be done in groups. He finishes his mini-lecture and tells us we can begin to pair up. I stay seated not wanting to partner up with anyone.

“Hey, are you going to partner up with us?” the familiar voice asks from behind me.

I face plant on the desk then and there. I am never going to get far enough from these boys. Whoever made our destiny wants me to die of insanity. I’m going to be that girl next door that everyone knows as the crazy lady on the west side. I take a breath before pulling a forced small smile. I turn around and see Caden and Colton. I don’t let it show but I begin to wonder where the third one was that completed the set in front of me. He was nowhere for the little meeting the boys had with me yesterday and now he’s not here. I wonder if he just does not have this class.

“If you want me to.” I sigh but agree, nonetheless.

Caden gives me a look as he sits there with his arms crossed over his chest. I give him the stare back and wait for him to stop staring at me as if I had just done something wrong. His right brow raises a bit at me copying him and I almost smile as I see a bit of a smile rise before leaving him. I unconsciously bite my lip as I see the emotions on his face change so quickly. It seems like Caden could never just have one emotion at a time or even be happy for once. But the quick glimpse of a smile from him had me wanting to blush and graze his cheek all at the same time.

“Stop that.” He says all of a sudden.

“Hmm?” I mumble not quite understanding what he was telling me to stop.

“You're biting your lip. Quit it.” Caden growls lowly.

I back up slightly appalled by him. I release my lip after realizing I was in fact biting it. I mutter a sorry before turning my seat in their direction and placing my packet in front of me. The faster we got this done the faster I could leave them and stop acting like a lovesick puppy. I don’t know what’s happening, but I was not liking the abrupt change. The only thing I can blame for the change is a guy that isn’t even near me to blame. I’m still going to blame his mark for the change of feelings with the boys and the sadness I feel that he is not anywhere near me.

“Let’s get this over with,” I tell them and open the packet up.

“Or we don’t do the work and talk about why you dipped yesterday.” Colton brought it up.

“I think you know why I dipped.” I glare at him and point to my neck.

“It was going to happen at one point. The bond would have pulled you toward us even through your little rejection stunts.” Colton tries to explain.

“They are not little stunts. I did not know that I was rejecting you.” I argue.

I look around trying to stay calm and finding it rather hard to do so as a couple of people are looking in our direction. I look to the empty seat beside Colton and then stare back at Colton.

“Calvin’s on a trip with one of the elders.” Caden quickly inputs as he writes in his packet.

“Look, Colton. Caden is already doing his packet and we are sitting here not doing a damn thing. I didn’t ask where he was.” I turn to Caden.

“You didn’t have to,” Caden whispers.

I murmur an ‘o’ and then look down at what the packet is asking me to do. I begin to scribble a bunch of answers down onto the paper with Caden once in a while giving a bit of advice or help but no conversation is actually made between the two of us.

“Are we really not going to talk about any of this? Like she ours now. I mean Calvin marked her first, but we still have our turns.” Colton rambles.

“What?” I ask in confusion.

“Shut up, Colton” Caden demands.

I realize that the room is silent at this point, and I turn to look at the other tables and see that their full attention is on our table. Some people are looking at me with different types of emotions at the moment and it is not very settling. I hear the boys continue to bicker as I try to decipher the emotions of the other students in the class. Some look baffled and others look utterly confused.

“Did Alpha Colton just say that Alpha Calvin made his mark first?” someone whispers, but I hear it loud and clear.

Oh. Werewolves. Mentally forgot they all could hear us at the moment. I close my eyes and sigh. The boys did just categorize me as an object though saying they still had their own turn to claim me and all. I bite my tongue at the fact and hold in any comment that could possibly be a form of rejection. No one needs to get hurt today. I just need to get through the day without hurting myself or saying anything that would hurt others in the process. I try to keep my dad’s advice in my head as I make small inhales to keep calm.

“You can’t seriously think that she wants to talk about all of this in the middle of class.” Caden scolds Colton.

“Maybe she does though. Why wouldn’t she want to know about the fact that we still have to mark her as well and to what the entails to.” Colton huffs.

I scratch my chin before turning to them. Like I said before today started out great but days that start out great always go to shit. I roll my eyes before taking a deep breath.

“Both of you shut up.” I shush them.

Colton goes to open his mouth and I quickly put my hand up, stopping him from interrupting me.

“No. You both seem to have a lot to say. We can talk about it after school when I think I can actually process two words the both of you say without arguing. Oh, and by the way, I’m not an object and if you want me to accept the three of you, treating me like I am an actual person might be a great start.” I sarcastically advise.

“I’m sorry.” Colton looks down as he apologizes.

I bite my tongue. “Are you all done staring?” I ask without turning back to the attentive eyes.

The room returns to full speed as everyone begins conversing again and ignoring our table. Hopefully. I stare at the two in front of me waiting for one of them to get back to work. Caden slowly brings his hand out and I almost want to grab it, but he quickly turns a page in my packet and yanks his hand back just as quickly. This mate bullshit is affecting me a little too much, now that I am more aware of it.

“It’s going to get worse,” Caden mumbles.

“Huh?” I utter.

“The want to be around us. It’s only going to get worse before it gets any better. It wahy I brought up Calvin’s whereabouts. You were looking for something multiple times, so I’m assuming it was for him.” He explains in a low voice as he continues to write in his packet.

I nod and now can understand why my emotions are kind of everywhere. I was not acting like this a few weeks ago, but now all of a sudden I can’t stop having these feelings. It’s honestly kind of weird, like who catches feelings so quick. I mean it’s been two months here in this god-forsaken town already, but I was not ready to jump into someone’s arms. Let alone three someones.

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