The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Eight: Calvin's Disappearance Part Three

I go through the packet quickly and write whatever answers made sense. Colton throws a pencil up and down and ignores the assignment. I shake my head then close my packet and stare at him then Caden before looking away. I wonder if there are other humans here other than just me and my family. If the pack treats them the way they treat Alec and me, I feel bad for them. I do the same thing though. I push and shove everyone away when I don’t need to cause they don’t understand anything anyway. I’m not good with showing my feelings and it’s going to take a while before I get there. I feel like the mark will help in speeding that process up. It scares me to let them in and then leave and no longer have them. Maybe this would be different.

The bell rings and I get up and put all my things in my bag and pull the chair back under the table. I go to move to the front and hand in my packet when Colton quickly grabs it and places it in front of Mr. Baxtor for me. I stop and stare at him for a minute before shrugging and moving forward. I feel a pull in my chest, and I suddenly don’t feel as ready for the day. I just let it go though and continue to Literature. The weird pain could be because just be my heart acting weird, so I ignore the problem and take my seat. Caden comes and sits next to me. No words are spoken, but I think that is how Caden and I will always be with each other.

I hope Calvin does not do that with me. I hope that we can fix whatever I messed up. I wonder what he’s doing with that elder. He marked me, so he can’t reject me. At least that’s how it goes in the werewolf books. I do get a bit nervous though, what if the rejection is possible. The pinch of pain that drags itself across my heart makes me come back to reality and I automatically glare at the table. I have never thought like this. I have always thought the boys were attractive, but just people to look at from afar. Not up close and personal. I would have to talk to them about it. But the only two I can talk to are Caden and Colton. I want to talk to Calvin too. Tears begin to flood my eyes and I jerk back in shock at my actions. I’m confused, hurt, in pain, and desire. I side glance at Caden and see that he’s working on another assignment. Probably one given, but at the moment my mind was preoccupied where it shouldn’t be.

I want Calvin here. I wince as the realization causes another pain to hit my heart. Why am I missing someone I don’t know. This mark is going to hurt me. Did he know it would hurt me this much when he left with that so-called elder?

“Why did Calvin have to leave?” I blurt out in a whisper. I barely even hear myself say it as I struggle with holding back the pain.

Caden hears me though. “He has pack duties. Chill out, your little mate will be back soon.”

I stay silent and try to focus on the work at hand without letting my thoughts and the tug of this so-called bond hurt me. I get through Literature without much conversation with Caden unless it was necessary. Classes after that flew by once I pushed my thoughts of the bond and everything to the side. I can’t let it get to my head and affect my schoolwork. This needs to come first. Some of the material given throughout the next classes were quite simple and others were weird with problems that involved stuff that I guessed pertain to knowledge that needs to be understood when living within a pack. Some of the lectures made a bit more sense now though since I know about the pack that lives in the town.

My last class P.E was no better today. Coach Sims had me running with everyone else and I’m pretty sure everyone heard my wheezing and my heart stutter. She had me working that hard and would not let me stop. At one point I’m pretty sure everyone pretended to not know how to correctly run because Coach Sims blew up and made us run an extra two laps. I think they did it on purpose honestly, I think they like to watch me struggle. The boys were of no help to my problem as they passed me each time and not once stopped to end my agonizing pain. Assholes. I sit on one of the benches near the front entrance and wait for Alec. He usually is the first one out, so it’s weird to not see him already waiting in the car. He always wants to be the first out to supposedly wait for me to have what he calls therapy sessions during our car ride. The man was no therapist, and he can’t just want to know everything about my day the minute I get out of the damn doors. We live together for God's sake he would find out what happened within the day when we got home. I play around with my phone and glance back at the entrance now and then to see if he’s ever coming out. He finally does and someone follows close behind.

“Alec don’t ignore me! I’m talking to you damn it!” I watch as Uri tries to catch Alec’s arm and Alec brushes him off signaling me to follow him.

I get up and watch silently as Uri grabs Alec and turns to me and glares. I stand still and wait for them to have their little moment. I wonder what they are fighting about now. Alec definitely has a problem with Uri. He has since we got here, but that may be Uri’s fault. Alec has not told our parents about him being gay, but honestly, I don’t think they would care. I have a feeling they already know. The two boys don’t move and stay in earshot. I watch as Alec angrily swats at Uri’s arms to get him to let go.

“Don’t touch me!” Alec yells.

“We kissed. Get over it and talk to me!” Uri exclaims.

I gasp. Alec kissed Uri? Eyes wide, I back away not wanting to intrude in their private matters. I walk until I am too far to hear them, but I can still hear them. Alec looks pissed. I bite my lip hoping Alec won’t hit the poor boy. Damn the quiet Uri made a move. Alec is as stubborn as I am though at times. I hope I get to know the boys enough before I get thrown into whatever this mate relationship stuff would bring. I feel someone grab me and I’m yanked away from the scene unfolding in front of me. I go to yelp, but the person covers my mouth and I fight to get whoever it is to let go. The person turns me around to face them once we end up behind the school. I shove him off.

“Colton! What the hell!” I screech.

“I just wanted to talk.” He pouts.

“You could’ve just asked you, idiot!” I roll my eyes.

“I wanted to tell you that you didn’t have to go through it alone. Caden won’t tell you but I’m not brother. I know how much Calvin’s absence is affecting you. He didn’t go see you after he marked you and you woke up without him. That can cause a bit of damage to the bond, especially when newly marked. I wanted you to know that while he’s gone you could use me as some type of comfort. I mean I’m your mate too. I want to mark you, but I know you aren’t ready for that again. So, I’ll wait but don’t make me wait too long. For now, if you need to hold a hand or just a hug. I’m here.” He explains while playing with a piece of my hair moving it away from my face.

“Ok.” I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I move forward slowly, and he looks at me confused about what I’m doing. I wrap my arms around him quickly and lean my head against his chest. The pain from the day is wiped away as I hold onto him. I gently smile against him. He tenses at first and then relaxes as he holds me against him.

“Do you know when he will be back?” I ask quietly.

“Soon, it's just a couple of meetings that have to be done out of the territory.”

“Why did he go?” I get curious at the quick disappearance of the boy.

“He’s mad at himself for claiming you before you understood what you are to us. He’ll come back I promise.” Colton mumbles into my hair.

“Ok.” I let it go. It hurt, but at least he was somewhat considerate toward my feelings.

“This was easy. I thought you would make it all difficult and say we don’t know each other enough. I thought I would have to argue with you about it before anything happened.” He sighs holding me a little tighter.

“I was hurting. I feel better.” I quickly explain before snuggling my head onto his chest.

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