The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Eight: Calvin's Disappearance Part Four

“I want you to accept all of us. I know it will take time. When you do though, we can actually talk to you about how important you are to not just us but to the pack too.” Colton whispers.

“Just give me time,” I whisper back.

I feel him nod and I’m suddenly ripped from his arms. I stare at Alec and give a weak chuckle as I am not in the mood to fight with him over my actions. I can’t tell him anything because I was not told I could tell anybody. I don’t want to cause any trouble for the pack nor my family. I have read enough books to understand that humans should not be notified of what the werewolves' business is. Alec knows when I lie but that doesn’t mean I can’t just avoid the conversation altogether. I barely understand what I am getting into. How would I know how to explain something like this anyway. I stare at Alec and the air around us becomes awkward.

“Are you fraternizing with the triplet?” Alec asks slowly.

I try to look away and see Uri not too far behind Alec, analyzing the situation from where he stood. I beg him with my eyes to take Alec somewhere and he looks at me for a little before turning away and leaving. My heart drops, Uri leaves the scene and I’m left to deal with the remnants of Alec’s anger.

“He was just holding me, Alec,” I mutter while pushing him off.

“Just holding you?” he asks bewildered.

“We are just friends. She was not feeling good, and I was just making sure she was ok.” Colton explains and I see a flash of hurt pass as he says this.

Alec squints his eyes and seems to want to protest but stops when he sees me slump a bit. He grabs me again and pulls me to him gently. I stare between the boys who stare at each other waiting for the other to look away first. I roll my eyes at them and give Colton a ‘are you for real’ look.

“Alec let’s just go. I would like to rest, and I think Colton has things he needs to do. You two do not need to be fighting over nothing.” I try to reason with him as I’m locked in his hold.

“Fine.” He grunts.

He lets go of me and I begin to follow him as we head to the car but a feeling in my heart makes me turn around and run back into Colton’s arms. I hear Colton gasp in surprise before he lets his arms hold me once more. I sigh, the feeling of my heart slowing down makes me relax. I let go of him and look at him for a minute. I give him a small smile.

“Tell Caden that I will see him tomorrow?” I ask him still having my arms around him.

He smiles and hums in agreement before letting me go. I nod and then jog lightly back to Alec and get in the car slowly with caution not wanting to hurt myself. I was still weak from my last little episode in the hospital. Alec gives me a wary look based on my little stunt.

“Don’t ask,” I tell him as I lightly push his shoulder playfully.

“You’re definitely going to have to tell about that at some point.” He snickers.

“You're going to have to tell me about your adventures with Uri then,” I smirk.

He goes quiet and I laugh. “Point made.” He mutters.

I lean my head against the window and stare out at the trees that move as the wind passes through. I turn to Alec as an idea pops into my head.

“Pullover. Let’s go for a walk.” I suggest to him.

He looks at me quickly before turning his attention to the road again. “You want to go for a walk in the forest? Right now?”

“Yes. I haven’t been since I was with Bethany at her place. Let’s go.” I lie gently, almost forgetting he doesn’t know about the hospital event.

He pulls over to a parking area and turns the car off. He gets out of the car and comes to my side and helps me out. I smile at him, happy that he has accepted the plan. We head toward the forest line after he locks the car. He stays close as we head into a part of the forest I haven’t been in as we are still far off from the area behind our house. This was new territory that we are about to explore. We walk a little way into the forest and Alec begins to gently poke me with a stick he’s found laying on the ground. I giggle and run away from him as he begins to chase me. It’s been a while since we have had brother and sister time. I continue to turn and rush behind trees for cover as he continues to come after me with the stick.

“Don’t run so fast Mia.” He advises as he continues after me. I don’t slow down though.

I run ahead of him and hide behind a tree. I see him pass me and walk slowly before running to the other side and hiding behind another tree. I hear something but don’t quite catch from where it was coming from I turn around and see a little clearing up ahead and walk toward it as the curiosity takes over. I move a branch out of my way and look into the clearing. I see a group of people on the other side of the clearing, but it seems like they are being pushed back by people who are lined in front of them, like guards.

Was this like a rogue thing? I tilt my head as I try to see if I can identify anybody that are pushing the crowd back. I stare a bit harder as if my eyesight could clear a bit more. I scoff at myself. I also note that the crowd was a lot of people and I’m sure I see a kid or two trying to pass the line of people holding them back from getting in. Someone from the crowd looks in my direction and I quickly let the branch go, letting the leaves give me cover.

“Boo!” I turn around and see Alec there.

I hold my chest. “Scared the hell out of me, Alec!”

“I lost you for a good minute and just found you and you’re the one scared. I told you to slow down.” he shakes his head at me.

“I’m a good hider.” I shrug.

“You hid in plain sight.” He makes a face.

I shrug again and let him drag me away from the clearing and crowd of people. Questions clouded my mind about the strangers and what’s happening. Caden probably won’t tell me, but if I asked Colton, he might tell me.

“I think we went too deep into the forest, Mia.” Alec lets me know as we head back through the forest trying to find our way out.

“It’s ok. We will find a way out. It’s not like the forest could keep us in forever.” I remove a leaf from my hair.

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