The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter 1: The Weird Stares Part Three

“Hi!” I go wide-eyed and stop chewing as someone sits down next to Alec.

I move my eyes quickly between the two. My anxiety was feeding in, so I quickly swallow my food and slowly breathe in and out. I glare at Alec. Now was not the time for new people.

‘Who is that?’ I ask silently.

‘I don’t know’ he shrugs.

I keep my glare on him before going back to my food and tugging my hoodie further over my head. I hear Alec gulp before he speaks up.

“Do you need something?” he asks politely.

“Does your girlfriend know how to talk?” she questions with a small smirk.

Alec stares at her confused and I raise an eyebrow keeping my gaze on the table waiting for him to reply to the girl. I hear him wheeze before he begins laughing out loud, causing others to stare at us. Great Alec, just great. I shake my head at the girl and a grin slowly reaches my face.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my sister.” he stares at her amused.

“Oh...I’m sorry. My name is Helissa. It’s nice to meet you!” she all but squeals.

The grin leaves my face and I frown. Alec talks to her for a while as I slide my phone out of my pocket and start playing Call of Duty. Talking was not my thing. If Alec wants to vibe, I am happy for him, I like to keep to myself. I do not need friends. being alone was better than making friends when in the end I will leave them behind in a couple of months top anyway.

“Does she really not talk though?” she asks again.

I roll my eyes and my brother just shrugs. She is a little too persistent with wanting to know so I block her voice out and stand up. Alec stares at me warily and gives me the look ‘don’t you dare leave me with her.’ I shrug at his demand and I watch as he kisses his teeth before speaking.

“I’ll wait for you in the car after school,” he says.

I nod and head out the doors and turn the corner and go through the large doors that were the entryway to the gym. Their gym was massive. I stare at it in amazement as I walk forward. I see a woman in spandex and a fitted t-shirt. She catches my stare and glares in my direction. I instantly glance elsewhere, uncomfortable with her stare.

“DON’T JUST STARE HENDERSON. GET CHANGED!” I look back up and glare at her before heading towards what looks like the changing rooms.

The one on my side was the woman’s so I walk in and see no one there, so I quickly go to the last locker that had no lock and changed into some shorts. I bend down and tighten my shoes; I leave the bag in the locker and close it before heading back out into the gym. I get startled as the coach is waiting for me on the side.

“Your gonna do laps this period. All period. The track is on the second floor. You got it?” I stare at her as she gives me instructions and nod.

She mumbles something under her breath about me being a weakling. The woman does not even direct me at all, just walks away after ordering me to do stuff. I shake my head and look around. I start to see kids coming in talking and finally see a set of stairs. I head towards them making sure to stay silent as possible and away from the others. Once I reach the second floor, I see the track, the coach woman was talking about. I sit down and do some warmups, so I don’t tire out too fast.

I hear her speaking to the others but do not look down and I start my laps. I jog them not to run the laps. I look down as I jog and see the others were actually doing suicides across the gym. I shake my head and pick up my speed a bit as I make another lap around the track. I feel a pinch in my chest but begin to breathe slowly trying to keep the pinch from being too much. I still had the whole class period to go.

I start to think about when my pains in my chest began and cringe as I jog. I was born with an atrial septal defect. In other words, I was slowly dying due to a hole in my heart that gave more complications to my body every day. Doing laps like this was pushing it for me, but I am not just gonna stop, I need to work on myself.

“Coach Sims is gonna end up killing that poor girl.” the blond bimbo says as she watches me from the first floor.

The boy next to her agrees.

“I wonder when the Alphas will get rid of them. The humans never stick around for too long anyway.” the boy says.

“What are you two doing?! Run laps now!” the coach screams.

I look down as my breath becomes messy and see what the yelling is all about. I shake my head and gulp trying to grasp for air. My vision gets blurry, but I shake it away and push myself just a little more.


“Mom wants us to go buy milk for the boys.” Anna appears in my room as I do the calculus handout.

I put my pencil down and grab my purse.

“Let’s go,” I say as I jog down the stairs.

“Can we come?” Charlie asks.

“No. Anna let’s go,” I demand and grab the keys before heading out.

“I slide into the car and Anna follows shortly after with Charlie. My eyes almost bulge out of my sockets.

I grip onto the steering wheel as Liam also hops in.

“I thought I told you no?” I glare at Charlie.

“Mom told us we can go.”

I sigh and turn the car on and head to Walmart. I tell the boys not to make any mess or any trouble and Anna tells them that if they do the monster under their beds will eat them. I smirk at her as I park before unbuckling my seat belt. I grab the boys’ hands and head inside the store.

“Liam! What did I just tell you?” I whisper harshly.

“But I want-!” I grab him before he can finish his sentence and head straight to the back of the store to get the milk.

“But I want nothing, Liam. If you are not going to listen, I’m going to drag you out of the store by your feet!” I said as I get a better grip on the five-year-old holding him at my waist.

I watch as Charlie runs and see that he is about to ram into a freezer door someone is holding open. I stare at him with my eyes widening in horror. I quickly rush forward and stick my hand out and it smacks Charlie’s forehead. I shake my head at him, and Anna apologizes to the old man that looks at us as if we had four heads. I bow slightly and go around him quickly following Anna to the Milk aisle. I had a bad habit of bowing when being apologetic to people, I had to stop watching so many Korean dramas.

Anna grabs the red-capped milk, and we turn around quickly heading to the front to get in line. The boys try and grab everything they see, and I slowly breathe to keep calm as I tug them back every time. We head to the self-checkout to make it faster. With the two big babies in my hand, I grab my wallet and hand it to Anna to pay for the milk. I catch a cashier staring at us and grimace as his customers are also giving us weird stares. I give them a glare and they quickly turn away. I scoff under my breath at their rudeness. Anna grabs the bag, and we head back out of the store. I was already ready for this day to end.

The townspeople stared at us as if they had never had newcomers before. We got back to the house quickly. As I pull up, I see the girl from the cafeteria walking up to our porch. I stare at her curiously before turning the car off and getting out.

“Who are you?” Anna asks as we all pile up on the porch.

I walk right past them pretending not to see the girl.

“Hey!” I ignore it and head inside to the kitchen.

“Hey, mom?” I watch as she turns around slowly from whatever she’s cooking.

“Yea, sweetie?”

“I’m going to go out back for a little while, call me when the food is done,” I tell her and walk towards the back door and leave my purse in the back closet before taking my phone and headphones out and going into the forest.

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