The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary

“We are definitely lost, Mia!” Alec exclaims.

“Look there are the streetlights,” I tell him, pointing toward a light not too far from where we stood.

Alec run’s toward the light in a mild panic. I laugh as I follow him hoping that the light ahead would actually be a streetlight. It was starting to get cold, but I had no idea if we were actually getting out of the forest anytime soon. This is where I have to blame myself as I should have not run further into the damned forest. School ended a very long time ago and our parents are probably going to ground us for how late it may be.

“What are we supposed to do Mia? This is just a random light in the middle of the forest!” Alec begins to worry.

“You’re the older one! You’re supposed to know how to get out of situations like this!” I exclaim.

“Mia, we haven’t lived near a damn forest in so long. There is no way I can get us out of here. Do remember we just moved here a couple of months back. I have never explored this part of town.” Alec explains frustrated.

“Well, do you think we could just walk straight and figure a way out?” I ask him looking around in the dark of the night.

“Our phones are dead, and we are lost. I guess we could try to walk straight and see if that will lead us out. I think we just ran too far into the forest.” Alec sighs.

“At least we had fun. It’s been a while since it has just been me and you.” I shrug.

I look around a little bit freaked out. Being in the forest during the night was not my idea when we came in here earlier. I just wanted to walk and talk with Alec about things. I turn to look at my brother and find him already staring at me.

“Will you ever tell me the real reason why you were gone for so long?” he asks raising his leg to step over a fallen log.

“I wasn’t at Bethany’s.” I start.

“I know that. You and mother are terrible liars.” he scoffs lightly.

“I was in the hospital. The pain was too much, and mom noticed. So, she took me to the hospital and the doctors supposedly were having a hard time getting my heart to normalize.” I tell him truthfully.

Alec hums but does not say anything. I bite my lip knowing that Alec was processing my words and trying to figure out the right things to say. I hear something behind us and turn around, but nothing is there. I stare out into the forest, squinting my eyes trying to catch any movement. Honestly, my eyesight is pretty bad so I really can’t see much. I hit Alec and nod to the sounds coming from behind us. He stares behind us and turns back.

“It’s nothing. It's probably just the wind.” He shrugs it off.

“Alec there literally is no wind. Listen.” I tell him.

He listens for a minute and nothing. No wind, just the sound of crunching behind us. Like someone or something was following. Alec continues to let it go and walks forward. But this time he makes sure to grip onto my wrist making sure that I stayed in reach. This is how people die in the forest in movies. This is how people die so easily in the forest. They let sounds like this go and then they are killed off first.

“Are you sure we should be ignoring this?” I ask as I look back.

“Yes, Mia. Ignore it. It’s probably an animal.” He sighs.

“That’s what they say in movies. Then that person dies.” My eyes widen as I stare at him.

He continues to drag me forward as we continue to walk. I scratch the side of my face as I begin to let the nerves run deep. I look to the sky and stare at the moon. The full moon at that. I open my eyes wide as my mind begins to run. Full moon equals full-blown werewolves. Werewolves. Did they bloodlust on a full moon or was it anger that flooded them on a full moon? Maybe it was one of the pack members following us. I bite my lip a lit harder as I move it between my feet letting the fear make a little home in my heart.

“I pray to the moon goddess that we get to our home safe and sound.” I let out a little prayer in a whisper.

Alec shoots me a look. “What the fuck?”

“What? You want to get home safely. I’m going to pray to whoever is up there.” I make sure to silently pray to God for our safety.

“You wonder why everyone thinks you are the crazy lady.” He shakes his head at me.

He then hits my head and before I can say anything a loud yelp makes us both stiffen. I point in the direction I think that the sound came from and tell him with my eyes ‘I told you so’. He grabs me and we begin to run away from the sound. We finally come to a clearing, but it's not the clearing we wanted. It seemed like there was a big group of people like the one I saw earlier. There was light from the cars that are over there shinning on the crowd that stood there. It seemed like they’re fighting with whoever is blocking their way in. Alec yanks me in a different direction, and we begin to run again.

“The damn thing is still behind us. No time to be curious.” Alec tells me as continues to lead me back into the forest.

I turn behind me and gasp. The wolf was huge running after us and catching up rather fast. It was the wolf from the window. From my bedroom window. The flashbacks come back quickly as the memory of the orange-eyed wolf stares at me. We pick up our speed and due to the adrenaline, I’m not realizing the immense pain that has targeted my side. We continue to run, and the wolf follows. It was playing with us. The wolf was going to slow, wolves could run faster than that.

The wolf begins to run faster as its paws begin to pick up dirt. It jumps and Alec tries to move me out of the way but it’s not quick enough as the claws pierce into my skin. I let out a scream of pain as I fall to the ground. Alec tries to grab me again, but the wolf is too quick as it grabs me by the mouth and drags me back, enough for Alec to fall. I scream in agony as the pain ripples and the adrenaline leaves my system. My mind begins to spin but I can’t think straight as the wolf begins to dig a little deeper into my leg. I need them. I need their help.

I look at Alec and watch as the wolf tries to pounce at him for getting too close. The wolf growls and I notice that the growl is different from a normal wolf's growl. A werewolf. I begin to crawl toward Alec as the wolf now has his eyes locked on Alec. I grunt and tears spill as the pain rips throughout my body. If werewolves were real would they be able to hear me if I called them? If I call them for help would they come? There’s nothing to lose at this point. I turn to my side and grip onto a rock.

“Caden!” I scream as loud as I can.

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