The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Two

The wolf turns its attention back to me and I swing the rock at it. The rock hits it square in the face and I pick myself up quickly running toward Alec. The wolf growls loudly and I take my chance to get Alec before the wolf can get us. I grab him and put his arm around my shoulder, and we run back into the darkness of the forest. I look back to see that the rock hit the wolf’s eye pretty well as blood was running down its face from what I can tell in the dark. I tighten my grip on Alec as we both limp toward anything that could give us cover. I try to see if there is any place that could be used as a hiding spot and finally I see one not too far away. I see a little dip in the ground and push him softly into it before slowly bringing myself down as well.

I almost poke myself with the branches that cover the top of the hole. A tree that has fallen over covers about half the hole that I hide us in. I try to look around in the dark to see if I could hear or see anything in the dark. All I could see was what the light of the moon allows me to see and that is not much. I wait for any sound but hear none. I look at Alec and make sure he is ok before I begin to crawl back out of the hiding spot. Alec’s hand stops me though.

“What are you doing?” he whispers shouts.

“It’s a wolf it will track us right here. I’m going to go put my blood on a couple of different places to confuse it.” I put my finger over my mouth to signal him to be quiet.

Alec's injuries are not as severe as mine and there is barely any bleeding. So, the blood from my injuries will have to be what we use to confuse the wolf. I crawl out of the hiding spot and crawl toward the first tree and grab some of the blood that was on my leg and smeared it onto the tree. I limp to the next tree that’s a couple of meters away from the first one and continue to do this to every other tree before I turn around. A sound comes from my left, and I quickly get into a squatting position and put my hand over my mouth to prevent any sound from leaving. The wolf emerges from the darkness, and I slowly lay onto the ground. I begin to push myself forward trying to make no sound as I drag myself across the forest floor.

I try to get to the hiding place without catching the wolf’s attention but stop when I see the wolf’s paws come into view. I cover my mouth and hold my breath. I watch as the wolf’s face comes into view, and I try not to shiver from the fear of it being so close. I hear a growl but as I watch the wolf I realize that the growl heard was not from it. Now we are definitely shit of luck. Two humans are no match for two wolves or two grown werewolves. Whatever they are me and my brother now had slimmer chances of getting out of this damn forest alive. I watch as the wolf’s attention is turned away and in a different direction. I watch as the wolf opens its mouth and emits a loud snarl.

The wolf begins to move in the direction of where I suppose the other wolf is. Hopefully, it's the wolf's next prey and not a friend. Once the wolf is far enough away from me I turn around and begin to drag myself again. I frantically look around for the dip in the ground and not really seeing anything in the dark I fall into a hole in the ground with a grunt. I hear someone under me quietly groan.

“Alec?” I whisper.

“Yea it's me. You’re on my leg.” He grunts.

I quickly get off him. “Sorry.”

I crawl up and look out the little hiding spot and gasp as a wolf’s face gets directly in front of mine. I almost let out another scream, but the eyes of this wolf weren’t orange. The wolf has blood all over his face but there are no wounds on his face to show it was its blood. This is the other wolf that came. I reach my hand out slowly hoping that the wolf would not go for a bite. I smile gently at the wolf as it allows me to touch its face. It puts its head against my hand as I caress it.

“Caden?” I whisper as I look into his eyes.

They were definitely Caden’s. I could tell by the light blue of his eyes that it was him. He turns his head and sniffs my hand. He quickly looks back up alert before dipping his head into the little hiding space and seeing Alec. He turns to me and signals me to get out.

“Is it safe?” I ask him.

His big head nods and I almost laugh. Caden’s wolf form is huge and his head making small nods is a sight to see. The adrenaline from the day starts to wear off as I begin to relax as I know that Caden will protect me from any danger. The pain from where the wolf tore into my leg begins to make an appearance. I bite my lip as I hold in a cry as I crawl back out of the hiding area. Caden had to know I was hurt though. If he could smell that Alec was down in the hiding he had to know that I was hurt by the scent of my blood. I try not to make any sound of pain though as Caden possibly may have not caught onto it just yet. I peek my head back into the hole and grab Alec’s arm.

“Are you sure it's safe to come back out?” Alec whimpers.

“Yea I’m sure,” I reassure him.

Taking his hand, I lead him out of the hiding spot and help him stand up. Alec dusts himself off and stretches his shirt to see a bloodstain. I look to make sure he didn’t have any severe injuries that were covered by his clothes but see none. Alec looks around and sees Caden, he staggers back slightly almost falling back into the hole. I grab him quickly and wince as I get him steady once again.

“It’s not the same wolf. He’s safe. I promise.” I tell him as I walk toward Caden.

“How would you know? It’s a wolf.” Alec whispers confused.

I go over and stand next to Caden before focusing on Alec again. “Look. Nothing’s happening.”

“Can you bring us home now Hayden?” I ask Caden. I watch as Caden the wolf turns his head in confusion as he stares at me. I give him a look with an eyebrow raised.

“If you want Alec to know who you are I can just call you Caden. Alec is going to stare at me like I have lost my goddamn mind.” I whisper to Caden knowing he can hear me.

“You gave the wolf a name?” Alec asks as he comes to stand in front of us.

“Yep. I named it Hayden.” I mutter.

“How are we going to get you home? You can barely walk.” Alec realizes as he looks down at my leg. I watch as Caden’s big head whips toward my leg and he begins to move into my side.

“Ouch.” I yelp.

I glare at him, and he leans down slowly showing me his back. Oh. I slowly get onto his back and gently grip onto his hair now wanting to hurt him. I lay my head near his neck and whisper a thank you to him.

“He can carry me, Alec. Just follow close by Caden and he’ll get us back.” I explain to him.

“He is way bigger than a normal-sized wolf Mia. That is what you call hulk. Why didn’t you just name him that? Why Hayden?” Alec chuckles as he walks close to Caden but not too close.

“Because I like the name Hayden. Why would I give him a name that sounds so vicious?” I contemplated.

“Oh, I don’t know maybe because he’s a fucking wolf!” he exclaims sarcastically.

Caden growls and Alec jumps at the sound. Alec murmurs something under his breath but I’m sure Caden catches it as he makes a huffing sound. Caden is never going to come to help me again if Alec is involved. I chuckle at the thought as I snuggle into his fur.

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