The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Three

“I just have a feeling he won’t hurt me,” I mumble into Caden’s fur.

“Whatever. What are we going to tell mom and dad about our little problem?” Alec brings up.

I sigh. “I don’t really know. My leg feels pretty bad. I am probably going to end up back in the hospital with my luck. Tell them the truth I guess?”

I hear him sigh but he keeps quiet as Caden slowly walks further into the dark of the forest. I do wonder what we would tell our parents though. I was in no shape to be walking at the moment. It seems like I am like a beaker for trouble with everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks. We really couldn’t tell them that I had a nasty fall because the claw marks in my skin would not let that be a valid reason. If they saw that a wolf was carrying me that would make our situation a bit worse. Mom hated any of us being near any animal that she saw as dangerous. This would be one of those cases. A wolf in her book is definitely dangerous. She would see Caden as a danger to her babies and that made me a bit sad.

If I accepted the bond, would we have to tell my parents about what and who they are? Telling my parents would probably put them in danger so the less they know I think would be the better. I am already bringing enough trouble to the boys table. I didn’t need my family being an additional problem because they know too much. I slowly caress behind Caden’s ear as we come out into a clearing. I don’t think it would be so bad to accept them as my soulmates. It was a scary concept but rejecting them would just make everything worse. From the length of time that Calvin has been away I can just tell that being an Alpha and protecting their pack was hard enough.

“Where is he bringing us?” Alec breaks the silence.

I look up and see that the clearing Caden has brought us into is not completely empty. There is a small group of people somewhere near the middle of the clearing and there are two cars with their lights on. I’m going to have to trust Caden on this and hope that the people ahead of us won’t bring any trouble. Caden brings us closer to the group and stops walking. The group consists of six people and three of them I definitely know.



Alec and I ask at the same time. They turn their attention to us, and they walk up to us quickly. Caden lets out a growl and they come to a stop. Even Alec gets a bit scared and moves toward Uri. I raise an eyebrow at the quick movement Alec makes and chuckle a little. Caden moves back a bit and slowly brings himself down. I get off of him carefully trying not to cause too much pressure onto my right leg. I take a seat on the ground and lean a bit on Caden’s body before he moves away from me. I look at him in confusion. We stare at each other for a minute, and I try to understand but I just nod letting him understand that it was ok. As long as he or Colton are near I should be ok. Caden turns and runs, and I stare as I watch him disappear into the bleak forest. I then turn back to the boys and see Colton already making a move for me. Colton leans down and grabs my arms. He wraps them around his neck and makes eye contact with me.

“Ready?” he asks.

I nod slowly and he grabs my waist telling me to hold onto him tightly. I groan as the pain begins to throb. Bethany comes over and tries to hold me on the other side, but Colton tells her that he’s got me. She smiles and nods in understanding before backing away. I hear Uri ask Alec if he’s bleeding or if there are any bad injuries. I don’t hear Alec’s response as Colton gently lifts me onto the back of the truck. He lifts up my pants slowly and sees the claw marks the wolf left on me. He sighs and grabs my hand.

“It’s going to be ok. Caden and I are going to take you to our house so the pack doctor can take a look at you. I’ll make up a story and tell Alec to tell your parents.” Colton squeezes my hand as he makes eye contact with me.

“Ok. Are you going to tell them that we are staying with you?” I ask him.

“Your mom already has some kind of idea of what’s going on between us. I don’t think there will be a problem. We just need to find a way for you to heal quickly without your other family members finding out.” He tells me as he moves a piece of hair away from my face.

“It was a werewolf wasn’t it?” I faltered.

Colton goes quiet at the question, but from the lack of response, I know that it must’ve been true. I see someone coming toward us from the woods and can’t really make out who it is. Once they come a little further into the clearing I can make out the person just a bit. Instead of going over by the group on the other side of the truck, he comes straight to me.

“Did you look at the injuries Colton?” Caden asks.

“Yea. I already contacted the pack doctor. He should be at the house before we arrive.” Colton informs him as he plays with my fingers.

“Good. Let everyone know what the plan is. I’ll get Mia into the truck.” Caden says as he takes me from Colton’s hold.

“But I-” Colton starts but Caden beats him to it.

“You can hold her in the car. I’ll drive. Stop whining.” Caden snarls at him.

“Stop fighting. I’m going home with you both anyway.” I tell them to get them to stop snarling at each other before they make things worse.

“You’re staying the night?” Caden looks at me in shock.

“Is it weird for you that I am?” I ask him.

“The other day you freaked out and left without a word. I just did not think you trusted us enough to take that step.” Caden says, sharing his thoughts on the situation.

“I trust you enough. Hopefully as whatever this is between us grows I can fully trust you.” I tell him.

I wrap my arms around his neck and give him a hug. “I want to be able to trust you three completely. I don’t want to reject you three anymore. It’s just going to take time Caden.”

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