The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Four

Caden mumbles on under his breath, but I don’t catch what he says. I stare at him in confusion thinking it was meant for me to hear. He gives me a look back but says nothing, so I let it go. Caden grabs me and holds me close as he brings me around the truck. He opens the back seat door and lifts me a little bit before placing me on the seat. Caden lifts himself over me reaching for something on the ground and backs up with a folded blanket. He unfolds it and places it over my body and I smile at him as a thank you. Caden nods and gets back out of the truck and closes the door. I watch as he goes around the truck and opens the driver's side door.

The boy never showed any emotions. Even now he didn’t show any emotion when it came to me. The first time we made eye contact I remember he just stared at me angrily. At some point, I wonder if the boys had thought of me being human as a bad thing. Maybe even now they think of me being human as a bad thing. In fantasies, being human in a werewolf pack was a bad thing. Maybe things are turning out badly because of who I am. I sigh as I think about the troubling events that happen so far. The wolf that came to my window. The wolf in the field with the boy. My heart problems may or may not be affected by whatever this bond is. Now this, the wolf from my room chasing not just me but my brother too. I move my attention elsewhere as staring at Caden made me feel too many emotions all at once. I see the others getting into the other car. I look around for Alec, but I don’t see him.

“Is Alec not coming with us?” I ask as I see the last person enter the other car.

“No. Your brother is going to the house with Uri.” Caden tells me as he buckles himself in.

I nod even though he can’t see me, and a comfortable silence takes over. Colton gets into the car and tells Caden that we are good to go. Caden starts the car and I watch as he follows the other car through the clearing. I watch as we enter into the forest on the other side of the clearing. I wait for one of them to start a conversation or even turn on some type of music as I look out of my window. I look in between the seat and the window and see Colton on his phone texting someone. I bite my lip and look away and the silence of the car starts to slowly get to me. My leg begins to bounce, and I begin to shake a little. Caden takes a look back and an eyebrow raises as he looks at me in concern.

“Colton did you not say you were going to sit in the back with Mia?” Caden brings up as he turns his attention back to the front.

“No, you said that I could sit in the back with her if I wanted to,” Colton replies as he stares at his phone.

“You complained that whole time about not being able to hold her. For what?” Caden stares at him baffled.

I stay silent waiting for a response. I didn’t know how I should be feeling at this point. I don’t hear a response come though. So, I try to focus on something else not wanting to wait for something that would never come. So many things in just a few days after Calvin marked me have changed so many things. At this point, I can’t even remember how being marked felt. Everything that is and has happened is just so much that memories of some things just don’t seem as important as I think they should be. It’s still confusing but I am trying to catch up with it all. I feel eyes on me and quickly lookup. Colton is staring at me waiting on something. I stare waiting for him to say anything.

“I asked you something. Do you want me to come back there?” Colton snips.

He seems to be a bit agitated, so I quickly shake my head no and look back out the window. We are still in the forest but the stars in the sky can be seen very clearly. The stars are beautiful. They glittered and glowed and I wonder a bit of when I will be a star in the sky. Mom used to say that when we die we would join the others who have become little stars in the sky. She used to say that the ones that shined the brightest were the people who had lived happy lives. Would I be a bright light, or would I be one of the dimmed stars? I shake my head trying not to think like that.

“Why not?” Colton asks breaking the awkward silence.

I shake my head again not really wanting to answer. Things like this would start a fight for no reason at all. I have seen it before when I was younger. My dad and mother fought over the littlest things that could have simply been avoided by not saying anything or changing the topic of conversation. Changing topics is not always a bad thing and it does not mean one is running away from their problems. It just means that the timing of the conversation is not right. This conversation is one of those bad times. It's just not a good time to have this type of conversation especially with what I want to say. Everything I say usually does not come out so nicely. I nibble on the inside of my cheek as I avoid looking at Colton.

“Are you being serious right now? You’re just going to stay quiet?” Colton scoffs at the absence of a reply.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” I mumble, knowing he can hear me very well.

He doesn’t say anything to me but starts a conversation with Caden about some type of pack stuff. I don’t quite understand what they are talking about, so I begin to doze off staring at the stars in the sky. Today was a long day and the pain from the injuries that laid deep within my skin finally take me under.


“Don’t you think she has been out for too long?” I hear a female voice ask concerned.

“The pack doctor said she should be ok. The pain from the injuries just was too much. She’s human remember. She does not heal like us.” Another male's voice says. It kind of sounds like Uri’s.

“She may not be one of us as you say but she is still very much a part of this pack. We are supposed to protect her, and we could not even do that.” The female voice scoffs.

“You can’t blame anyone. There are always going to be blind spots. Everyone will get hurt at some point. It's just how life is. No matter who or what we are.” Uri shrugs.

“One of them could just mark her. Yes, she is human but you damn well know that if one of them finishes their mark she will heal enough. They are just cowards.” The female voice spits.

I slowly open my eyes trying not to move too much for them to notice that I have woken up. I see Uri and a female that I have never seen before. They are sitting on the couch across from me and I see Caden, and Colton comes into the room. They glare at the female, and she goes quiet, bowing her head. Bethany comes from behind the two and slaps Colton.

“Don’t get mad at her for saying a somewhat truth. You two know how to heal some of her wounds. The pack doctor even told you that you could.” Bethany scolds them as she passes and sits close to the unknown female.

“Still Eysn should not be disrespecting us that way. She needs to remember her place. If you have an opinion you should say it a different way.” Caden directs at the girl named Eysn.

Esyn stands up and gets close to Caden. She shakes her head and grabs Caden’s head. She moves it back and forth as if she was mocking him. He just stands still and stares at her with a blank face. I stare the two down as I watch as the Esyn chick continues to play around with Caden. Is there something going on between them? My face scrunches up as I begin to assume things between the girl and Caden. Why do people always have to assume that things are happening between two people? Why am I being one of those people? I clear my throat as I try to regain composure. I don’t need anyone knowing that I was jealous of someone I don’t even know.

“You’re awake.” Esyn squeals.

Eysn rushes over to me and roughly grabs me as she brings me into a hug. She’s crushing me. I wince and groan as the pain runs up my body. I let out a hiss as she does not let go but hugs me tighter. I pat the stranger's shoulder harshly trying to get her to let go of me. It’s like she does not even feel it though as she just continues to hold me very tightly.

“Please let go of me. You’re hurting me.” I yelped.

“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. I forget that you humans are weaker than us. I’m sorry, I’m just really excited to finally meet you in your conscious state.” She giggles.

She lets me go and I slowly sit back down on the couch and hold myself as the pain resurfaces. I feel someone come up from behind me and turn around to see Colton standing there. I remember what had happened in the truck before I passed out, so I weakly smile and look back to where everyone else was seated. Even Caden was sitting now.

“Calvin should be back tomorrow at the latest. He can help calm the pain down.” Caden informs everyone.

“Calvin’s coming back?” I let out before I could stop myself.

“Yep. Like I said before he was just gone for pack-related reasons. Nothing too severe.” Caden’s tells me.

“Damn she doesn’t know the real reason why he went with Elder Sebastian?” Eysn gasps.

This girl is a handful. I’m pretty afraid to see what else this girl had up her sleeve. She was a very cheerful person but seems to be a bit mischievous. The boys seem to pay no attention to her at all. They actually seem to be ok with the way Eysn is acting. Maybe it's just normal for her to act like this. She probably has a loose screw somewhere in that head of hers.

“Calvin can tell her about that later. He got the brunt of the bond since he felt what she went through last night.” Colton joins in.

“Last night? Is it already morning?” I ask quickly.

“Yes. You have been knocked out cold since the boys brought you back.” Bethany confirms.

“Oh my god. I need to call my mom. She must be so worried. Fuck. I’m gonna be in so much trouble.” I bite my lip as I look around for my phone or anything that I could use to call my mother.

“Don’t worry about it. I already talked with mom. Uri and I came up with an excuse. Dad was not too happy about it. However, he said it was ok to hang out with everyone for the next couple of days. We just need to make sure we attend school.” Alec says coming out from literally nowhere.

I walk up to Alec quickly and hug him. I ask him if he is alright as I look for any injuries that I thought I saw last night. He tells me he’s fine as he pushes me away a bit. I look to see that he is wearing a pair of shorts and there is nothing but a few scratches on him. Some of them look a bit rougher than the others but it was something Alec could lie about easily. Me on the other hand, I will not be able to hide any of my injuries as they are a bit more severe than Alec’s.

“Go sit back down before you hurt yourself,” Alec says as he pushes me back to the couch and gently pushes me down.

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