The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Five

“What did you tell mom?” I stare at him.

“Like I said don’t worry about it. Mom knows that we are hanging out with friends. Leave it at that. Before we leave here I’ll explain to you the plan of how we are going to lie our way through this.” Alec tells me as he ruffles my hair.

I glare at him. We are going to lie to our parents when they damn well know when and how I lie. I am the worst liar out there. This was going to be a failure unless he literally lies for both of us. I just stare at him as he walks back toward the little hallway and leans against the frame of the wall. I put a hand through my hair and feel all the snarls as I run my hands through it. I grimace and slowly untangle all the snarls with my fingers. While I’m finger brushing my hair I see that my injured leg is all wrapped in gauze and there is a little cast around it.

“How the hell do you think we are going to lie about this Alec Henderson,” I ask.

Alec turns his attention to me so quickly that I think I hear a crack. He just stares at me for a little while before shrugging. He turns back to whatever type of food he has in his hand and continues to nibble off of it. I rub my forehead frustrated at the turn of events. I have never gotten into this much trouble. Apart from my illness, I have never had situations where I face someone and almost die. Well from what I can remember at least. I stare down at my knees as the group continues to talk amongst themselves. I hear Esyn tell the boys that she will be attending school and taking her shift tonight. Shift? I wonder if she means watching something or something that deals with her duty in the pack. Maybe she actually just needed to attend work. I continue to eavesdrop on their conversation. However, is it really eavesdropping if they are talking about something out loud and not really talking low enough?

I hear Caden confirm to the girls that he would be attending to matters here at the house. The matters, me probably being one of those matters, dealt with the pack. I wonder if I had responsibilities that played with me being the mate of three triplets. Did they already split the work amongst themselves? With there being three alphas, I would guess that they have already divided the work amongst themselves. I hear Colton agree on having to do something at the school so he would just ahead and give Esyn a ride there.

“Is it ok if I come with y’all? I think Caden can handle Mia just fine. I mean they are dating after all.” Alec interrupts the werewolves' conversation.

My mouth drops and my cheeks flare red. I have never spoken of my thoughts of the boys romantically. Alec only knows the side of me that hates this town and everyone in it. I wonder if rumors are spreading around in the school from the talk the boys and I had in economics class. If so, these gossipers and I are going to have a serious talk. If everyone in the damned school is werewolves should they not know that the humans that decide to walk on their territory should not know their secrets? I avoid everyone’s eyes as I stare at the floor.

“You told him you liked Caden better?” Colton shrieks.

The shriek Colton lets out is almost close to a shriek of a kid who has not been given his favorite ice cream before bed. Colton is a literal child, and I don’t think I could ever take him seriously. I keep my eyes to the ground as Colton begins to argue about what qualities of him are better. My brother has other opinions that he would like to state, and they bring no good to the table as he stands there mischievous and all.

“I mean you all look the same. Maybe it was you that she was telling me about.” Alec rubs his chin softly as he stands there pretending to debate on the information.

I feel the glare before I look up and see him. Caden was visibly upset and the glare he’s giving me would surely kill me if looks could kill. I try to open my mouth and stop the two from fighting but before I could even say a single word Colton waltzes over to my side. He takes a seat and smiles at me. Colton begins to go on about how he knows he’s the best out of the three siblings. I take my time to glare at Alec and all he does is smirk at me.

“I never said anything to Alec about any of you. Or preferring any of you.” I pucker my lips as I stare elsewhere while telling him this.

“So, you don’t like us?” Colton says now frowning.

“That’s not what I,” I’m cut off before I can even give a reasonable explaining.

“It doesn’t matter if she wants us or not. Get over your feelings damnit.” Caden jumps in.

“She can’t like all of you anyway. She’s only one girl. She can’t like all of you and give you all the same amount of attention. She is not even into doing a four-person relationship. I remember her telling me one time that threesomes are not her thing. So even if y’all just wanted to smash it would never happen.” Alec says without a single hint of emotion.

My mouth has never been so far down to the ground as it is right now. The audacity of this child to start problems when there are already a bunch of them that have not even been solved yet. I have never once talked to my brother about any of these things. He does have a point though. Giving attention to three boys all at once and making sure that the attention given is equal between the three would be impossible. I could barely give time to my brother let alone myself at times.

“I have never once said that. So shut up Alexander Malachi Henderson.” I shush him annoyed.

“Don’t call me by my full name!” he gasps.

“Then don’t start problems that you don’t even realize are going to hurt others.” I scold him.

“Then don’t go dating the leaders of a gang.” He mocks me.

“They are not a part of anything!” I exclaim.

“Ok. I think it is time for us to take our leave. Uri let’s go.” Esyn says pulling on Uri.

I watch as Uri quickly gets up and follows the girl right out of the house and leaving Alec and Colton behind. I watch as Caden stands to leave, and I quickly get up and grab him. Colton sees this and abruptly walks away and harshly grabs Alec on his way out. Caden stares down at me emotionless. Alec should have shut his god damn mouth. It was three against one now. Me being the one against three, well two since Calvin was nowhere to be found.

“Do not take what my brother has said to heart please,” I whisper to him.

“I don’t care who you like Mia. It’s your choice and at one point you really might have to choose.” Caden tells me before he brushes me off of him and walks away.

I might have to choose between them? I mean I don’t really know them well enough to choose any of them. Having to choose which one I like is and will be hard. They all had their own personalities even if they looked the same. So even if I began to open my heart to these three boys I in the end will have to most likely choose who I want to be with. The problems between us three are just overwhelming. When Calvin comes back into the picture I am sure that the problems are indeed going to increase. Maybe I will just stay out of whatever this so-called pack life is and just continue to be their mate on the sidelines. In relationships, there will always be some type of problem though even if it's small. My father used to tell me that no matter how a relationship starts, problems will always follow it’s the way a relationship can show its strength. Sometimes this is a way to show if the relationship is failing and not worth it.

I look to where Caden disappeared off to. It was a flight of stairs leading up onto the second floor. I sigh as I look at the wall of the stairs that are covered in pictures. I begin to ascend the stairs and look at the pictures as I pass each one. There are three little boys in the first one and I’m guessing from the parents behind them and the identical physical features, that it is the triplets when they were younger. The next picture I see of the triplets is with two other little boys and females. I think it was some childhood friends of theirs when they were younger. I smile softly at the pictures as I continue up the stairs and have a look. The triplet's parents looked strict within a few photos but in others look genuinely happy and loving. I wonder where they are? Maybe they are out of town and doing other things that packs do.

I come to the first room that was near the stairs and take a peek inside. It looks like a normal bedroom just with the addition of a messy game console at the front of the bed. It must be one of the triplet's bedrooms. I cross the hall and look into the next bedroom. The vibrant pink that is painted on the walls show that the boys have to have a little sister somewhere. I have never heard of her before though. But then again I have just barely started to open up to them so maybe soon enough I will learn a little more about them as time continues.

I cross the hall once more as I see another door slightly open and take a peek inside trying to spot Caden. I don’t see the said boy as I see three empty beds side by side instead. The triplets still shared a room. By the different colors of the bed sets, you could tell which boy slept in which bed. I wonder if it is hard to share things as they continue to grow older. If I had to share every little thing with my siblings I think at some point we would get physical. At one point I do believe that in some people’s lives there has to be that given space. Or at least a break from one another. I cross the hall once more and stand in front of the closed door. I knock on it a few times. I wait in silence for a few minutes before I finally hear some shuffling behind the door. I watch as the door opens slightly and Caden peaks his head out.

“You just do not give up do you?” he asks as he rolls his eyes.

“I thought we could talk.” I start.

“What is there to talk about Mia? About how you like Colton and Calvin more than me? Or how your attention always flies to them first before me? What do you want from me Mia?” he sighs.

I stare dumbfound. “Do you really think that?”

“Am I not supposed to? You are supposed to be my mate too. You don’t even give me the time of day, yet you let Calvin be the first to mark you. You hate me and you give my brothers everything.” He sounds exhausted.

“I didn’t want any of you.” I begin to explain to him.

“You thought you didn’t want them.” He tries to correct me.

“Caden. Just shut up and listen.” I say frustrated.

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