The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Six

“I don’t think I need to hear anything you have to say. I know you so I have an idea of what’s about to be said. The usual ‘I never wanted any of you in the first place. I’m human and I can’t be with any of you.’ That’s a load of bullshit.” He mutters.

I give him a hard shove which he was not expecting as he stumbles a few steps back. I enter the room and close the door behind me. I watch as he leans against one of the desks in the rooms and I walk up to him. This asshole is going to hear me out even if I have to fucking throw him out of a window later. I get up close to him and sigh.

“I was not going to say any of that. I am trying to have an honest conversation with you. Stop making me out to be the bitch here. You don’t know anything about me and neither do I about you boys. This is one of our many problems. I am not the only one that likes to assume things by just one look at a person. So can you please stop and let's just talk it out.” I say trying to be reasonable.

“You can to your lover boy when he comes back.” Caden scoffs, angry.

“But you are one of those lover boys. So why can I not just talk to one of the guys that I am trying to open up to?” I ask.

“See you don’t like me, so this does not include me.” He says as he tries to push me away.

“Who said I had feelings for Calvin?” I throw my hands up in the air as I about shout at him.

“You can’t stop what an acceptance mark does to you. It's impossible. Now get out. I have work to get done. You are wasting my time Henderson.” He growls lowly.

“Stop pushing me away damnit. I am not a werewolf. I don’t just fall in love on the first meet basis with someone I don’t know. First of all, I didn’t even know your kind existed when I walked into this town. Why do you expect me to just drop the way I am so quick and turn into this loving person for you? Yes, we are mates. I understand that. Yes, your brother marked me first. That was not planned. You can not blame me for something I was not even completely aware of at the time. You infuriate me, Caden. So, so much. You expect me to give you my feelings on a silver plate, you expect all the attention. There are three of you, it’s not just you. You glare all the time and when I try to speak to you, you act like an A grade asshole.” I rant.

“You act like that too.” He states quickly.

“Are we five? My twin brothers act like this on the normal. If you want to act like a five-year-old best believe me I will treat you like one.” I tell him angrily. He says nothing.

“Second of all, you never give me a chance to digest all of the information that you and your brothers have thrown my way. Calvin could not even stay in his own home because he can’t face me after his little stunt.” I point a finger at Caden. “Do not even try to tell me otherwise. All the context clues that everyone has been throwing around have given me enough to assume the worse. Now with being marked by one of you my emotions decide to go on a roller coaster whenever I see any of you. Do you want me to tell you I like you based on the mark alone? Or do you want me to tell you I like you when I can separate the bonds emotions from my own emotions? I want to genuinely be able to tell the three of you that I have feelings for you all. Not based on the bond that connects all of us. Is that ok with you? Can you just give a girl a little bit of time? I don’t need space. I need time that’s all.” I whisper as I bring his forehead down to mine.

He stays quiet after my little spiel and just stares at me. He seems to be contemplating his words before he tries to speak. Me bringing us a bit closer to each other must have freaked him out a bit. I watch as he shifts around but still stays in my arms. He does not seem to want this kind of comfort at the moment, but it's what I am going to give him at the moment.

“I didn’t think you wanted to try or have anything with us.” He mutters.

“I’m ready to try anything if you will put in an effort also. I mean all three of you, not just one of you. I want to be able to give all of you my attention and it is equal. No, it’s not going to be easy but we all already know it's not going to be easy. Let's just do this slowly.” I tell him as I softly graze his hand that has found its way to my waist.

“Like humans, not wolves.” He grumbles.

“Yep,” I tell him as I bring him into a hug.

“If you’ll try, then I can try to give this a chance.” He responds before tightening his grip around me.

“Good. Now tell that brother of yours if he doesn’t get his ass home then his chances with me will be cut for good.” I exclaim as I continue to hold Caden.

I don’t know if I could get another chance to do something like this. Holding Caden feels like something from right out of a book, a slight fantasy. He isn’t good with words that I could tell from the short and brief conversation that we can barely hold. So, this hug has to last as long as it could. The three triplets all seem to have some type of insecurities toward this mate bond. Caden’s insecurities are most likely surrounding the fact that he does not feel good enough to be my mate. It pains me to think about how he would just distance himself from me because he does not know if he is as good as his brothers. Literally, something that I see as impossible. None of them outshine the other. They share that light and hopefully, I could come into their bubble and not break it.

“Who?” he asks confused.

“What do you mean who? The only damn triplet who has decided that after biting me, he was going to go and disappear.” I scoff.

“He really had actual pack things to attend to Mia. He just used marking you as an excuse to leave earlier than scheduled.” Caden tries to defend his brother.

“You literally just threw him under the bus by saying he used marking me as a quick excuse to go earlier.” I raise an eyebrow at him waiting for a comeback.

“Oops?” he gives a small smile.

I bite my lip as I raise my hand to run over his bottom lip. “You should smile more. Even if it's not a full smile, it’s still something.”

“I’m not the smiling type.” He says and pulls away from me before heading behind a desk and opening what looks to be a file.

I look around and actually take in the room we are in. It was an office room. It had four desks in it, but it is big and spacious enough to fit all of the desks neatly. The boys and someone else shared this office. I turn my gaze to Caden and walk toward his desk and sit in the seat in front of it. Memories from the long night before ring through my head and I stare at Caden in deep thought. Scary moments come and pass but sometimes they were warnings of what has not come yet. I read in a book that if something bad happens learn from it and move on. When one bad thing comes usually the next bad thing that comes is worse. Being with three alphas I am going to have to be stronger mentally. I don’t think I told Caden a thank you and as I stare at him I really want to show him that I am thankful for what he did last night.

I lean forward while he stares down at the papers that litter his desk. He begins to look up at me with his eyebrow raised, confused as to why I am getting too close to him. I let my lips softly touch the side of his cheek and back away slowly before taking a seat.

“Thank you,” I tell him

“For?” he clears his throat.

“For saving me and my brother last night.” I give him a brief explanation.

He nods before glancing back to his papers before he looks at me. “I could get used to that type of thanks.”

“Hopefully it's only me you’re getting this type of thanks from.” I chuckle.

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