The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Nine: The Boundary Part Seven

“I’m not looking at anyone else for that,” Caden tells me as he looks down at the papers that scatter his desk.

“No one huh?” I slightly smirk before looking down.

“Nope.” He murmurs as he continues to feverishly write.

I watch him as he continues to write something then push them into a different colored folder. A folder system for pack work? Neat. I squint and tilt my head slightly as I catch a few things off of the papers that he is working on. I guess there was a feud happening someone on the pack lands that needs assistance as it was getting out of hand. Other information sprawled out on the paper talked about some type of north border that guards were having conflict with other pack relations that related to outside resistance of refugees and outcasts. The night before comes back into my mind at the sight of the information, and I begin to connect the dots. The borders of this pack's territory were having problems with people that are not a part of this pack. Is there a war going on with this pack? I stare at the paper hard as I try to piece the mental puzzle pieces together. Are people trying to come into the pack for refugees from a war maybe? Maybe people are just trying to find a new home for their own. So many maybe’s come to mind, and I realize that maybe the only one who can answer that at the moment was the big guy sitting right next to me. I begin to tap the paper and wait for him to turn his attention to me really quickly.

He sighs before dropping the pen in his hand. “What Mia?”

“Is that what was happening yesterday after school?” I ask as I point to the information that talked about the potential border problems.

“Just how long were you and your brother in the forest for?” Caden asks curiously.

“Enough,” I tell him.

“It’s nothing to worry about. We play Switzerland with the packs that surround us to put it in good terms for you.” he dismisses.

“Switzerland? As in you don’t help any of the pack surrounding you with war or any damaging factor to their packs?” I ask to clarify.

He hums and nods in agreement. So, this pack could be in the middle of a bloody war and wouldn’t bat an eye to the blood that was being shed due to outsiders not being their brethren. Nice to know.

“So, is anything happening out there affecting the pack?” I ask curiously as to how these things play out.

“Yes, some of the pack members that were thrown out from the Crimsonpaw pack are trying to find a place of residents here. They still have connections with that pack so for us to accept them in our pack without their old pack mind link being broken will cause problems as they could be here as spies or just trying to steal our resources. We have tried to in the past to accept members that we knew who had their pack mind links ripped from them however they usually cause trouble as many of them resort back to their old faith and knock on the devil's door by giving their old pack information that they know of. It always runs down that way, so we don’t allow anyone else onto the land. We don’t even let anyone pass the border to cross our territory. We just push them away and tell them to go around the territory's borders.” Caden rambles on as he grabs his hair showing his frustrations.

I grab his hands and bring them down before running my hands through his hair. I understood his reasoning, their reasonings for pushing away the people. I feel bad for the children who have to leave with their families. However, I do understand that if resources are already limited here and pack members here are already somewhat struggling then bringing more people in will lower their portions even more and probably even cause fights among the member of the pack due to their struggles. It was a hard situation to plan out and solve with correct reasoning. Life is hard and the path we take will be even harder no matter the easy route we take. The triplets had a lot of stress on their shoulders I realized as the information was given to me. They had to keep the thoughts of the people they turned away or even pushed back into their old packs due to mistrust of previous situations. I can’t imagine how it would feel to push away a family with multiple pups. Even the thought of having to tell a family that they couldn’t take refuge in this pack made me sad. It is the job though for these boys. They have to follow their pack laws just as much as every individual within their pack. It was a way to build trust and reassurance among not only the members of the pack but the leaders themselves. Reassurance that their pack would always have what they needed even if times get a little rough, that the pack could be safe even if situations were to happen.

“When can I start taking some of this burden from you?” I whisper to him.

He looks at me for a while before giving the smallest of a smile. A sad one but it was a smile, nonetheless. “You're not ready for that type of burden I hold on my shoulders. It takes time to build the strength to hold yourself up and the burdens that come to lay on your shoulders. I don’t want you to think you have to jump in this too fast. The boys and I want you to go around the land and find your footing first before sharing any of our burdens.” He informs me lacing his fingers through mine, squeezing them softly.

“When are you all going to start giving me lessons then?” I ask kind of excited to start a little adventure to look around their pack and actually get to know it.

“Soon. When Calvin comes back we need to figure out how to get rid of your wounds first and then we will figure out how to deal with the refugees who tried to cross the territory the night before. After we take care of the pack business then we will go forward with showing you around.” Caden informs me of the plans.

“So, it could take a few weeks to start my little round the pack trip?” I question out loud.

“Depending on how long things take for the refugees to go away. Yes, it could be a while,” he confirms.

“My family is leaving in a few months, Caden.” I remind him as he tells me these plans.

“I know.” He tells me quietly.

I nod and sigh. Things are changing too quickly and I can’t quite catch up fast enough. My life just keeps turning and I didn’t know how to stop my family from leaving this town. What could happen in less than three months to stop my father from taking us away once again. There was nothing my siblings or I could say that would change that man's mind. Even my health won’t be able to be a close enough excuse for the man to stay in this town. I have already put my input into leaving this town. Now I have realized that I have really messed up. I twist my hair in my fingers as I continue to lose myself to the thoughts of what if’s and Caden continues to write on the papers that have now started to look a little more organized.

“What’s going on in that little brain of yours?” Caden asks as he pushes a little of his hair out of his face.

“Just thoughts about what might happen.” I truthfully tell him.

He grabs me and turns me around to face him completely. He stares at me for a minute before tilting my head down. I lean my forehead against his and sigh trying to relax and stop the turmoil of thoughts. He brings one of his hands up but seems to hesitate before he lays his hand against my cheek caressing it as he just stares at me. I lightly blush as he continues to caress my cheek and slightly bumps his nose against mine.

“I don’t have a small brain,” I whisper to him.

He chuckles. “Really?”

“Really,” I tell him with a little smile of my own.

It was going to take some time to get used to things changing between us but from here on I was going to take whatever the three of them gave and cherish it for as long as I could. I don’t know if I will be here in a year but I know I am here now so I can try to love what I have now rather than throwing it all away without a second glance. But for now, the things between the four of us would have to be a secret just between us. I push my hair out of my face as I stare at the man who is holding me softly. I watch as Caden’s eyes begin to change between light blue and dark grey. I stare at him in wonder, wondering if he’s about to get angry about something. Then I see the smallest view of his canines elongate and I realize what’s happening before he can pull away.

“Let go Mia.” Caden tries to get me to let go of him.

“No, it's ok. I’m going to be seeing this happen later down the road. I wanna get to know you, all of you.” I let him know as I bring him back to me.

“Mia, not right now. I haven’t marked you. This is harder than what you're thinking it is.” Caden tries to explain his problem as he tries to grab my hands off him.

I pull him closer and press my lips to his before anything can be said. I close my eyes before I can even see a reaction from him. The stillness that came after was all that I needed though. He’s shocked at my actions, but I continue to kiss him waiting for him to kiss back. I know this might not calm him down, but it was the least I could do. He grabs my waist gently before returning the kiss. Caden pulls me onto his lap and continues to hold me close as he pulls away.

“What was that for?” he whispers against my lips.

I shrug gently. “Your eye color is back.”

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