The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Ten: Dreams of the Past Part One

“Mommy?” a little girl trailed behind her mother as they walked through the forest.

“Yes baby?” the mother turns around looking at her child.

“Where are we going? I wanna play with Bubba.” The little girl huffs as she crosses her little arms angrily.

“Little one you will have time to play with your brother,” the mother laughs before grabbing the little one’s hand. “We need to go get your father first. He has been at Jax’s for too long now.”

“But mommy! Daddy is a big boy, why can’t he come on his own?” the little girl plays with her piggy tails as she swings her momma’s hand back and forth with hers.

“Jax wants to see you to though. Do you not want to go see your uncle? He said he has some important mission for you.” The mother tells the little girl.

The little girl squeals in excitement before letting her mothers hand go and sprinting forward with a giggle. The mother runs after her child with a loving smile. The mother tells her child to slow down but to no avail, the little girl rushes forward out into a clearing where two men spar. The little girl picks up her speed as she continues toward the older men.

“Alpha Jax! Mommy says you have a mission for me today! I don’t need daddy to come with me! I’m a big girl I can do it all on my own.” The little girl states straightening her back as she tries to act all big and grown.

Her mother laughs and tells her that even if she was a big girl that her dad should go with her just in case big monsters come to scare her. The little girl giggles at the statement and tells her mother she is afraid of nothing. The alpha watches the little girl giggle and twirl around and smiles.

“Ready to have your own children yet?” the little girl's father asks the alpha.

“Yea. Hopefully Lily is ready. I want a family. Do you think she is ready to handle things on her own?” the alpha asks as he nods toward the little girl.

“She’s ready. She has been since she stepped on your territory.” The father says as he watches his little girl play in the clearing.

“She’s so young Alister. She has so much to learn still.” The alpha sighs as he realizes how much burden the six-year-old already has to hold on her shoulders.

“I think it was fate.” The father mumbles as he stares at the alpha amused.

“Fate?” the alpha asks curiously as he stares at his friend.

“Yes. Mia ran into that clearing right before the last peacemaker died. She had just enough time to give Mia her abilities to make sure peace rested upon the crest pack. A six-year-old mind you. Does it not at all sound like it was destined?” the father asks the alpha.

“You do have a point. However, are you not afraid of the dangers your child is in now? I mean being a peacemaker over the five packs that make up the Crest pack is a lot on just a human child. I’m just worried that this may be too much for the child to hold.” Alpha Jax expresses his worries.

“I understand. She is my child I am always going to worry about her but one day she will be grown and have to learn how to fight her own battles. I guess this is just early practice. Wasn’t the last peacemaker a human too?” the father asks wanting confirmation.

“Yes, Aliyah was a human. It’s different when you are a peacemaker though. A long time ago a woman blessed the land that connected the five packs as a gift for them protecting her in a war. She made sure that peace reigned for a very long time and when she passed it continued down to another who had similar gifts. After a while, alphas had grown accustomed to having someone that helped them aside from their Betas, so they gave the people that promised peace through the lands a title. The peacemaker. The center of peace, the calm before the storm.” Jax tells the story as he remembers it being told to him.

“How can they be that strong to make sure that five packs stay in peace with each other and act like one big pack if they have always been human?” the little girl’s father asks.

“The first Peacemaker was not human. She was one of the fae. The last of her kind. Those types of blessings stay forever even if blood is spilled over the place that the blessing was placed. A peacemaker has never died from battle its usually normal circumstances that happen. The human that found the fae had told her that she thought she was not as strong as the wolves to feel like she could protect them so when the fae knew her time was close she gifted the peacemaker with the abilities of a wolf. As peacemakers have come and gone they have always shown that they were on an equal level as us. The only thing is, is that if you are ever to leave the crest pack territory completely the memories of being a peacemaker and everything that comes with the title vanishes as if it never happened. I have only ever heard of one story where a peacemaker remembered her time on the land but that was because she had ended up on another pack territory and had found her soulmate. So, it’s believed because she sealed her fate with a wolf the moon goddess gave her the vision of the past.” Alpha Jax explains to his friend.

“How long do peacemakers stay on the grounds?” Alister asks as he waves to the little girl chuckling as she begins to chase a rabbit.

“It depends on the human. It depends on how they want their life to proceed. I have only ever heard of two humans leaving the territory for good for no reason at all. Most of them have grown old with the packs and had natural deaths.” Alpha Jax informs the man as he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Our loyalty stands with you, Alpha Jax,” Alister tells the alpha honestly.

“I know.” Jax hums in appreciation.

“Alpha. You still haven’t told me what it is you need me to do silly.” The little girl says as she runs over to the said man.

Alpha Jax gets down on one knee as he waits for the girl to get a bit closer. He tells her of her mission. A mission that will allow her to learn of the twin Alphas that have been in dire need of a peacemaker to help them set it straight with the problems that lied on the borders of their territory. He tells the child of the twins and what they need help with and the little one smiles.

“I’ll head over now, Alpha Jax!” She smiles at him before waving goodbye to her parents and running off into the trees.

Her mother comes to stand next to her father as she grabs on to him watching her little one disappear into the forest. Alpha Jax reassures the two that the child is in good hands. The parents nod in understanding and let the alpha get back to his pack to do his duties.

As the little girl's parents walk back to their home the little one runs beginning to feel her speed pick up as her eye color begins to change slowly into a light orange. The blessing of the fae appearing briefly before disappearing as she speeds through the forest to arrive on the Arctic pack land. The twin alphas felt the little peacemaker coming in their direction in full speed and laughed as they caught sight of her. The little girl giggles as she reaches them.

“You little on are going way too fast. Were you not just in Alpha Jax’s land?” One of the twins asks as he kneels down and gives the girl a quick hug before pulling away.

“When duty calls I follow what I must do.” the child hums as she looks at the alphas.

“I’m glad you agree.”

“I heard we have border problems?” the little one asks.

“Yes, would you like to walk and talk?” the twins ask at the same time.

The little one laughs and nods as she walks alongside the men. She nods softly to the members of the pack as she passes them in respect. She watches as some of them bow their heads to her back and gives them a wide smile showing all her teeth. She asks the alphas if the people near the border are giving the boys watching any trouble.

“Boys? Mia. Their guards on the border, not boys.” The twins laugh.

“Don’t mock me, Rudy.” The little one grumbles.

“That’s alpha Rudy to you little one.” The twin, Rudy, laughs as he watches the little one shake her head in distaste before correcting herself.

“She’s going to be a handful when she gets older Roonie. Don’t you think so?” Rudy asks his brother.

“She is still a child, but I do think she has a great future ahead of her,” Ronnie replies to his brother.

The three of them see one of the rogues fighting a guard. The guard seems to be having a hard time getting the said rogue in check. The little girl runs toward the fight and the Alphas call out to her to be as careful as she could. The alphas watch as the little girl deals with the problem calmly. They watch as the little one begins to softly push the rogue back out the land before telling the group standing there that they could no longer try to cross the lands. She told them of what happens to trespassers and gives them a few ideas of what packs would take them in and give them a home.

“She’s going to be a great peacemaker.” Alpha Roonie acknowledges.

“She’s the youngest one yet but I am proud of what she has become within the months that she has been here so far.”

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