The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Ten: Dreams of the Past Part Two

“Don’t you think it is sad for a child at such a young age to give up being a child? Giving up playtime for a job that she was gifted out of nowhere. She was just in a place at the wrong time.” Alpha Rudy tells his brother a little sad at the little girl’s fate.

“If she was destined to protect the five packs and the alphas within the pack then so be it. She will grow to learn how to juggle life and all the dangers that can come with it. It is honestly good that she has started at such a young age. She can learn the ways of each pack and all the alphas to have a full understanding of what her job will entail. Yes, she is young, but she has so much light within her. Look how well she dealt with the rogues without a second thought.” Alpha Roonie says admiring her strength.

“Yea you’re right. If things get bad though. She can’t be here anymore. I won’t allow it. None of us should allow it. As long as a peacemaker is alive and doesn’t leave the territory willingly, they still oversee the crest pack even from afar. As long as she lives we will live in peace other than times of war. I will make sure that the children of the packs allow her to keep some of her childhood. It should not be messed up just because of her fate.” Rudy says with determination as the child returns to them slowly.

“Whatcha talking about?” the little one tilts her head slightly.

“I think you are going to be an amazing little peacemaker. No matter what or how bad a situation is, can you promise to always keep yourself safe? Things on our side of the territory are a bit bad however that doesn’t mean you put yourself in harm’s way first. It’s the alphas duty to protect its pack and our little peacemaker. Understood?” Rudy tells her as he kneels in front of her.

The little girl giggles and bends her head as she leans her forehead against Alpha Rudy’s. She stares into his eyes and her eyes return to the light orange color as the promise seals between the two. The two Alphas eyes flash red as the promise seals and they give the little one a light smile. The little one would learn of the hardships of all five packs and the leaders of them. The twin alphas however would cause her great pain that their family lines were forever cursed with. The downfall of them was soon to fall.

“Come on little one. Let’s go meet the other children? Maybe even play in the courtyard for a while?” Alpha Roonie asks her.

“Play? I wanna play! Let’s go!” she grabs their hands and runs toward the children she sees in the distance.

The two alphas laugh as they allow the little one to drag them forward. The meeting of Alphas at the center of the packs that were to come up within the following week moves to the back of their minds as they begin to play with the children of the pack.


“Mia? Come down!” I hear mommy yell from the stairs.

I jump off my bed and with a giggle run downstairs. I see alpha Michaelson with alpha Jax and give them my widest smile. I rush to them and give each of them a hug before taking a step back as I feel them tense. I raise an eyebrow confused but hurt.

“What’s wrong?” I ask staring back and forth between the two.

“It’s time to go to work, my little peacemaker. A war has begun near the Artic pack and things are not turning out how we had planned. Alpha Rudy and Alpha Ronnie’s mate has passed and they will be back soon. Do you remember the story of the bad witch we told you of? The one who cursed the twins family in the past and told them that if they were ever to leave they mate for too long of a time they would run crazy?” Alpha Michaelson asks me.

“Are they… Do we have to? I…I” I stutter as the tears begin to cloud my vision.

“It’s ok little one. We don’t want to either. They are our brothers. You know of the promise that was made between us and the twin’s if they were in their right mind they would have told us to deal with it this way. There is no more we can do for them, my love.” Alpha Michaelson says as he wipes my tears.

“But I…I can’t kill them…I don’t want...want to! They are my friends too! I can’t kill my friends. They are just hurt, they will get better!” I try to reason as much as I can with the alphas.

“You won’t have to kill them. We will. We just need you close so that they can feel safe with whatever is left of them. They are no longer the people you knew. The thought of their mate gone or even taken from them has caused them great pain. One they will never be able to come back from. Don’t you want them to feel better?” he asks me, trying to make me understand what was happening.

“They will feel better?” I sniffle, wiping my nose lightly. “Will they head up with the moon goddess?” I ask in a light voice.

“Yes. You have to be there though. Come. The others are watching over them waiting for us.” Alpha Jax walks toward me and grabs my little hand.

I stare up at him and his eyes flash a green color. “I will always protect you no matter how far I am,” he promises, squeezing my hand.

“Ok,” I whisper.

I turn my head and see my dad holding my mother as she cries into his chest. My father nods at me to go with them. I smile sadly as I turn back around and follow the alphas out. I was going to lose my best friends. We were supposed to be family. Was this me hurting my family? Was I protecting them this way? Mommy always said killing others for no reason or a bad reason was wrong. Was this wrong? Was I doing the right thing or was I doing the wrong thing? Is that why mommy was crying?

(Third POV)

The little one watches as the Alphas shift and quickly gets onto alpha Jax as he then sprints with her holding on tight. Alpha Michaelson is not too far behind as he lets out a howl, letting the other know that they were on the way. The little girl held onto her uncle tightly as she silently cried into his fur, not ready for what she knew was to come. The fate of the twins was already sealed when they found that their mate was human and left her at the packhouse alone when they went to war alongside an outside ally. Leaving an unmarked human and going far away from them was dreadful and when the alphas were gone for longer than they planned they didn’t feel the pain of their mate as she began to wither away from the effects of the bond breaking from loneliness. The human Luna was beautiful, but the twins wanted to give her time to understand what she had gotten herself into and therefore waited to place their mark on her. She had died two days before the alphas had returned to their land. Once they had returned the mournful looks and the pain of the loss of their mate had finally fallen upon them. The pain was double fold and the pain became anger before it became evil as the soul of the twins had been lost as they fell too deep within their sorrows. They were now terrorizing the members of their pack and had to be stopped once and for all. The little girl knew of their unsettling fate if they had left their mate with no mark, but those two were so stubborn, and she still loved those two no matter what they had done.

The little one was not ready to lose two people from her growing family. The alphas sped around the curve of the pathway and the little girl looked up to see the tree lines breaking apart as they reached the Arctic pack’s land. She sighs sadly but musters her sadness as she breathes in and out carefully willing herself to allow comfort and peace to fill the lands. A peacemaker was someone to keep the grounds of the crest pack at peace but some things the peacemaker could not help, and this was one of those times where comfort was all she could give. Alpha Jax gets to a clearing that is a little far away from the two uncontrollable alphas and slowly bends down. The little one takes that as her sign to jump off him and wait there. She sees the twins and watches as their attentions turn to hers. She raises her hand slowly and waves at them. As she waits for a response, none comes, and she watches as no emotions flow through their dead-looking eyes.

She huffs and stays still as the alphas say something, but she can’t quite hear them. She tries to strain her ears but to no avail, the six alphas were enough for her to hear not a thing of their conversation. The twins growl loudly but with anger and she gasps as they run at the other four Alphas. She almost runs forward to stop them however the bind of a promise from a year before pulls her back and falls to the ground. The tears the little one held back fall as she watches alpha Santana and Alpha Michaelson dive toward the twins with haste. The little one watches in horror as the twins begin to fight with the other four alphas. She begins to fear that the others will get hurt as the twins go different ways fighting and throwing the Alphas from them. She remembers the promise that the twins made to her the year before. The promise of not to get into harm’s way before the Alphas. The little one did not think that promise was fair any longer as she watched the Alphas struggle to control the twin alphas.

She watches as Alpha Michaelson and Jax come from different ways and close in on the two twins. The little girl covers her eyes quickly as Jax and Michaelson swipe their claws across the necks of the twins. She feels the loss as she drops her hands once again. The tears begin to pour faster, and she runs toward the twins as they fall. Everything seems to go into slow motion as the little one runs toward her fallen friends, her alphas. She cries for the loss of the alphas, but for two family members, she wishes she could have protected better. She falls to the ground and pulls both of them as close as she could to her little body.

“Please.” She cries as she bends her forehead to Rudy. “Don’t leave. It will get better.” She wails as she holds the two Alphas heads to hers as close she could.

“I’m sorry little one.” alpha Santana kneels behind the little one rubbing her back.

The other alphas take a kneel as close to the twin alphas and the little one. The loss of their brothers was great but to keep the five crest packs safe they had to do their responsibility as a whole. A loud angry howl from afar sounds and the little girl’s cries come to a slow stop as she feels the land’s peace turn. Something was coming and it wasn’t good.

“Get her home.” alpha Jax tells alpha, Santana.

“No! I don’t want to leave them!” the little one screams.

“You have to. The war is still happening outside the pack. It seems like they are trying to enter. Little one we will get to say our final goodbyes to them. I promise.” alpha Santana promises as she grabs the little one and pulls her away carefully.

The little one lets her take her away as she stares back at her sleeping friends. Alpha Michaelson and Jax grab their bodies carefully and slowly take them away. She sniffles as she watches them disappear and grows sad as the female alpha pulls her back into the forest toward her home.

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