The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter 2: The Triplets Part One

A boy I knew when I was little would have loved this forest. It was always his favorite thing to do to pass time. I miss him. I miss Theo, but he was gone now, and the thought pinches at my heart as I explore further into the forest. The trees cover the light from the sky with only patches of light shining through.

I hum softly to the song that plays out my headphones. I see a large trunk of a tree and sit down on the patch of green that surrounds it, leaning my head against it. I look around my surroundings trying to capture all the beauty within the forest. It feels safe within the forest’s grasp, I wish we did not have to leave so soon. I do not understand why our father was not tired of making drastic moves just for his job and taking us along with him. Why can’t he just travel without us? I just want a normal life. But this life of mine is far from normal. Having no friends and barely talking to those around me when we enter new towns or cities, not wanting to feel lonelier after we leave that place to the next one. I close my eyes and try to imagine the possibilities that could have happened if I would have lived a normal life.

I just want someone to understand me. Yes, the family understands, but not the way I want them to.

But reality hits and I realize that this is as normal as it is going to get. I cannot imagine something that I never had. I shake my head, clearing my thoughts of the what if’s. The what if’s would make me overthink, overthinking would cause an anxiety attack, and right now that is not what I need. I look up and see that the sun is starting to set behind the trees. I watch it for a little bit before hearing a soft yip not too far away from where I am sitting. My eyes widen slightly but then I see a small grey wolf. I look at it in awe. It’s coming toward me and I try to move back a little bit for my safety, but then realize that I was sitting against a tree. I follow the wolf’s movement as I consider the risks of it hurting me. I let my fears drop and get onto my knees.

“Hi, come here” I gush.

It slowly trots my way and lays down directly in front of me. I slowly bring my hand up, taking one of the earpieces out of my ear and putting my hand slowly onto the wolf. I do not hear the wolf make any noise and take it as a sign to keep petting it softly.

“You’re such a pretty little thing. How come your so close to the homes, hmm?” I look at it as I ask it, knowing no reply will return.

I giggle as I make funny faces as I grab the wolf’s head and scratch behind its ears.

“Mia! Time for dinner!” I hear mom call out in the distance.

A howl sounds out and I look down at the wolf as I stand up.

“Looks like it’s time for you to go home too bud.” I smile down at it and pet it one last time before getting up.

I dust off my pants making sure none of the elements had got on them. I turn around to see if the wolf has left and see no sights of it as I look around. I smile softly into space and head back to the house. I let my eyes travel to the scenery that surrounds me. The thought of being able to see leaves slowly fall as fall nears and snow clump up onto the branches of trees as their leaves have left them when winter comes has me thinking I can probably get used to this place with the time I have here in this town. The forest behind my house can be my sanctuary and stress reliever.

I enter back inside the house quickly and walk into the kitchen. I see dad talking to mom about how work went today. I go near them and look down into the pot of stew mom’s making. She swats at me and I quickly give her a glare.

“I was just smelling it!” I say as I slowly touch the place where she hit me.

“Stop pouting and sit at the table. I am going to serve everyone today. Alec what’s taking you so long to get everyone down here!?” she yells.

“We’re coming mom.” he groans as I see Charlie over his shoulder and Liam upside down, Alec holding onto him tightly as he slowly walks down the stairs. Anna is not too far behind.

“The two monsters wanted to make me fall down the stairs.” he all but heaves as he drops them onto the floor.

Mom shakes her head but says nothing as she ready’s the plates and starts putting them two at a time on the table. I watch as she wacks Charlie and Liam’s hands from grabbing one of the big bowls. I hold in a snicker and grab a bowl. She finally gives the twins their food and everyone settles down into their seats. We eat in silence for a little as the air around us brings comfort within our home. But that didn’t last long.

“So, how was everyone’s first day?” dad asks as he brings another spoon full to his mouth.

Anna, Alec, and I all groan at the mention of our first days. Dad and mom laugh at us.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.” mom tries to reassure us.

“I got to color!” Charlie giggles.

“I don’t like school.” Liam glares at his food.

“You don’t like school, cause the teacher got mad at you for telling her that daddy fixes boobies,” Charlie whispers loudly.

“Charlie!” mom screams.

I stare at the boys, mouth wide open. Alec bursts out laughing, and Anna looks to be done for the day. I watch as mom slowly turns to my dad with a glare.

“What is our child talking about, Asher?” mom shrieks.

“That one time where we were in our room,” he says then quickly stuffs food in his mouth.

Mom sits there wide-eyed for a complete second before continuing to eat without saying another word.

“Mom and dad were getting it on,” Alec whispers into my ear.

I smack his shoulder and shake my head at him.

“Shut up.”

“But back to my question,” dad changes the subject quickly. “How was school Mia and Alec?”

“I think the people in school believe they are part of a storyline maybe something like werewolves,” Alec remarks. “Either that or we are seen as aliens from another planet” he makes jazz hands in the air.

“At least I’m not the only one thinking like that. The people in this town are high key crazy.” I say, shaking my head.

“Give it time kids. It’s probably cause you are new to the town. It’ll get better.” dad says as he brings a piece of bread to his mouth.

I roll my eyes and mumble a ‘yea right’ under my breath.

“Mia had gym today.” Alec blurts out, out of nowhere.

“You traitor!” I glare at him.

I hear mom gasp and I slowly look towards her and breathe in slowly as I almost flinch at the sight of the face she’s making.

“I didn’t do much I swear, she made me do two light jogs.” I stutter out.

That was nothing she made me do. I was doing full running laps while wheezing and doing sprints to make that wicked coach satisfied. However, I won’t tell mom that. She would start a whole problem with the coach and the school. I did not need that type of drama. I did not need her stepping in when this could possibly help fix what was wrong with me. Maybe progress to the lead of a healthy life can happen from this for me. Or maybe I can die, but possibilities always come with risks.

“Are you lying to me Mia Henderson?” mom raises her voice.

I stare at her wide-eyed shaking my head quickly.

“Let me find out your lying,” she says as she glares through my soul.

“Seems like mom hasn’t got laid,” Alec says under his breath. “At least I’m not the only one not getting anything,” he grunts.

“Mommy, what’s getting laid mean?” Liam pipes up.

I stare at Liam in horror as I hear mom gasp and in the background, you can hear Alec gulp.

“Liam!” mom screeches as she whacks the boy from the back of his head. “You don’t say those types of things!”

I finish my food as everyone at the table begins to bicker about the twins and what should and shouldn’t be said around them because they are too “innocent” for a certain type of conversation and phrases. I shake my head at the dysfunctional family and head to the sink to wash my dish before heading upstairs.

“Night,” I say as I disappear from view up the stairs, giving no one time to respond.

I enter my room and quickly make sure all the homework for tomorrow is finished. I found a few books online, but I was going to have to have a visit to the library tomorrow to read up on a few things for the courses. I sigh and change out of my clothes and get ready for bed. I turn off my lamp and rest my head on the pillow as I hope for a better day.

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