The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter 2: The Triplets Part Two

I moan as I slowly get out of the car, slamming the door shut. I hear Alec’s door shut before he crosses the front of the car over to me. He smiles tiredly and we head toward the doors of hell. I pull my hoodie over my face, not wanting to catch anyone’s eye. As I scan the front lawn of the school I see the blonde bimbo and Helissa walking our way. I turn to Alec and he meets my horrified gaze before we begin to pick up our speed a bit to reach the doors before the girls can get to us.

“Not again,” he mutters. “Why can’t we just have a normal damn day. I’m a loner, not a socializer. I don’t even like women!” he whines and pushes me inside right before Helissa opens her mouth.

I snicker under my breath at him. Alec was definitely all eyes for men and men only. Last year there was this girl that he had hooked up with and it completely backfired because she was supposedly too much for him and she couldn’t get him off. Needless to say, Alec came home with blue balls. I shiver as I remember how he detailed the whole story out for me. I look up and see that some people have stopped to stare at us, but some just ignore us. I glare at the ones who are still looking at us before keeping my gaze on the ground.

“I thought they were going to be dealt with?” I hear a girl whisper.

“I haven’t seen them this morning, maybe they're still tending to the problems with border patrol.” a guy whispers back.

I shake my head at the nonsense that I was hearing from the other kids and pretend as if they aren’t talking about us. Without paying attention I knock into someone’s shoulder and almost fall but Alec catches me right on time. I breathe out in relief before fixing myself. I see three pairs of shoes before I meet three boys glares. For a second my breath catches in my throat as I stare at them and they stare back with something in their eyes that I can’t quite describe before I take a step back and get a better look at the boys. Triplets. I lift an eyebrow as they keep staring.

“Are you gonna say sorry?” one of them finally speaks up.

I hold in a gasp as the boy's voice comes out husky and low. They all three were very attractive, as I quickly scan them up and down again. I raise my eyes to look over their faces and catch one of them smirking and the one in the middle glaring at me. The one that asked me the questions smiles as if waiting for me to reply. I gulp and grab Alec’s hand quickly before turning around and walking away. Gasps fill the hallway at my action and a growl is also heard but I ignore it and turn into the next hallway.

“You could have just said sorry,” Alec grumbles.

I shrug at his comment before letting his arm go.

“Don’t you shrug at me! Those boys look to be trouble and now you have probably got us both stuck in that trouble. Come on Mia!” he exasperates before glaring my way.

“Then I’ll do my best to stay away. Now let’s go to class, yes?”

I wave at him as we both go our separate ways. I was once again dreading to enter econ, but it was better than staying out in the middle of the hallway where everyone seemed to be passing me disappointed looks. I enter the classroom and quickly sit down getting everything out and onto the desk. The homework Mr. Baxtor made us do was all stupid, but if I want to pass this class, stupid assignments were ok.

Kids rush into the class and take their seats. I watch as the professor looks up and down from a clipboard, moving his pen around. He tells us that our homework is to be brought up to him as just about everyone has settled down and the period starts. I grab the handwritten papers and move my chair slightly to give him the papers. He nods his head at me, and I quickly head back to my seat and see that the triplets sitting behind me. I groan as I take my seat.

“Psst.” I hear someone whisper from behind me.

I ignore it and listen as Mr. Baxtor goes on about how portioning essentials is for the greater good. He tells us that money and portioning go hand in hand. I jot notes down during the lecture and twiddle the pencil.

“Calvin will you stop being so disruptive!” Mr. Baxtor says angrily.

I stare at my table waiting for the boy to say something, but it never comes. I watch as Baxtor shakes his head in anger before continuing with his lecture.


I raise my head staring at Baxtor as if he had to heads.

“You have to be responsive in for the situation I’m about to give,” he demands. “There is a town not too far from us who are in a state of emergency and are wanting our town to share supplies with us to survive. They are also asking for military assistance from us. Should we be helpful to these people?” he questions.

Nope. No, what kind of question is that. Military assistance, from a town in the mountains, in the middle of a forest? No.

“We should only help them with a water supply.” someone says from the back.

“We should only give them little. We have to worry about our own.”

“I think it would be good to help them out.”

Once that person says that everyone goes against her. It was a mess. Everyone disagreed with her. I winced at the harsh comments they were throwing at her. I quirk an eyebrow as they hadn’t picked on the girl that said to give water, but they did when one says to give pretty much all help. I don’t say anything and ignore the drilling gaze that Baxtor was giving me. I was not going to speak when the question was pretty much answered. I keep my gaze on the table as I begin doodling on the corner of the notebook page. I fall into a daze as Baxtor begins to bring more context into play. People’s answers begin to become more complex and confusing, so I tune the voices out and ignore them till the end of the period. I was going to get it through Mr. Baxtor’s head that speaking was just not my thing.

“She’s going to be the death of this pack.”

“She is going to be our downfall. She doesn’t understand anything.” someone says sounding disappointed.

Who the hell is she? WTF was a pack? Are we in a werewolf story? Is this where they say rationality comes last and instincts come first?

“We can’t have a Luna who knows nothing. Are we going to be able to even trust her?” some guy argues.

“Shut it!” a voice from behind me speaks out as if he were commanding them.

Silence takes over but tension rises. Luna? This definitely had to do something with werewolves. But are these people insane, werewolves were the definition of a fake story, a fantasy. My thoughts come to a pause and I think about what’s all been said...

Could they really be werewolves? Could that even be true?... Nah, these people just based their lives off of childish stories. They're just a bunch of “Believers”.

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