The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Two: The Triplets Part Three

“Hey! You guys should totally come to the party this Thursday night at the guy’s house.” Helissa squeals as she sits next to us.

I roll my eyes at her before continuing to munch down on my apple. She is too energetic for my liking and seems the type to let you down faster than a damn horse. She stares at me hard for a couple of seconds before giving her attention to Alec. I quirk an eyebrow and stare at her trying to understand why she gave me the same look someone would when you have something that is theirs. Classes were hell today and lunch wasn’t any better. Helissa was hell-bent on making us go to this party as my brother had repeatedly told her no for an answer.

“Please. You would get to know people. It would be fun.” she whines

“No, Helissa. I’d rather not. I don’t want to go to a party where I’ll be stared at. I don’t want to feel more out of place than I already am,” he argues. “I can’t wait to leave this hell hole. How long did dad say we are staying here?” Alec asks turning to me.

I shrug and feel the spot next to me, being taken. I sigh internally. The thought of leaving sounding even better than it did before. My hoodie is pulled down and I see one of the triplets. I quirk an eyebrow at him as we make eye contact. Why in the hell is he sitting next to me for? The quirks of being an outsider, attention that you don’t want.

“I think my brother deserves an apology from you,” he whispers into my ear.

I feel tingles course through my body, and I shake it off. I move slightly back from him and shake my head as an answer. Hurt flashed through his eyes but he quickly blinks it away and smiles.

“I’m Calvin. What’s your name?” he says holding out his hand between us.

I give Alec a look. ‘Help’. He shakes his head and pretends to not notice me. Unbelievable. Traitor. I turn back to Calvin and stare at him.

“You already know my name. We have the first period together.” I barely let out and quickly get up.

“I just thought we could introduce ourselves to each other more personally...” he starts but turns when he sees I’m not right next to him.

He stands up quickly trying to grab me, but I take a couple of steps back, pulling my arm away from him. I glare up at him and turn around walking away.

“Awe, come on. Don’t leave me hanging,” he whines as he trails behind me.

“Kid, I don’t want to talk to you. Go try snagging another girl.” I dismiss him.

“But I want you. plus, I believe I’m like a year older than you, you’re the kid in all of this.” he jokes as he makes an appearance in front of me.

Walking backward as we both enter the gym. I roll my eyes at him and try to pass him but have no luck as he keeps blocking my way. Who the hell is this guy! I keep my head down not giving him any attention.

“Please, keep talking. Everyone thinks you are mute.” he shakes his head at me.

I shrug once again and enter the girl's bathroom before he can get another word in. I sigh in relief as I get away from the boy. It was only the second day and the playboy had his sights on me. I shake my head quickly throwing the book bag into the locker and changing into a pair of basketball shorts. I hear the girls start to pour into the locker room and freeze up at the sounds of them. I walk past them trying to get out, but the blonde bimbo gets in my way again.

“Hey, are you sure you can go out there and exercise with us? I think your too weak to go out there. I’m just telling you as a ‘friend’.” she smirks.

“I don’t do friends.” I scoff and walk out without another word.

“Hey!” she says.

I turn back to her.

“You should stay away from the boys if you don’t want to start anything. It can get terrifying quickly,” she advises.

Terrifying fun, more reason to stay away. I don’t give her a response and head out of the locker room and onto the court.

“Henderson!” the coach calls walking up to me.

I stare up at her waiting for her to reach me.

“Suicides on the second floor. Do 40 reps and then I want to you to 100 reps of burpees. Once that’s done I want you to run laps, not jog this time until class is finished. Understood?” I nod once.

“Coach give her a break, she’s new.” the bimbo says.

“I’ll be the judge of that Bethany. Alright, class time to get started with warmups let’s go.” the coach commands.

I roll my eyes at Bethany and head up the stairs to the second floor. I am a new student but that didn’t mean I needed to be treated like a weakling. I know my limits; I know when it’s too much. I start my suicides and watch the others on the bottom floor running the track. Holy shit, I think to myself. They are running so fast. I gulp at the idea of having to join the class officially and groan. The gym just wasn’t cut out for me.

“Henderson, stop slacking.” I shake my head at the coach's demand.

Bite me.

The period finishes and I groan as I sit down on the bench rubbing my calf’s. My chest hurts and something feels off, but I ignore the feeling as I try and catch my breath once again. I hear chatter from down below but mind my own as I try to breathe in slowly. I see Calvin come up the stairs with his brother’s and grunt in dissatisfaction. I catch his eye as he comes to a stop in front of me. I raise an eyebrow waiting for the boy to speak but he stays silent as he stares down at me.

“We should hang out.” The brother that I knocked shoulders with says.

“Oh, introductions! You already know my name is Calvin. This is Caden and that’s Colton.” Calvin points at them as he states their names.

“I don’t want to hang out with you. Let alone do I want to get to know you. Just leave me alone.” I say and watch Calvin and Colton as I see hurt and disappointment pass through their eyes.

“’re our m-” Colton says but is interrupted by Caden.

“If the human doesn’t want to hang out then so be it,” he growls.

“Human?” I say out loud, confused.

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