The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Two: The Triplets Part Four

I watch as the boys turn to each other and lock eyes as if they were communicating. Maybe they have a quiet communication technique like me, and Alec does. Maybe they are werewolves with mind link... I stare at them in wonder, but as they stay still I slowly stand up hoping not to be noticed, and walk the other way to head down the stairs. This town was going to be the death of me. I’ve never had a problem of being the loner, why was it such a problem now. I rub my head in frustration and head back into the locker room grabbing my clothes and backpack before heading out. Alec was waiting for me and I wasn’t going to have him wait any longer. I wanted out of this place as quickly as possible.

I hear Calvin scream my name to stop but I keep going and ignore him. I keep chanting in my head that he won’t follow but lose the thought as someone grasps onto my wrist, the tingles going through my arm telling me it was one of them. I slowly turn around with a glare. He grabs onto my waist pulling me into him. I go wide-eyed trying to process what’s happening.

“Let go of me,” I whisper shout, trying not to make a scene. Even though, he was already creating one.

“Please just hang out with us for a little. It’ll be fun.” Colton whispers into my ear as he grips onto me tighter.

I yank out of his hold and turn back to him.

“What is wrong with you. I don’t want to!” I tell him. “Go find another girl to mess around with I don’t want you!”

The hallway goes silent and pain flashes through Colton’s eyes. Don’t get me wrong he seems like a sweet guy and chill, but I’d rather be alone. Calvin stares at me from behind his brother with disappointment, and I raise my eyebrow at him as I see it. I look over to their brother Caden and see him glaring at me. Is that hate? What did I do wrong? I look back to Colton and see a tear fall. I tilt my head and watch it fall from his cheek. I scoff and walk out of the school.

“Is she going to leave us? It’s going to break this pack!” someone whispers as I walk through the front field of the school.

“We’re doomed.” someone whispers.

“Oh my god, did she just reject the Alphas?” I pause as I hear the comment but shake my head, telling myself that I heard wrong.

These people were crazy, and I want out.

“I thought she was mute. Damn, now I wish she were.”

I open the car door and slam it shut behind me as I settle in my seat. Alec turns to me.

“Want to talk about it?” he questions.

“No. But I want to tell mom we can’t stay here.” I fuss.

“You and me both. What are you gonna tell her though? She’s just starting work again will she even let us leave now that she finally gets to work?” He had a point.

Mom finally had got her dream job as a florist. She wasn’t just a housewife anymore.

“I just don’t understand. Why are the people in this town like this?” I ask angrily at the actions of the town towards us.

“I don’t know. Things are really weird in this town though. Like did anyone in your class call one of those triplets ‘Alpha’? Cause one of them is in my business class and let me tell you he is the worst of the three. How can someone our age have so much authority?” Alec rambles.

“This isn’t a werewolf book. This town is just full of bat shit crazy people. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a cult.” I say as I bring my hair into a ponytail.

“You aren’t wrong about that one.” he chuckles and turns the ignition off as we park in front of our house.

I grab my bag and hop out, storming inside the house. I take the stairs two by two. The faster I get this homework out of the way the faster I can rest. I make sure to jump into the shower before anything to clean up. As the water cascades down my face, I begin to relax under the hot water and let everything from today off my shoulders. I stare at the shower walls as I think about them. Why were they so different? They were attractive, tall, but they all seemed to have an immense amount of authority. Colton looked to be the softer one out of the three, based on his actions today. He seemed to be the more emotional type that came with reasonable explanations. If I asked why he did what he did today, would he be honest? Then there’s Calvin. I smile softly at the thought of the big goof. I had only seen him a couple of times, but my first impression of him was a player and a goofball. I shouldn’t judge him by his character, but I think it safe to stay away from him and ignore him at all costs. I by all means didn’t want any trouble to come my way. Then there’s Caden. I turn to rinse my hair as I think about the boy. He was definitely trouble. He looked like he was the type who didn’t like it when people came near him, he seemed to be a dangerous mystery. He glared at everyone that passed him today, ignored the teacher during literature. But maybe somewhere deep inside was a nice guy. I bite my lip at the thought.

I shake my head clearing my thoughts. I shouldn’t be thinking about them. I needed to stay clear of them. It was only my third day being in town and my second day in school. I don’t need any trouble. I clear my mind and set up a plan to ignore the boys at all costs this was just what it had to be.

“Mia! Come play with us!” the twins smack onto the bathroom door.

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