The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Three: The Ending of an Engagement

It has been two weeks of ignoring and hiding out from the triplets. I started eating outside during lunch. I get to classes a little earlier to avoid eye contact and usually once the day ends I’m out of the doors before anyone can say hi. But not everything has been so good within the school lines, everyone was acting like complete arses nowadays. But only towards little old me. A couple of times I’ve seen kids giving me glares and disappointed looks but shrug it off. The other day Mr. Baxtor called me out angrily saying I was being a nuisance. I have no idea what I did wrong that day for him to come at me like that, but I just kept my mouth shut and ignored him too. Ever since the encounter with the boys on that second day of school, everyone was giving me the nasty eye.

“Watch it Henderson.” a boy snarled as I almost walked into him.

I kept my eyes towards the ground as I keep walking without attending to the problem. Mr. Baxtor was wrong I was not the nuisance. These people in this damned school were the nuisance. I rolled my eyes as I turned down the hallway to go to economics. The thought of seeing any of the boys completely left my mind as they had been absent for the last couple of days. Which at this point was not a weird thing to see coming from those boys. I think they're in a gang. Who knows maybe there off killing people the days they are missing, as the thought passes shivers run through my head and I throw the thought out quickly before more mad thoughts rake my mind.

Things were starting to get better though, to me at least. I was finally achieving the goal of becoming the loner and it worked. Everyone seemed to hate me now which was better than anyone liking me if I’m being honest. I don’t care, I feel better alone. Helissa and Bethany quit trying to talk to me, Helissa was still trying with Alec but didn’t try as much. No one stared at us weird anymore which was a plus. Life was getting just a bit better, or so I thought. Somewhere along me walking down the hallway, someone grabs me roughly and I’m pushed into a room.

“What the hell!?” I shout.

“Calm down it’s just us.” someone says from behind me

I look around and see Colton sitting on top of a desk, Caden staring me down. I turn around slowly and see Calvin. The audacity of these boys! I grip tighter onto my bag and head back towards the door, but he blocks my way. You’ve got to be kidding me. I glare at them and bite my lip hard but don’t say anything.

“We just want to talk,” Colton whispers from behind.

I try and push Calvin out the way, but he puts his hands onto my shoulders pushing me into the wall beside the door. I stare down at the floor not meeting anyone’s gaze.

“I’m going to be late for class.” is all I mutter as I stare at the floor.

I hear Caden scoff.

“You can skip one class it’s not like you’re learning anything valuable to you anyway.” Caden spits out as he takes a seat next to Colton.

“Why won’t you look at us?” Calvin grabs my chin softly trying to raise it, but I flinch back.

I hear a growl-like sound and go stiff, waiting for someone to make a move. Calvin slowly brings his arms down and takes a few steps back. I try to make a beeline for the door, but I’m grabbed and put on the teacher's desk at the front. I grunt at the contact and move back to steady myself. I look up and meet Calvin’s gaze.

“What do you want?” I demand, ripping my hand from his hold.

“Why can’t I hold you?” he questions as he stares at my hand that was ripped away from him.

“I don’t want any trouble. You seem the type to bring trouble.” I grunt and move to where I’m sat crisscross on top of the desk.

“You don’t even know us. And you’ve already assumed the worst of us?” Colton says as he meets my gaze.

He looks defeated. I watch as a couple of tears spill and land gracefully on his cheek. Caden makes a noise of disagreement to the situation and I sit here frozen, not understanding in the slightest of what’s happening. Why was he crying? We didn’t even know each other, there is no reason for him to cry. I start to grow irritated and make a move to leave but Calvin grips onto me tightly.

“Why the hell am I in here for? Hmm? I don’t like you, or any of you for the matter so why am I here? I don’t even know you!” I exasperate.

“But I want you. We want you.” Colton slowly says as more tears fall.

“What? We?” I raise an eyebrow. “First, no. Second, we? Um, Caden doesn’t. That’s nonexistent. Calvin is just touchy and you... I don’t even know. Why are you crying by the way? I don’t want any of you nor do I care what any of you have to say. Are we finished now?” I sigh.

“You don’t want me,” Colton whispers.

“No, we aren’t finished. You have to deal with it.” Caden says out of nowhere with dominance

“What the hell is going on here? Cal, baby why are you holding onto her like that?”

I turn to see a girl with strawberry hair, looking at me in distaste. I snort at the look and suck in my lips. I look from Calvin to the strawberry girl in wonder. He has a girlfriend; did she know he was toying with me? I hold in the want to look at her with pity. My eyes keep moving back and forth between the two as they stare each other down. Could I leave now? I begin to think of ways to pass them and leave the room before a misunderstanding occurs.

“It’s none of your business Samantha,” Caden states with boredom.

“It is my business, Al... Caden. He’s my fiancé! It’s as much of my business as it is his.” she argues.

Fiancé? I’m screwed. It’s already past a misunderstanding, she probably thinks I’m a troll. I scratch the top of my head awkwardly. So much for ignoring them and not getting into trouble.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on but if you could please help me get out of this room.” I groan in distaste.

“Who are you?” she ignores my plea and asks again.

I glare at her before ripping my hand out of Calvin’s grip once again.

“She’s our mate. You can’t be his fiancé anymore. You know the rules.” Colton says as he glares at her.

“Mate? Ours?” I whisper confused.

Nope. Time to go. I grab my bag and push Calvin out the way and sprint out the door before any more craziness occurs. The last thing I hear is that Samantha girl asks Colton why he is crying. This town is definitely wacko. These kids are nut jobs. Alec was right maybe they do think they are werewolves or maybe even vampires. I decide to walk right back out of the main doors and head for home. I was going to keep ignoring them and stay away. I keep walking and cross the street as I think about what just happened. Calvin’s engaged; Colton thinks I’m their soulmate. What the hell were these kid's problems. Something had to have been screwed on the wrong way when they were kids. Maybe they fell out the wrong way at birth.

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