The Wind Crest Pack

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Chapter Three: The Ending of an Engagement Part Two

I stop and think for a minute as I remember that the girl back there almost said Alpha. Colton said the word mate. Why the hell did I feel like I was living in a fantasy world. I need to stay away from them, I didn’t need any of their craziness wearing off on me. But why does it feel like we are already in danger? Was Alec right? Are they a part of a cult that wants to use us for something? I shudder as the thought processes and stride to the front door. I search for the key in my front pockets and look down confused. I grab my bag off my shoulder and search its contents for the house key. First, I have trouble with the boys. Now, it's trouble with not being able to find a key. I groan but a sigh of relief follows shortly after as I find the key rolled inside my gym clothes within the bag. I quickly enter the house and head upstairs and dive into my bed after flinging the backpack to God knows where.

I sigh in content and move my face deeper within the pillows. He’s my Fiancé. The words hurt more than I would have liked them to. Calvin was getting married? I felt a pinch in my heart at the fact. It’s weird I barely know him, but I know I don’t like the idea of him being married. I shake the unknown hurt away and mumble curses under my breath. I barely knew them, and I needed to stay clear of them, end of the story. I definitely needed to talk to mom and dad about this. Too much stuff was already going on and I was becoming scared, but not just for me, for my family too. The craziness of this town made the idea of them being able to hurt my family so much easier to believe.

I groan into the pillow and curse at myself. These people were just nuts and too far into their heads, everything will be fine. Dad wouldn’t bring us somewhere where we would be put in danger. Right? I grip onto the pillow a little tighter and beg for sleep to come. I began to breathe in and out slowly to bring sleep faster, having a few chest pains as I breathe in and out, but I ignore it as sleep starts to fill in. However, a knock on the door interrupted me. I stay silent and try to ignore the knocking as I just wanted to get some more sleep. The knocks begin, again and again, I ignore them. But they are persistent and my patience for them to stop has run thin. I stay silent but get out of bed and head towards my window. I move the curtain to see who’s at the front door and it's Helissa. I shudder as I watch the girl continue to knock on the door. She continues her loud obnoxious knocks and I quirk an eyebrow, was she going to leave? As I’m watching her, the pain in my chest becomes a little more but not too bad that I can’t handle. Why is this day not going how I want it to!

A pain randomly seers through my chest and I almost cry out as I crash to the floor. I hold my hand over my breath as I hold back the whimpers. Her knocks still come continuously as I kneel on my bedroom floor in immense pain. Tears begin to pour out as I grip onto my chest as the pain begins to become unbearable, but I keep quiet to not alert the girl outside. I hold in a scream as the pain comes through in waves. The thought of the girl outside leaves my mind as I begin to let out little sobs and try to yield the pain. I begin to think of anything else that doesn’t involve pain and remember Theo. I cry out as another wave of pain comes through and the pain makes me remember a time where Theo and I were out in the forest and there was this pole behind the shed that held the lines that held clothes. I remember being stupid enough to climb it and remember the pain it brought when I had fallen off of it, not before the nails the stood up grazed through my skin leaving a nasty scar on my stomach.

I cried out as I felt my chest begin to tighten up more. Theo my only best friend when we were little. He was the little boy from the forest. The memory of him brings joy but the pain I feel brings me back to reality quickly as my breathing becomes rapid and unsteady. I try to slow down but the pain becomes worse and the feeling of puking rises as well. No one was home so no one could hear my painful screams. I’m alone and the feeling makes the real pain ten times worse. A scream escapes my mouth as I start to curl into a ball to find a way to get away from the pain.

“Mia!? Honey, is that you?” I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

I gasp out in pain.

“Mia? Why aren’t you at school it’s too early for you to be home yet! I know it’s not Alec, Mia! Answer me!” Mom yells up.

I don’t reply as pain shoots through my body and the rest of my weight crashes to the floor as the pain keeps traveling. I hear her move around downstairs before I hear her ascending the stairs. Then I hear my door open but black dots have begun to take over my vision.

“Mia!” she screams.

She grabs me.

“Mia, Mia stay awake. I got you. Mommy’s here I got you.” she grips me tighter to her, rocking us both as I cry.



“Will you stop trying to help when you don’t know anything!?” Uri says hitting shoulders with me.

I raise an eyebrow and swat back at him.

“What the fuck is your problem. I’m just trying to help. I need the grade too, you know? Asshole move before I tell the damned teacher you’re not letting me help.” I threaten him.

He turns and glares at me.

“Fine! Just don’t fuck up,” he says annoyed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you and everyone in this town. Ugh, I’m ready for dad to get transferred again.” I groan as I drag my hand across my face.

“What happens when your dad gets transferred?” Uri quirks an eyebrow as he asks.

“We leave this dreaded town and go to the next one he’s transferred to. I’ve never wanted to leave a town as fast as I want to leave this one. Even my siblings want to leave already, usually, we want to stay.” I chuckle. “How one town can change our mind so quickly is beyond me. But I’m ready to go. There is nothing here for any of us.”

“You're stupid.” he grimaces as a ring tone blares.

I look at the caller ID and see that mom is calling.

“Go ahead mama’s boy, answer.” Uri spits out sarcastically.

I roll my eyes but take the call.

“What’s up ma?”

“Alec why weren’t you with your sister today? What happened today?” she all but cries out.

“Mom what are you talking about, Mia is here at school, there’s nothing wrong,” I tell her.

“No, Alec! she’s here! At home. What happened today, huh? Please come home Alec...your sister...I can’t get her to wake up. I came home and she was crying and screaming. Come home Alec, I need you here.” my eyes fill with tears at the information and I quickly end the phone call.

I grab my book and pencils and shove them into my bag. I turn to leave but Uri grabs my arm and tingles run through. I yank my wrist out of his hold and rush out of the room. I quickly wipe my tears and burst out of the front doors and run to my car. I try and maul over the events that happened today but don’t remember much as we only see each other at lunch. I quickly unlock my car and open the door before hopping in and turning the car on. I speed out of the school parking lot and head towards home.

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