A Dormant Howl

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Prologue: A Brief History of the Silver Bullet Clan

The clans' beginnings were as destructive as any other clan that immigrated from one country to another. The United States was foreign to these people. But there were opportunities in the new world that began disappearing in their homeland.

Perhaps the methods used by the first generation were considered violent and barbaric, but it was effective – giving the Alpha the advantage and control. The instant my great granddad and the Alpha of our clan landed and settled in Oswego, New York they declared war on the Native American's and natural human residents of the region.

The Iroquois left within city limits over time lived and owned properties on the wharf. Our clan leaders wanted to have control of the maritime industry on the channel that lead out into the sea. Fishing and crabbing has been big business and our clan leaders wanted to be in charge of that enterprise. What began as a peaceful co-existence quickly turned out to be contentious. Eventually, our ancestors declared war on the tribe and ran them off to the other side of the city.

Many of our own ancestors– women, children, and good men –died because of the Alpha and his brothers' lust for power and control. Of the lands they dominated and ceased, the Nolan brothers divided the territories under one unifying clan – The Silver Bullet Clan.

Though we had been large before, when we reached the United States, something happened. A fire to grow, build, and dominate the landscape and the native population ignited inside. The clan grew, thousands strong—making us the largest Lycan clan in northern New York as we spread into outposts along the coast and all the way into Canada.

Alpha Seamus was a traditionalist. He believed in the chain of command and everything had to be in a particular order or succession - from one to another. At the top of command would be him – the Alpha of all Alpha's. Alpha Seamus appointed himself the lead Alpha who ruled over the smaller clans of the Silver Bullet Clan – his two brothers. His brothers would have their own Beta, Gamma, and Delta. There would be only one grand military system that would be dispersed throughout each region of our clan and led by only one General of Arms – the Patchett patriarch – Callum Roland Patrick Patchett.

Callum was an honest and just man. He fought tooth and nail along side his Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta but he was growing tired of Alpha Seamus's bloodlust.

While the Silver Bullet Clan had been at home in Ireland, the three brothers each had their own city/county. While Seamus had rule over the Northern Highlands in Ireland and Scotland, Edmund had ruled over Camden, while Rudolph ruled over Dublin. When the brothers followed Seamus and his pack to the United States, it stood to reason that they would in turn rule their own territory within the New World.

Despite it being a new world with endless possibilities, the Nolan Alphas did not change their morals, standards, or perspectives to fit in. All three brothers were of gypsy and druid blood. They ruled with their faith and culture in mind." You may ask yourselves, what is the importance of Gypsy blood? It means a great deal. It's what drives us to survive and thrive.

With numerous battles on record, the Silver Bullet Clan became renowned among the native Lycan and shifter clans as one of bloodlust, fury, and power to not be trifled with. Soon stories spread and rumors grew, lending to clan outsiders myth and legend. The history over the years became more of bedtime stories told around campfires and fireplaces. But, even until 1983 our clan had been considered to be one of the most misogynistic, patriarchal, and abusive packs in the northern territories.

Pack Dynamics

Even to this day our clan continues to have the same hierarchy of the chain of command. Although, Alpha Josiah no longer is considered an Alpha over Alpha's – he continues to have a Beta, Gamma, and Delta. After Alpha Josiah took the clan from his father – he released his control over the original Nolan brothers' sub-clans and gave them authority over their own clans – essentially allowing them to change their clan names, leaders, and defensive lines. They were no longer a part of the Silver Bullet Clan.

Another part of the clan was the Omega born. During the rule of our ancestors, Omegas were considered to be lowly, subordinate, rat scum. Even though they were the mortar that kept the clan together, the leaders of that time barely addressed their existence. Alpha Josiah was determined to change that perception.

The Clan Druid Elders and the spark that ignited change...

Something else that Alpha Josiah wanted to reform was the Druid Counsel and their perception and rules on matings. It was forbidden to mate with a Human. The moment a Lycan from our clan found out their mate was human, the clan elders within the Druid council would deal with it, by whatever means necessary.

The civil unrest and rebellion that sparked Alpha Josiah to overthrow his father was the mating of the clan's warrior generals' son and human girl. But our people had been fearful and fed up with how the clan was being lead with an iron fist. With times changing, laws created over a hundred years ago needed to go and peaceful means were not working.

Change wasn't on the horizon until Seamus's own son and heir apparent, Josiah, challenged him—essentially overthrowing his own father for supreme Alpha over the Silver Bullet Clan.

Defeating his father, new Alpha Josiah moved down the totem poll, disrupting the hierarchy and defeating his uncles. Throwing them into cells, he made himself judge, jury, and executioner—sentencing them to death for abusing their power, their packs, and assisting with the systemic genocide of their own people.
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