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It felt like deja vu to him. Running away from his problems had become a thing for him for the past 4 months. This time was different though, he was running away from the love of his life Miguel Laflamme was supposed to be an Alpha King but only a few people knew.He had too many skeletons in his closet. What happens when the hybrid has to leave the only good thing in his life behind??Was he really going to risk it all?? Copyrights© [ 07/ 01/2021] KirstyTae

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The beginning of trouble

Miguel's POV

The loud ringing of my phone woke me up from my 2 hours sleep.I stretched my hand and picked up my sweat pants from the floor,taking out my phone.

"Hello?"I answered groggily.I could hear some shuffling and a muffled voice from the other side on the phone .

"Oh hie sweetie,did you sleep well?"Rita asked in a stern but concerned voice

"I slept like a new born baby !I'm guessing you slept like one too with how energetic your voice sounds"I had my eyes closed tightly hoping that she wouldn't see right through my lie.

"Of course I did!Why don't you go back to sleeping like a new born baby because you're not coming to work today"replied Rita letting me know that she caught me.

"No ,Rita please don't do that .I don't want to be home all day I'm feeling great and I want to work okay?Byee" I cut the call quickly, leaving no room for an argument .

I threw my phone on the bed and sighed.I got out of
bed,showered and dressed making sure that I looked like someone who had slept for about 9 hours,ate breakfast and did yoga.The truth is l looked like a zombie on the inside and I made it my goal for no one to ever see the truth.

I then decided to talk to Adriel who's always too chirpy early in the morning.I was surprised that he was just quiet all the time I talked to Rita ,and did my morning routine.He always comment on Rita's concerns about me ,so why he was quiet?I don't know.

I decided to ask,'Hey buddy,you okay?'No answer
'Ad?' No answer again.Yep ,he was ignoring me and that just added to my already annoyed mood.After many attempts to get him to talk I gave up ,locking my apartment and drove to work .

It was now lunch time and l was busy trying so hard to avoid Rita's pouty face.She was pouting at me to come and sit with her for lunch but l wasn't budging.I am a strong determined person and if I said no ,I meant no


Who was I kidding?Of course Rita being Rita ended up winning.So there I was sitting opposite to her, forcing food down my throat just to please her.My appetit and I had lost each other months ago .I only ate so that I would survive and not die from hunger. Which would be surprising if it were to happen because I worked in a diner cooking food and serving it,being paid a lot of money and to top it all,I already had my own money .

Rita always forced me to eat lunch with her for 2 reasons, one being ;you need to eat ,not eating is not healthy and the other one is because her husband would be out of town for business or had gone for a business trip .I guess he was out of town judging by what I heard his muffled voice say in the background when his wife called me this morning.
We usually had lunch together but sometimes I'd be able to escape the couple saying they needed more time to themselves without me intruding.They would let me off the hook seeming unconvinced by my reason but wouldn't question it otherwise.

Two hours had passed since lunch time and my wolf was pacing up and down inside my head.So I excused myself from everyone and went to the bathroom to ask him why he was being such a baby at the worst times of all.

'Would you stop up and down in my mind ?You're making me feel dizzy and restless. Rita already suspected me of being sleep deprived and what you're doing is just gonna end up with her taking us to the hospital . You wouldn't want that ,would you?'

Yeah ,that did it because he finally answered, 'I don't know what's happening.I just feel restless and itchy ,so pacing back and forth was helping till you decided to comment on it '

'Don't be sassy .I'm worried and hiding things from me isn't going to work so spill', I replied with the same energy he gave a few seconds ago.

'I'm sorry', he said feeling dejected .

'Hey, it's okay' I whispered.

'I feel like something good and bad is going to happen .I don't know if it's going to happen today or tomorrow. I'm worried about you.If something happe-'

'No!Nothing's gonna happen to us .We're strong and we'll fight ,we will fight for ourselves, okay?', I cut him off,quickly reassuring him

'Fine ', he huffed and retreated from our argument to the back of my mind

Things started making sense now ,which explains my annoyed mood and my wolf blocking his emotions from me. He's always thinking about me first before himself. Protecting me from things we should be facing together .He knows that we're one person ,an angel with an inner wolf. Making me a hybrid,half angel and half werewolf.

Adriel's overprotective of me .When I wake up feeling sad and depressed,he cheers me up like the good best friend he's.
I know that it's probably weird but my wolf is my bestfriend even though we're one person,with the same mind and the same body.He's the best thing that I have in my life right now. I would never ask for anyone else better than him.

The truth is I wasn't only trying to reassure him that everything was going to be fine,I was reassuring myself too I've been through a lot and he was there for me when I needed him the most.He distracted me from pain by making humorless jokes which would turn out to be pretty funny because of how humorless they would be.I don't know if you get what I'm saying but it worked for me. He offered me his protective aura when I just needed to get things off my chest without trying to talk to me.


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