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Chapter 2

Birthday plans

Lynn's POV

"Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey!" The voice I know all too well shouted yanking my blankets off of me .Instead of giving her a cursing acknowledgment,I pushed myself off the bed ,dragging my feet to the bathroom for my morning routine .

"That took too long "complained my dear cousin Kate

"First of all,I didn't ask you to wait for me and secondly, next time you do what you just did a few minutes ago,I'm filling up that annoying heart of yours with silver and wolfsbanes powder bullets " I replied pointing an accusing finger at her

"You wouldn't dare!"came her words with a fake gasp

"Oh trust me I would "l replied smugly

"Yeah ,yeah whatever. I'm just excited about your birthday okay ?So ,any plans for tonight?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively .The pillock didn't even apologize for interrupting my peaceful sleep.

"No!Why are you even asking?My birthday is tomorrow not today" the words rushed out of my mouth before I could stop them .
Judging by the smirk on her face, I had answered her question way too fast

"Can we just go get breakfast,I'm hungry and definitely don't have the energy for this "
I said twisting the door knob ready to eat and escape that conversation .

She said "Sure ,whatever" in between her giggles

After breakfast,I decided to to for a run since the weather was sunny but not too humid.

On my way back,I was taking in my surroundings,the pack grounds,the pups running around playing while some adult wolves trained and others going about their day.Man ,I was going to miss all of this ,especially my aunt and uncle.
We were close but me staying here for a year got us even more closer.Kate would complain about how her parents love me more than her.Which of course is not true but Kate being the dramatic person she's keeps arguing with me everytime we bring this topic up .

I walk up the stairs ,open the door and hear Kate talking while moving around in my walk-in closet.She was packing up my things .How nice of her ,I smile looking at the suitcases placed right beside the bed and other messy things on the bed.

"Yeah ,I miss you too "Kate says
"I know"
"I have been gone for a day .How can you be dying?"

I was eavesdropping on Kate's conversation.Judging by how the conversation was going, she was speaking to Lionel ,her mate.I decided not to listen to the other side of the phone conversation and restrained my ears.I was already listening to my cousin's side ,why would I need to make it more complicated than it was already.

I held back my laughter as I listened to how Kate was telling Lio to quit whining and annoying her before she loses it

I loved the both of them so much.They loved ,cared and respected each other ,so did every mated couple back at my pack .I had a reason to why I came here and stayed for a whole year.On Kate's 16th birthday,She found out that her mate was Lionel ,our Beta and my brother's bestfriend.
My brother ,Seth found his mate on his birthday too .
My 16th birthday came and I was excited to find my mate.
To my disappointment,I didn't.I waited for a couple of days but there was no change .

I would see my brother ,my friends and their mates being all lovey dovey,going to couples' events and participating.And the worst part of all was that they always ask me to come with.As a third wheeler ,yes you have guessed that right.Not wanting to seem bitter or make them think I'm still depressed about being the unmated girl I am,I would always come with no matter what.

I ended up growing tired of pretending everyday and wallowing in self pity ,so I decided to move out and go stay with my aunt Cleopatra and her mate Joe.Aunt Cleo is dad's twin sister.She moved away when she met her mate.She and Joe could have stayed at my dad's pack but because uncle Joe was the Alpha's advisor,they had to stay at his pack It is not a tradition for werewolves to move to the male's pack when it comes to mates from different packs finding each other.
The mates are allowed to chose who moves to who's pack except for those who are mated to high ranks.It's pretty obvious who needs to move away from his or her pack so as to not disturb the packs' leadership and deprive your other half of their birthright or gifted leadership .

And in this situation,uncle Joel was made the Alpha's advisor because he was a smart kid growing up,always helping the adults with ideas and teaching kids of his own age many things .Not many packs had advisors because who needs one if you have a set of Moon goddess's given leaders.

The Alpha is the Leader of the pack ,followed by the Beta , second in command and the Gamma ,the head warrior.
These were the highest ranks in the pack including the Alpha,Beta and Gamma family members.

Seth ,my brother officially became the Alpha at 18 when our parents stepped down.So did Lio ,Kate's mate .The Gamma position was still taken by Rodwell and Anna since their boys haven't reached the age to be officially be the Gamas.

They were still training but their parents knew that they were ready to take their positions even though they weren't 18 years old yet.They were waiting for the twins, Jayden and Kayden to say the word themselves.

They were identical twins ,they looked like one person literally!When their parents finally step down, the two of them will become Gammas ,the heard-warriors .Jayden is the best warrior while his twin is the second best at fighting.
Kayden is the best tracker while Jayden is the second best at tracking in the pack .Both of the twins had half of each other's abilities therefore,they needed each other to make up a complete team.

Kayden got the tracking ability from Anna and Jayden's fighting ability from Rodwell.


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