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Chapter 3

Someone's watching

Miguel's POV

I smiled heavily breathing, sweat dripping down my body. After a long day of working, this was the best way to end it.It is supposed to be only a few hours,but of course me being a stubborn ass, I always convince Rita to let me work a little more than I should.

I felt at home hitting the gym and solo practicing combat.
Unfortunately, there's only so much I can do without a partner and there's no way I'm going out there to find a private partner.So this is going to have to do.

I miss practicing counters, blocks and grappling but these techniques needed a partner and my partner was nowhere to be found.I miss him so much.He taught me most of the things I know today besides my parents and my wolf, Adriel.But hey, at least I have him right ?Upon hearing this, Ad stirred, probably waking up from his sleep.Lucky bastard, while I'm here training my ass off he was there dreaming about God knows what?I also meditate after every gym and combat session to keep my inner demons at bay.

I have no idea how I lost my balance but I fell and face planted the floor with a loud thud."Shit!"I cursed loudly and only heard snickers coming from Ad.I slowly sat up touching my forehead and winced.In a matter of seconds,I was completely healed as if nothing happened at all.How nice right?

'You think this is funny?'

'Awee my baby just had his first kiss. Tell me, how was it?You know, kissing the floor?'he coed

'Oh shut it',I grumbled out and glared at him adding pressure on my hands to push me off the floor so that I could do my meditation.I already had hard time sleeping and skipping a day of training had it's concequences.That is why I woke up feeling like a zombie today.No, scratch that, I'm always feeling like one on the inside but this morning was just extra because I got lazy and passed

As I sat cross legged on the mat,I could hear every minute my heart beats inside of my chest,wind moving in different directions, humans' feet softly walking on, chatting together and animals about half a mile away.I sighed contentedly.This is the only time I knew I had control over my inner and not so inner demons.So calm ,so carefree and a peaceful mind.
This is the time I forget that I'm alone, with no family to defend me or at least knowing if they're still alive .

I abruptly stopped the calming verse of spells I was repeatedly chanting when I caught an uneasy feeling coating around the atmosphere and decided to call it a day heading for the shower.And also trying so hard to escape the unexpectedly expected and not so welcomed or exciting events that were going to happen today or tomorrow.
When you've come this far,you'd know that expecting shit to happen almost everytime you close your eyes is just a reminder of being a target of death where you either run for your life or wait for fate to decide which is which for you .I'd run for the hills without having second thoughts.Dying of hunger is better than dying being fed to dogs by the hands of undeserving shitty ass people like him.

It was now 17:30 and I was thinking of making dinner. How does cereal sound?I thought rubbing my chin for extra effect because who in the hell eats cereal for dinner?My phone vibrated indicating that I have a message from Rita.She had texted me to come and meet her in the parking lot, to probably give me healthy cooked dinner.

The trip to the parking lot was quiet until my wolf spoke,'I wonder when we're going to meet our mate'Our mate, our one and only soulmate.This is the one topic I had no idea how to feel about.Of course I wanted love ,peace and happiness, to cherish all these beautiful things with her more than anything but I knew I couldn't.To her l would come as the love of her life but to me I'd be going to her as a burden and risking my mate's happiness and safety wasn't an option.

I was about to answer to my wolf's thoughts but kept quiet when I felt that someone was watching me.I quickly took my phone out texting Rita that I got caught up in something serious so as to not worry her.She let it go after a lot of reassurance that I wasn't in trouble with the police .Typical mama bear ,I smiled at that thought.

I kept going straight instead of turning to the left ,to keep them or whoever watching me from being suspicious.
I had to get out of town really quick.I pressed on my accelerator so damn hard that my car was going way past speed limit.I think whoever was following me caught on and made themselves seen,their car appeared from the other side knocking mine off the bridge.I watched as it rolled in the air a few times before I lunged myself out it as it was about to hit the ground.

I landed on my ass, before I even tried to get back on my feet ,a man had me pinned down while the other one hovered over me.I got a way out of his hold and headbutted the wolf throwing it a couple of feet away.With my hands on the other man's neck,I slowly started squeezing the life out of him.
When all of a sudden something hit me on the back of my head.I felt my body going numb and eyes drooping after successfully killing the man that had pinned me down.

I woke up to someone dragging me by one of my feet on the ground.The first thing I felt was wolfsbane in my veins and I knew that I had to get the hell out here quickly.So I let my wolf out before I could lose control.I don't how many they were but Ad and I killed, no slaughtered all of them before he took off into a direction I had no idea of ever taking.Deep in the forest where I knew all too well that it was full of wolf packs.


We ran and ran for hours until we collapsed right on a pack's border line.'Well shit' Adriel and I thought at the same time.


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