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Chapter 4


Lynn's POV

I stared outside through the window, trees seemed to be moving backwards ,low music playing softly in the background. I was trying to calm the loud beating of my heart and block all the emotions I was feeling.The look my aunt and uncle had when I left an hour ago and the thought of seeing my family again. I was both sad and happy



"Hey ,I know how you're feeling. Scared and excited at the same time ,I've been there. After finding out Lio was my mate,I had to move away from my pack coming to yours. Leaving my parents wasn't easy but look at me now.I'm used to it, so you will be fine.Now calm down and stop stressing yeah?"

I love my cousin so much.She knows me so well, she can tell about how I'm feeling by just looking at me .

"Hey cousin?"She hummed for me to continue

"Thank you for-"

"You're welcome cousin and I love you too, now shut up and let me listen to my music "

That's Kate for you.She can go from being sweet,kind and caring to a hormonal pregnant ass woman.Wait...Hold the fuck up!

"Oh Goddess Kate!Are you fucking pregnant?" I screamed

"Oh Goddess Lynn!Are you trying to take my hearing away and probably affect the baby too?" She shrieked mimicking me

My head snapped at her in an instant, I think I actually got whiplash.I stared at her with wide eyes until she threw her head back started laughing hysterically.

I raised my elbow to jab her in the ribs saying,"Oh why you lying bi- look out!"I shouted as I saw the car skidding towards the guardrail.

Just before the car hit the guardrail,she regained control and pulled out of the skid.We looked at each other and burst into laughter acting as if we didn't almost die a few seconds ago.What a pair of clowns


"How exactly have the pack been doing ?I miss them so much"

"They have been great and missing their Alpha female of course.I left them preparing for your arrival and preparty"

Alpha female, it generally means an Alpha's daughter or a female with Alpha blood in her especially those with leading or former leading parents. Politically,it means that if anything should happen to Seth, I'd take over his Alpha position when I'm of age.And I hope it'd never come to that because I want my brother to be safe and secondly because being an Alpha has got a lot of responsibilities and don't get me started on those boring ass meetings and the tiresome paper work.

Dad would sometimes take both Seth and I to those meetings before he became Alpha.Since I'm the 'Second Alpha' if something goes wrong, I sometimes had to be there to gain leadership skills and just being observant.


Seeing my parents,my brother and the rest of my family was so overwhelming.It was nice to have them in my arms again

They had done an amazing job at preparing for my arrival and preparty.

I watched Lionel and Kate amused as her mate told her to stop drinking all the different kinds of alcohol as she will just end up vomiting since werewolves couldn't be affected by alcohol that easily. And yes, that was all the confirmation of her not being pregnant

I abruptly stopped watching them when I felt my skin starting to feel cold and clammy.I felt dizzy but before I could even utter one word, my wolf took over and shifted right away.

''Mia !What the-' She blocked me and ran off to the Eastern border.

"Lynn what are you doing!?"

I heard my mom calling after me but I wasn't the one in control so I couldn't do anything.

" Selynn Mia Dimestone!"

Oh Goddess, we were in so much trouble because mom never calls us by our full freaking name unless it's something serious

I could hear wolf paws thudding against the ground behind me, probably my parents and my brother following us.Mia kept going until we were a couple of feet away from the Eastern border line.Slowly but surely,Mia crept closer to the border keeping her guard up.

Just as we both sniffed the air , fireworks from the packhouse exploded , showing vivid colors and designed shapes of fireworks in the nighttime sky causing me to turn around and get lost in the moment.

The fireworks were set to explode at 00:00 am ,the time I officially became 17.Mia's snout broke into a wolfy smile. And then we remembered why came here exactly!

I hadn't noticed that I had gotten close to the- 'Oh Goddess! Mia jumped back in pure shock

'No! No, it can't be!'


I smiled down at my birthday present which the Moon goddess decided that it was time to surprise me on my birthday four days ago.To say I was happy is an understatement, I was over the moon!

There he was, sleeping looking so comfortable and at peace. Yet,he hasn't even moved an inch.

My mate...The person I've been waiting for an entire year.After finding him right on the Eastern border line, l couldn't believe it .It took my parents a couple of minutes to get me to accept it.We quickly got him to the hospital with me growling at anybody who dared to get close to him

Doctor Malvis told me that he had excessive wolfsbanes in his blood mixed with a little bit of liquid silver.She said that it'd be a miracle if he wakes up.

That was all it took for me to lose control and attack her.She didn't even fight back causing me to calm down and ask her why the hell she didn't defend herself. All she answered me with was that she's been a doctor for a long time and understand how it feels to know if the people you love are going to make or not.

I wonder what happened to him ,how he survived so many shots of that poisonous plant's liquid.The person or people who did this to him were really going for the kill. Doctor Mal wanted to take a sample of his blood so that she could run other tests but I didn't let her.
Something about her taking my mate's blood for further examination while he was unconscious didn't sit well with me, even my wolf agreed

Since he was healing most of his burnt body parts on his own, the drips on his arms were used for draining the poison out of his system.Call me naive but I didn't see the need for her to do further tests since the things that were needed the most for him to wake up were being taken care of. Something in the back of my mind told me that he'd be happy about it. She'll have to ask for his permission if he, no when he wakes up

Doctor Mal was astonished at how quick the poison was draining and thought that maybe something was wrong.My mate isn't showing any sign of discomfort or pale for someone who is in his condition.I know that he's a lone wolf because of his scent and they're known to be one of the strongest supernatural creatures but exactly how strong is he?

A tired but hopeful sigh escaped my lips as I stare at him intently without blinking an eye thinking that he might wake up anytime soon.I had seen his skin color,his perfect facial features ,his black hair in a buzz cut but not his eyes since he haven't even blinked yet. I wonder what color his eyes are.

'I'm too impatient for this.Let's just pull his eyelids open or something'

I rolled my eyes at my wolf's suggestion, fighting back the temptation of going down that road

'There's something about his hair that-'

Suddenly, I felt like the air had been locked out my lungs, l couldn't breathe !I looked up and my heart almost beat out of my chest


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