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Chapter 5

My mate....Our mate

Miguel's POV

My mind slowly regained control of my body causing my body to recover from being unconscious.

I laid there completely still as I felt some of my energy coming back to me after such a long nap, but I had a feeling that it was more than just a nap.

I focused on senses which I'm glad that they seem normal ,not affected at all.I heard many heartbeats but they were a little far, only the heartbeat of one person stood out.I felt eyes burning holes into my face. A beeping machine was on the other side of the bed and I felt drips attached to my arms.

As discreetly as possible,I sniffed the air, a smell of antiseptic,a little bitter, with undertones of the artificial fragrance contained in soaps and cleansers. No doubt that I was in a hospital or a lab.

'Wait....there's another scent that's different here,'

But I couldn't focus as the beeping of the machine finally decided to alert whoever was in here that I was awake. And believe me, if I were in some type of lab, it meant that safety was top priority

Using my werewolf speed, I quickly got off the bed effectively ripping out the IVs on my, lifting up and pinning the person who was burning holes into my face against the wall. I made sure my hand was applying enough pressure on the neck to stop breathing while the other was ready to punch incase strangulation didn't work

A girl with beautiful brown eyes, black braids and smooth skin stared at me showing pain and many different emotions.I stared at her wondering if her beauty could somehow save someone from dying because it was just too pure to not have that ability

Loud gasps from her trying to breathe snapped me out of my trance.I let go off her neck ,catching her before she hit the ground. She started coughing violently leaning on me as she calmed down.I instinctively hugged her,rubbing her back in a soothing way.I slowly let her go when I felt that she was calmly breathing.

Everything about us being strangers and my safety was long forgotten about as we stare at each other.I saw a person full of life, happy and satisfied. Just looking at her made me feel tranquil and a weird feeling inside my heart, soul and body.

'My mate...our mate',Adriel and I simultaneously whispered

After studying me for a couple of seconds,she hesitantly raised her hand up to softly rub her thumb against my cheek causing my eyes to flutter close. I shamelessly shivered as I felt like my whole body was on fire because of a mere touch by my mate. That was the most pleasant feeling ever

I opened my eyes and closed them as I went from being relieved to back in my cautious reality or life, whatever I'm supposed to call it. Her eyes flashed brighter indicating that she and her wolf acknowledged us as their mate and I could feel mine and Ad doing the same in the back of my contact lens

I took a few steps back watching her reaction warily , the look on her face showed an expression of hurt,confusion, shock and fear included. Out of all the emotions, I picked out fear and shock, if she knows, I'm done for. After a couple days of not having utter a word, my voice would most probably be hoarse but I mastered the courage to ask her

"What color are my eyes? " I asked, my heart almost beating out of my chest

"They are black and beautiful " she whispered
I slowly released the breathe that had been caught in my throat out feeling relief wash over my whole being. I smiled at her while replaying how her voice sounded like in my heard over and over.

I was happy that my contract lenses still stayed in place and unnoticed even after a doctor had probably checked out everything that seemed hurt ,out of place or weird on me.

I've had contact lenses since one year of being born .My mom made sure that I always had them on especially when going out and whenever she didn't feel safe for me to be running around the house without them.

I knew why she did it though, it was for protection, safety and to hide my real identity. My real eye colors were a striking neon green and golden color .They would constantly switch from neon green to golden and vice versa. Even when l let my wolf out, they don't stick to one color. The only difference is that they glow brighter than they usually do when I'm in control but the constant switching doesn't stop.

I'm pretty sure that anyone would be freaked out if they see my real eyes , so I was grateful for those artificial ones my mom got me

I smiled covering the distance I had created between us.I was about to reply to her cheesy comment when I felt a sting on both of my arms. She immediately saw my discomfort and quickly guided me back on the hospital bed.

I'm glad that it wasn't a lab with some crazy ass scientists experimenting on a "strange species" as what many other scientists had called me before.

Her eyes glazed over probably mind linking the doctor to come and put back the IV drips I had ripped out of my arms.

"You haven't given me your name yet"

"It's Selynn Mia but call me Lynn if you'd please. What's yours?"

I was about to respond when the door opened revealing a petite brown skin woman wearing a white coat and a stethoscope hanging around her neck.

"I'm sorry, I knocked on the door but you didn't answer so l-" the doctor tried to apologise giving us a nervous smile and a bow

"It's okay Doctor Mal , there's no need for an apology " My mate-Lynn smiled reassuringly

The doctor moved to the machines clicking buttons and putting the IVs back into place .She then sat on the chair that was beside the left side of the bed with a clip board and a pen in her hands.

"I'm going to ask you a couple of questions, I hope you don't mind "

I only nodded in response gesturing for her to go on

"What is your name "

"Miguel Adriel doc , yours?" I asked hers too so that I wouldn't seem rude.

She stared at me expectantly for a few seconds , I played dumb knowing that she was silently asking for my last name. After seeing that I wasn't going to answer any time soon, she took that as a sign to leave it like that and answered me instead

"It's Malvis but you can call me Doctor Mal "
I nodded in response

"How are you feeling?Does anything hurt?"

"I can feel a burning sensation in mostly my legs and arms and a slight headache. Otherwise I'm quiet good "

"Alright, do you remember what happened ?"

"Not really, I only know that I was attacked on my way out of town, everything else is just a blur"

It was true to a certain extent and the rest was a lie.

I had to come up with a very strong and believable story because I'm sure that they'd like to know me better as I was mated to the Alpha's daughter and Second


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