Mounty Huntress (Excerp) Mavis Mekalister Book 1

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A Neverending Day

It had been a long and mentally demanding workday for Mavis. Nothing had gone right and when she was asked to stay late, that had been the final blow. On the plus side, it was payday, which should have made her feel relieved. Instead, she just felt stressed. 'If I'm working overtime, shouldn't I get paid for it?' Mavis cursed.

The gas light dinged on her dash, reminding her that she should have filled her car, but it was too late now, she was almost home. She let out a long and drawn-out sigh as she turned down the next block, beyond ready for this day to be over. All she wanted right now was to hug her baby girl, eat that leftover lasagna in the fridge, and curl up on the couch with her husband. She pulled into her driveway and immediately shut off the car, slumping back into her seat defeated. Mavis took long slow and even breaths out of her nose, then exhaled through her mouth. After a few minutes, she felt a little more collected and her eyes shifted towards the house.

An unsettling feeling washed over her instantly. It was dark. Too dark. Alexander was supposed to be home. Her mind scrambled to think, too tired from the events from her day to remember if Alexander had told her anything. Were they gone? Or had they gone to bed already? Her eyes turned towards the clock on her dash. It was only nine-thirty. Mavis shoved the car door open and tore up the driveway. Her heels clicked loudly against the cement as she made her way to the front door. She quickly shoved her key into the lock before bursting into a cold and lifeless house. Blindly in the dark, she reached for the switch, finding it after a couple of missed pats with her hand. Flicking on the lights, she gasped in horror.

The walls, ceiling, and floors of the entryway were covered in splatters and smudges of fresh blood. A smeared handprint on the wall caught her eye and a harsh chill ran up her spine.

"ALEXANDER!" Her voice trembled. The whole house remained quiet. Mavis swallowed before continuing to move toward the kitchen. The further she moved into the house the more pungent the sweet metallic scent got. Causing her skin to crawl with unease. She flicked on the lights and her stomach dropped again. There was even more in this room. It speckled the off-white cupboards and dark granite countertops. Turning her once pleasant cooking space into a butcher scene.

A gust of cool air drew her attention towards the broken sliding glass door. Grinding her teeth, she felt her jaw pop before she moved towards it.


Her eyes dropped to the floor, shards of glass were scattered across the gray tile, mixing in with the blood and other debris. Mavis continued to follow the trail around the island until she came to a sudden halt. Drawing in a sharp breath as her eyes landed on the severed arm. Mavis felt dizzy, taking a step back her breathing became more labored. She recognized the navy blue plaid pattern on the shirt sleeve immediately. Alexander had been wearing that shirt this morning. Everything turned on its side as her head reeled. The way the skin and shirt fabric had been torn. Mavis immediately recognized this kind of brutality. Her years of experience hunting supernatural creatures had exposed her to many gruesome scenes, and she had seen her fair share of severed limbs.

Without a doubt, Mavis knew there was a werewolf in her house.

Swallowing back her unease, she forcefully yanked open one of the utensil drawers and pulled out a silver cake knife. Gripping the handle so tightly in her hand, that she made her knuckles turn white. Mavis slowly moved towards the dining room and placed herself up against the wall by the entrance. Carefully, she reached around the wall and found the switch. In the same moment she flipped on the lights she rounded the corner. Expecting to find her home invader but instead. She found her husband.

The cake knife slid from her hand and sunk into the hardwood floor. There was nothing left of him. Completely unrecognizable from the neck down. His once tall and muscular form was nothing more than a pile of torn and mangled flesh and bones. Thoroughly tenderized like meat in a meat grinder.

An almost inaudible sob slipped from her sealed lips as she collapsed onto the floor. Mavis struggled to breathe as grief and guilt suffocated her. Her eyes snapped shut and she squeezed them as tightly as she could. This was too cruel. Her heart clenched as she thought of all the horrific things he must have experienced before he died. Attempting to comfort herself, she wrapped her arms around her in a pitiful hug. Her body racked in agony as reality began to set in. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. Alexander had been the glue that held their little family together. What were they going to do without him?

Mavis's eyes shot open wide. Her heart rate accelerated as panic invaded her senses. Her daughter was home. Clumsily she tried to push herself to her feet but toppled back onto her rear. Biting into her bottom lip this time, she yanked the cake knife out of the floor and scrambled to get her feet under her. Flailing drunkenly as she rushed towards the stairs. Fear pricked every nerve in her body as she neared the top.

There was blood on the door.

Mavis's hands shook as a vicious stab pierced her heart and she violently shoved the door open. Her breath caught when she saw the empty crib, and the drops of blood on the sheet and blanket.

'Where is she? Is that her blood or her father's?' Before she could form an answer, she doubled over and threw up bile onto the floor.

Gripping the crib railing, she struggled to breathe. Each breath came out more ragged than the last, and each intake of air felt more like inhaling water than oxygen. Her legs shook in protest to her weight, before they finally gave and she plummeted to her knees. Mavis's vision immediately blured with tears, and an aching cry slipped from her trembling lips. Everything that she had ever loved- was gone.
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