BOOK 1_ Who Am I ?

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Love and magic plays hand in hand. Evil and good, two forces which could destroy everything in its path. This is a story...A story of bonds. A story of undying love. A story from me to you. This is a story of fire and ice.....

Fantasy / Other
C. Karsim.
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A storm was swirling deep inside of me, threatening to consume me whole. Sometimes I wondered what's my purpose. Did I even have one. Time passes, people change, things modernize but me? Brianna Spencer will always be trapped.... trapped within herself. Trying to find the light, trying to find that little escape. Thou the darkness feeds on me. I'm not scared, no fear.. maybe I don't even have a soul. I hope to discover myself and fight for the future I deserve.

Some time passed,5 years to be accurate. The memories and pain I felt never left. It was still there,breaking me from within. Destroying my heart,mind and soul. I felt lifeless,incapable of loving anyone or anything. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The wounds still fresh...

"Dont please...get your filthy hands off me someone please, anyone! Dont touch me, stay away!"

I screamed, shouted and begged for him to let me go. He wanted to take the one thing I valued most, my innocence! I thought it was all a nightmare and I'll wake up, I'll wake up and tell myself.

" You okay, everything's okay."

"You are such a dirty man, get away from me you horny bastard!" I spat at him.

He just stared at me with lustful eyes. His big muscular hairy hands pinning me against the bed. I was laying there naked and helpless.

"Why did this have to happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?" I thought.

His lips brushing mine as he began to speak.

"Oh feisty I see ,just the way I like them. Your mother is beautiful but you,you Brianna are absolutely breathe taking. How I long to be inside you. Well it's a shame I have to damage something this precious."

He pulls my hair back so I'm looking at him directly in his blood shot eyes.

"The fear in your eyes makes me so happy my dear. It's a shame I'm not a good man or I would make you my mistress."

His breathe against my neck, the smell of alcohol and a hint of nicotine filled my nostrils. What a disgusting vile creature I thought.

This is all her fault I thought. Every night she brings a different man home. Sex,money and alcohol that's all she knew. After my father died she didn't give two fucks about anything. I mean come on I loved the man too but you dont see me selling myself and drinking my life into oblivion. She used her beauty as an advantage. To think I was ashamed of my own mother. Yes the women to blame for the situation I'm in right now is my beloved mother, Veronica.

"I'm going to have so much fun with you, your beautiful face, plump red lips, your delicious round breasts, firm ass and those big blue orbs...just perfect." He said while removing all his clothes.

That night he crushed my entire world. He crushed my soul and stole my innocence,my pride. Brutally he feasted on my body devouring me. Like I was some piece of meat. I just lay there, my body throbbing from the pain. When he was satisfied he left. I still remember his last words to me before he left.

"You are nothing but a broken girl,every man that comes your way will use you for the whore you are." I just started at hkm. Horrified!

"You are a whore and you will always be ,no man will ever love you!"

The door slammed shut and he was gone.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of loud honking.

"Get out of the way you bitch!" The middle age man said.

" Fuck you !" With that I started the ignition of my black Audi R8. It was my gift from an anonymous person. Well who would let go of a free car. With that I was off to my first day at uni.

Blood university was one of the most prestigious of all. The only reason I got into this university was because first of all I had good grades and second the Dean is my father's best friend. Him and my father used to go way back, they looked similar. Some say almost brother like. Thou dad always told me that was not the case.

"Blood university,here I am." I said rolling my eyes.

The name thou I never understood, BLOOD university. I jumped out of my car. "That was a long drive." I said to myself.

I lifted the pamphlet that had pictures of the university to my eyes. Gazing upon had big golden gates that were at the entrance, rows and rows of greenery where on each side. The floor was only what I could say looked like gold from the picture. "It could be gold paint." I said out load to no one in particular. I kept looking at the pictures of different sections of the university, it's a mighty fine place although one thing caught my attention.

On the corner of the picture of the building, a wooden slate placed into the brick wall. With letters craved in ,clearly read


I rubbed my eyes to read it again. "That surname, that surname is mine...Brianna Spencer. Oh well must be a coincidence. Now to the university!" There was no way it could be me. My name starts with a B plus I'm nothing close to royalty.

I continued walking and I knew I was getting close, I looked up to where the university is supposed to be and to my surprise came upon something almost from a horror movie. Let me just add it looked magnificent.

The white walls were now a glossy dark grey. The rows of trees on either side weren't lush and green rather they had no leaves and were dry yet bright red apples hung from them. The wind blew carrying along with it the smell of dry blood and mint, a weird combination if you ask me. The pillars that held the building were bright red ,the same colour as the apples. Only then did I realise the clouds were grey. Light shown upon this building, making it shine and glitter in the moonlight. The aura that it gave off was powerful and dark. Dangerous in fact. At first It didnt look like a pretty sight but the more i study it ,the more I began to feel attached to this place.

That's when I felt someone touch my shoulder and I snapped my head back,to be met with a girl of my age. Pale skin, brown hair, green eyes and a good looking figure. I would say she was beautiful.

"Hi I'm Tiffany,its my first year and I'm guessing it's your too." She said in her angelic voice.

"Yes wait,have you seen...."

I waved my hand in the direction of the building and turned around. To my surprise it was gone. The building I saw was gone. It was back to its original gloried state. Leaves hung from every branch of every tree. The air smelt like summer rain and vanilla. Even the dark clouds that were was there were gone.

How the hell?.....

A/N : Hey everyone

Well this is my first chapter of my first book.

Hope you guys enjoy what all I have to come.

And dont forget to vote and comment my lovely butterflies 😂❤️.

And under no circumstances can you copy my work😆🐾...

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