Arika the Demon Fox Spirit

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This story is mainly about a girl named Airak and she was murder by a demon fox spirit, but she comes back as the demon fox spirit and have no memory about who or where she comes from, so she is looking for answer and she finds her two little sisters Chi and Hanuka , so they reunited, but more trouble await the sisters

Fantasy / Horror
Ashlee Beck
Age Rating:

Airka's Death

One morning Airka and Chieko was outside playing ball and called them,then said to them;"Do not stay outside all night long for the demon fox spirit come to kill ," but of Airka and Chieko just only laugh, because they thought that funny and continue to play with their ball.

Night came and they were still playing with their ball, but Chieko kicked the ball so hard that it went flying into the brush in the middle of the meadow near the mountains by a creepy old abandoned shine, so Airka and Chieko decided on who going to get their ball by playing rock paper andscissors game, and as always Airka lose, so she ended up having to get their ball.
Just as Airka went to go get look for their ball she heard, and sound in the brush so she jumped in fright , then she saw her ball, so she try to grab her ball it , but something grab her ball and ran off , so she chase it to get her ball back, but it disappear.
Airka look down and noticed her ball , so she picked it up and placed it in her pocket and was about to go back home, but then she noticed that she was lost, so she try to find away out of the shine , but she was surrounded by a group of demon fox spirits and one of them leap at her and try to attack her, but she hit the demon fox spirit and she ran for her life but she trip over a dead body then she scream and one of the fox spirit heard her and found her, then it leap at her and it started to eat her alive and she scream and please for someone to help her, but nobody came to save her , so when Chieko finally found Airka she was dead, so Chieko cry and buried her big sister in the grave site, then she went home and told her mom what happened to Airka, but her mom hug her and said," Thank God you are alive and nothing bad happened to you, so go eat and clean up,then go to bed and I will take care of the rest alright."
Chieko did as her mom said , and she went to the table ate dinner,then wash the dishes, took a shower, brush her teeth, braided her hair, got dressed and went into her bedroom and lay down on her bed and try to fall asleep, but she couldn't sleep, because she was so busy thinking about her big sister Airka and she blame herself for her death, so she cry even more and she said to herself;"That she will make who or whatever kill her big sister pay,"and then she finally fall fast to sleep, and after that she was never the same person and her whole personality and attribute change, and she shut off her emotions and became heartless.

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