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“You son of a bitch! You killed my baby! I hate you! I hate you! Die! You bastard!” Charles was trying to hold on to Shaylin and avoid her punches. She punched, slapped, and kicked him, screaming and crying. Charles was trying to get a hold of her arms and hug her saying, “Shaylin! Please! I’m sorry. It wasn’t my fault! Please baby stop! I love you! We can get through this; Please!” An officer ran over and grabbed Shaylin and tried to restrain her. She fought against him trying to get at Charles. Another police officer put handcuffs on Charles. Shaylin yelled, “Good! You son of a bitch! I hope they fry your ass!” Charles looked at Shaylin with tears in his eyes and said, “Shaylin! Please! I never meant for this to happen! Please, baby, I love you!” Shaylin shook out of the policeman's hold; walked up to Charles then spit on him and said, “You will go to hell for this! I hate you!” Then she ran out of the hospital crying. “Shaylin! Shaylin! Please listen! Please! Shaylin! Don't leave me, love! SHAYLIN!” Charles yelled, struggling against the officers holding him as they watched Shaylin run out of the hospital.

Fantasy / Romance
Cherise Briscoe
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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